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Voter ID in Rajasthan

The Government of Rajasthan is also called as State Government of Rajasthan is the supreme Governing authority in the Indian State and its 33 states.

It consists of an Executive, Judiciary and a Legislative. Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan. The Vidhan Sabha (Legislative Assembly) and the secretariat.

Like other states, the head of state Rajasthan is the Governor, who is appointed by the President of the India on the advice of the Central Government. The Legislature of Rajasthan is presently unicameral, consisting of Legislative Assembly, which consists of 200 MLAs. The assembly sits for a term period of 5 years. The Rajasthan High Court has its principal seat in Jodhpur and a bench at Jaipur.

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Types Of Election Forms Available In Rajasthan

The election forms that are available in Rajasthan are as follows

Form Type Their Purposes
Form 6 Application for the inclusion of name in the electoral roll
Form 7 Application for the objection/deletion of the name in electoral roll.
Form 8 Application Form for the correction of the details
Form 8A Apply for the transposition of an entry in the electoral form.


How To Apply For Voter ID in Rajasthan

Online Method For Voter ID Application

The Legislative Assembly in Rajasthan consists of 200 electorates and 25 Parliamentary constituencies. The largest constituency is in Jaisalmer.

To register for a Voter ID Card in Rajasthan follow the steps below

  • Visit the official website of Central Election Commission (www.eci-citizenservices.nic.in)
  • If you are a new applicant then sign up with a new user account using your e-mail ID and Mobile Number.
  • The login credentials will be sent to your e-mail ID as well as on your phone.
  • After you are logged in, you are redirected to a form.
  • It is the Form 6 which is downloaded and is filled correctly. It is for the new Voter Registration in Rajasthan.
  • At the top of your application, you can enter Rajasthan as the state and then select the district or the Assembly Constituency.
  • After filling the application form, fill the required details such as complete name and permanent residential address, place of birth and other details.
  • Also, upload your Passport size photo. The passport photo must be less than 1MB size. You should also attach your ID and the residential proof like driving license, passport, Aadhaar card or PAN Card.
  • After uploading the following documents, click on the submit button at the bottom of the form.
  • An application reference ID is given at the end of the successful submission of the form. This reference number is used for checking the application status.

Offline Method For Voter ID Application

If you are not convenient in filing your Application form online, then you can opt for an Offline Application Form. You can register for Voter ID offline by going to the concerned electoral office.

Follow these steps to register for Voter ID offline

  • Collect the application form and other related forms from your nearest electoral roll office. The forms are: (Form 6, Form 7, Form 8 and Form 8A).
  • Along with the correction form (Form 8) with Application Form 6, you must also submit the KYC documents as age group, ID proof and Residence Proof.
  • Also, give the information of your family members who are already on the Electoral Roll.
  • Now go to the Electoral Registration Office to submit the documents. After the submission and the approval of the documents the Booth Level Officers will be sent by ERO to your place, where they will tally all the information and data given by you in the form.
  • To give Voter Id to the people, regular drives are organized by the Election Commission of India at Designated Photographic Areas.

How To Track Voter ID Status

You can either Offline or Online mode of Tracking Status for Application Form In Rajasthan.

Online Mode

  • The Online Tracking Facility is nor available on the official website of Rajasthan CEO. You can search for your name in the electoral rolls to ensure that the names are included.
  • The steps for Online Status Tracking are:
  • Click on the Home Page, now click on “Search Name In Electoral Roll“.
  • Click on “Click here to continue“.
  • You can search in either one of the following:
  1. Search by ID Card Number.
  2. Search By Name
  3. Search by Locality or Area.

Through Helpline Number (Offline Mode) 

The Helpline number of ECI is 1950 which is a tollfree number. The helpline number is available on all the working days between 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Verification Process Of the Voter ID card In Rajasthan

After you are done with the form submission the verification process starts. The state CEO takes the charge. A booth level officer will come to your place along with all the documents and starts verifying and tallying the details given by you. The verification takes place for 60 days and after that, a new Voter ID card is sent to your registered address. The voter ID Card will be sent by the district level officer of Election Commission.

How To Apply For A Duplicate Voter ID Card

If you are applying for a Duplicate Voter ID Card, there are certain rules and regulations to follow.

Below are the steps that you need to follow for applying for a Duplicate Voter ID Card.

  • Firstly, the most important thing, file a FIR at the local police station. Mention the circumstances and provide the details. Keep a copy of FIR, this can be used while providing details to the Election Commission Officer.
  • Now collect a 002 form from the Regional Election Commissioner Office. This form is meant for the Duplicate Form Registration Purpose. You can also download it from the online portal.
  • Next, fill in the form as specified and submit it along with the required documents mentioned. These documents include a FIR Copy, age proof, Photo ID and residential proof. It can be a passport, Aadhaar card, driving license or a utility bill, rent agreement etc.

How to Correct / Update Voter ID Details In Rajasthan

Online Process of Voter Id Correction

Form 8 application form is used for Voter ID Correction For. Any individual who wishes to make any changes or corrections in the Application form has to fill the Form 8.

  • Visit the official website ECI and go to the link and download the form from www.ceorajasthan.nic.in/Forms.
  • If you want to delete the name then fill in Form 7, otherwise to make changes or other corrections in the form download Form 8.
  • After the submission, the same verification process will continue.
  • The Booth Level Official will visit your place and verify the documents and then you can collect your new Voter ID Card.

Offline Process of Voter Id Correction

If you are not comfortable with the online Voter ID Correction process then, you can opt for an offline process. For doing the Voter ID Correction offline

  •  All you have to do is to visit the electoral office and collect the Form 8.
  •  Fill the form correctly and submit it.
  • If you are a newly married, and you wish to change your surname then you will be asked for the marriage certificate.
  • After the submission of the form, the same verification process is continued.
  • The official process will visit your residence and verifies the document whether the information produced by you is correct or not.
  • After the verification, a new Voter Card is sent to the given address or otherwise, you can collect the Voter ID card from the Electoral Office.

How To Change The Address of the Voter ID Card

Online Method of correcting / Updating Address in Voter Id Card

If in case you have shifted recently to a new place, or the address of your place is printed incorrectly. Then you can rectify it. This can be done either offline or online.

The following steps are followed to make changes in the address of a Voter ID:

  • Login to the Chief Electoral Website of Rajasthan using the credentials.
  • Now click on the “Electoral Services” on the Home Page.
  • Select the option “Change the address” and a form is displayed.
  • Now enter the EPIC Number, if you do not have it or forgot, then you can provide the details for your District and Constituency by which your number can be tracked easily.
  • Enter the new and old address as asked and agree to the declaration letter.
  • Click on submit. The verification process is the same, it is done by the Booth Level Officers visiting your residence and verifying the documents.
  • After verification, you will soon get your Voter ID Card.

Offline Method of correcting / Updating Address in Voter Id Card

For the change of Address, you require Form 8A. The steps to follow for the change in the address are:

  • Visit the nearest electoral Office and collect the Form 8A.
  • Fill in the form and along with the required documents. (Ex: Utility Bill, Aadhaar Card, Passport, Driving License etc)
  • Now submit the form at the closest Electorate Office
  • The Election Commission Office will verify the form and send a new Voter Card ID.

This is all about the Voter ID Card in Rajasthan. This shows that Rajasthan has developed a people friendly and transparent system in the city that will encourage the people to vote and take their decisions.

As Government has mandated the linking of Aadhaar. Check here how to link Voter Id Card with Aadhaar Card in just a few simple steps.

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