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Vehicle Registration in Telangana Will Require Aadhaar From Now On

Vehicle registration refers to the unique vehicle identification number which establishes a link between the vehicle and the owner of the vehicle. The unique number is provided for a number of reasons like for detecting crime and also for taxation. In India, the registration of motor vehicles is carried out by the local Regional Transport Offices.

In a recent interview with times of India, the Joint Transport Commissioner T Raghunath has confirmed that Aadhaar card is necessary for the registration of all motor vehicles in Telangana whether it is a two-wheeler, four-wheeler, first hand, second hand or third hand vehicles.

According to the transport department this move will help them to create a firm database about the owners of all the vehicles. More importantly the Transport department will have a database of new owners of old vehicles. At present their are 96 Lakhs vehicles registered in Telangana. Out of these according to the Transport Department database around 10 lakh vehicles has been resold but the present owners have not registered to the Transport department

Guidelines established by the Andhra Pradesh Transport Department

Along with Aadhaar card, the Telangana Transport department has made few other changes with regards to vehicle registration. The other new changes include

  • All vehicles are required to be registered with Aadhaar card be it a commercial vehicle or a private vehicle. Even those who are planning to sell their vehicles are required to follow this new rule.
  • In order to avail any services provided by the Road Transport Authority, a person must provide his or her Aadhaar number while booking online slots in Transport Department website.
  • Further, the owner is also required provide his or her mobile. The mobile number is then authenticated by sending an OTP to number which the owner is required to provide in order to book a slot
  • While many people may be unaware of the new rules, the Deputy commissioner of police stated that the data of all those people who have not registered their vehicle will be shared with the Traffic police.
  • Further routine checks will be conducted by the traffic police and if current owner of the vehicle is caught driving in the previous owner’s name then he or she will be charged with penalty for violation of Traffic rules.

Other Documents that Are Required While Registering

Vehicle registration is an important to prove the ownership of vehicles and is mandatory under law. It must be noted that besides Aadhaar the documents that are required for registering a vehicle are

  • Application for registration should be made via FORM 20 to the registering authority.
  • Sales certificate in form 21
  • Road worthiness certificate by the manufacturer in Form 22
  • Valid insurance Certificate
  • Address proof(Aadhaar card,Electricity bill etc)
  • In case of trailer or semi trailer, a designed approval copy of STA
  • In case of Ex army vehicle, the original sales certificate is required in form 21
  • Pollution control certificate by the Pollution Board
  • In case of imported vehicles a custom clearance certificate is required.
  • Tax certificate as per the rules of APMVT act.
  • Appropriate fees as provided in the rule 81 of the CMV rules.

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