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Uttar Pradesh Driving License uptransport.org

The Regional Transport Office is a Government Body that is responsible for the driver’s license the issuance and the registration of the vehicles in every state. The Road Transport Association sets the rules and regulations for the license issuance in Uttar Pradesh.

Driving License in RTO Uttar Pradesh

The Uttar Pradesh Regional Transport Office provides the license for the following vehicles

  • Light Motor Vehicles (passenger) that includes cars, jeeps, delivery vans, auto rickshaws, and taxis.
  • Medium passenger vehicles which include the larger commercial vehicles, tempos for the passengers and minivans.
  • Heavy passenger motor vehicles which include the buses that are used for the commercial transport.
  • Medium good vehicles such as the tempos and the delivery trucks.

Documents Required to apply for a UP Driving License

The documents that are required for applying for a Driving License are as follows:

  • Original Learner License
  • Application Form No. 4
  • Driving Certificate in Form No.5 (in case of transport vehicle license) from an approved training school.
  • Three passport size photographs
  • Residence Proofs. This can be utility bills, lease/rent agreement.
  • Valid Government ID Proof (Voter’s ID, Passport, Pan Card)

How to Apply for a UP Driving License

For getting a driving license, the applicant has to fill the Form No. 4 and submit it with the above documents to the RTO Office issuing the license. The documents will be verified after the driving test is conducted. The RTO does not provide any vehicle for the test, therefore the applicant has to bring his/her own vehicle or arrange it with the driving school, where the applicant has learned the driving. If the applicant completes the competency test, then he/she is eligible to give the Biometric Identification which includes the retina scan, fingerprints etc.

Then the license is sent via post, on the address mentioned by the applicant on the form. The applicant can also go to the specific zone and collect it as a person.

How to apply for the UP Driving License Online-uptransport.org

  • The applicant can apply for the driving license online by visiting the official website of the Uttar Pradesh RTO.
  • After visiting the e-service portal, now download the Form No. 4 which is the application form for the driving license.
  • Enter the details correctly along with the documents mentioned.
  • The documents include the identity proof and the residence proof, upload these documents in the portal.
  • Once you have completed the filling of the form, submit the document.
  • After the submission of the document, you will get a reference number. This reference number has to be shown during the competency test.
  • In some of the RTOs, they ask for a printout of the filled registration form. So carry a copy of that.

How to Check the UP Driving License Status

The applicant can check the driving license status in two ways: either offline or online.

In online mode, the status can be checked by visiting the official portal of the Uttar Pradesh Zonal Transport Office: parivahan.gov.in/sarathiservice8.

The applicant has to enter the name, reference number, date of application and the receipt number. Once you enter all the information correctly, now click on the check status button. The entire details about the current status of the application number are displayed on the screen.

UP Driving license Application Search uptransport.org
UP Driving license Application Search uptransport.org

In an offline mode of the Driving License Status, the applicant can visit the RTO Office where the applicant has to give a competency test.

How to make corrections in the UP Driving License

Even if we try to fill in the application form correctly, we still miss or make some errors. Most of them are the misspelled names and the wrong addresses that occur. To correct such errors and mistakes, the applicant has to collect and fill the relevant applications that are available in the RTO and online. The concerned official then checks and verifies and gives his approval. After the approval from the official, the new license with the correct details is issued. This license can be collected on the same day from the office. A small fee is charged on the basis of the corrections.

Uttar Pradesh Driving License Renewal Process

Every driving license, be it a private or a commercial has an expiry date, which depends on the date of issue or the license’s holder’s age. The normal validity of the license is mainly 20 years from the date of issuance. After the license gets expired, it can be renewed within a month, in order to avoid the penalty fee. The renewal fee is Rs 250. Below mentioned is the list of the documents that are required for the renewal of the driving license.

Documents required for the Private Vehicle License

  • Form No. 9
  • Original driving License
  • Three passport size photographs
  • Age proof. You can use anyone out of the following (Aadhaar card, Passport, PAN Card, Voter ID)
  • Form No.1 which is a self-declaration form for the physical fitness test.
  • Current residence proof (rental or the lease agreement, passport, ration card or the utility bill)

Documents required For the Commercial Vehicle License

  • All the documents that are required for the private vehicle
  • Medical certificate in Form No. 1A. This certificate is mandatory for commercial category and it has to be issued by an MBBS Doctor.
  • Driver refreshing certificate in case of the heavy motor vehicle.

All the applications and the documents that you are submitting must be entered correctly. If nor, then it may delay or stall the verification process. The license renewal is validated by an issuing authority. The photocopies of the documents have to be attested by a Gazetted Officer or Notary Public.

How to apply for duplicate UP Driving License

The duplicate license can be applied in the Zonal Office and is submitted to the issuing authority. If the license is lost or stolen, it has to be immediately reported at the nearest police station. The complaint copy is then sent to the RTO Office to get a duplicate copy of the driving license.

If in case the license is lost, the applicant can provide the details like the license number, date of issue etc. this data can be retrieved from the records. If there are no records present, then it is necessary to re-apply it. If in case the license is expired, then the applicant has to provide an authorization letter from the Head Quarter of the Transport Department to the concerned RTO.

An application fee of Rs 200 is charged by the RTO. The documents have to be photocopied and must be attested by a Gazetted Officer or Notary Public.

The documents that are required for the Duplicate License Application are as follows:

  • Application form along with a copy of LLD
  • FIR or NCR of the lost or the stolen License
  • Challan clearance report from the Traffic Police (if it is a commercial driving license)
  • Self-Declaration Form for the Physical Fitness Form 1
  • Residence proof

How to Apply for International Driving License in UP

The International Driving License can be issued in any of the RTOs of Uttar Pradesh. The validity of this license is 12 months. The valid countries list (where the license is applicable) will be available in the RTO Office. When applying for an International Permit, the permanent driving license is mandatory. A fee of Rs 500 is charged by the RTO. The documents that are required for an International Driving License are:

  • Valid proof nationality
  • Form 4A Click to download.
  • Attested copy of the driving license, passport, and visa
  • Attested copy of valid residence proof
  • Five passport size photographs
  • Medical Form 1-A

Hence, there is the whole technique and the application process of the Driving License in Uttar Pradesh.

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