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The DoT allows three new ways to link Aadhaar with Mobile Number

As per the Supreme Court Orders regarding the Aadhaar- Mobile Number Linkage and the re-verification process of the mobile users has declared a deadline date of 6th February 2018, the Department of Telecommunication (DoT) has introduced three new methods to link Aadhaar with the Mobile Number. This resolves the issues that people are having while linking their mobile numbers with the Aadhaar numbers. The DoT is providing- one-time password method, app-based verifications, and Interactive Voice Response Service.

These new methods will help the subscribers to get their mobile number linked with the Aadhaar very easily. You don’t have to visit the stores to get your numbers linked. Not only these, the DoT has also made the process very easy for the Senior citizens as well as the people with disability and people suffering from chronic illness. DoT has recommended that the re-verification process will be conducted at the subscriber’s doorstep.

According to the new guidelines, the DoT made a statement saying that,

The telecom operators should provide an online system for the people to request for such service and on the basis of the availability of the slot, the person can schedule a slot and visit to complete the rest of the process

The DoT has also specified the information telecom service providers can access in the light of the increased focus on the privacy.  It has mandated that the “Telecom Service Providers” agents are restricted to access the subscriber’s e-KYC data, and only the name and the address of the subscriber must be visible. The subscribers can verify and re-verify their mobile numbers in any part of the country they stay irrespective of which service area their mobile connection belongs.

In August, a circular was released, the DoT has given the instructions to the telecom service providers to provide the iris and the fingerprint-based Authentication of the Aadhaar. As per the new regulations, the Telecom Service Providers must use the Iris Readers for a certain geographical area.

The Aadhaar Number system is designed in such way so that every Indian resident can access the services provided by the Government and the daily updates which they need it from time to time. As the usage of the mobile is increasing rapidly, the subscribers need to be provided to link their Aadhaar with their mobile numbers with an ease. Shri Manoj Sinha, the Minister of the State (Independent Charge), Ministry of Communications says that

it is the Government’s aim is provide ease and convenience and reduce time and energy spent by the consumers to access the Government information and the services are their right to access

The Cellular Operators Association of India says that it will take time to implement the directions, as the association is working with the Government to improve and enhance the convenience of the consumers for undertaking the Aadhaar based e-KYC Linking. They are implementing all the necessary process and the additional methods including the OTP, App-Based and the IVRS Facility. The DoT is still working on it trying to get it much faster and easier for the individual mobile subscribers to comply with the e-KYC Norms using their Aadhaar Registered Mobile Number

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