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National Pension Scheme | 2018 | Check Statement & Balance via Umang App

The NPS is otherwise called as the National Pension System. This pension scheme is mainly given to those people who do not have the pension facility after the retirement. The NPS gives an opportunity to accumulate a pension fund over a long period of time after retirement. In this scheme, the person’s employer can also contribute funds. The wealth accumulated under the NPS depends upon the contribution made and the income generated from the investment. To encourage the National Pension System, the Government has extended many income tax benefits for contributing.

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The NPS consists of two types of accounts:

  1. Tier I
  2. Tier II

The Tier I account is non-withdrawable until the age of 60 years or retirement except in specific situations whereas, the Tier II account is a voluntary savings account. The Subscribers to Tier II account to withdraw money anytime they want.

The NPS provides both online and app facilities for checking out balance and transaction statement.

To check the balance and transaction statement you need to login to your NPS account through the CRA Website (www.cra-nsdl.com) and enter the User ID and Password. After Logging in, select the Transaction Statement option and then the Holding Statement. This provides you the complete details of your accumulated balance in the NPS Fund. Click on the transaction statement to see the complete details of your transactions including the contributions.

Checking NPS Balance and Statement through App

The NPS Services can be availed in the UMANG App. The UMANG App is an initiative taken by the Government to offer various E-Gov Services under a single platform. This app is developed by the Ministry of Electronics and Information and Technology (MeiTY) and National e-Governance Division. You can avail both EPFO and NPS Services from the UMANG Platform.

Umang App for NPS
Umang App for NPS

The NPS also provides other services such as checking of current holding, transaction statements and recent contributions, other than that you can also change the investment scheme and change the address as well.

Not only this, the NPS also offers you the flexibility to customize your own portfolio based on your choice and risk appetite.

There are two investment options under the NPS Scheme: “Auto Choice” and “Active Choice”.

Under the “Auto-Choice” option the fund is invested as per the Life Cycle Fund Matrix designed by the experts. It also has different options: “Aggressive Life Cycle Fund”, “Moderate Life Cycle Fund” and “Conservative Life Cycle Fund”.

Whereas, the “Active-Choice” offers the investor an option to put his money in the pension fund so as to work in the different asset classes: equity, corporate/government debt, and an alternative investment fund (A). Putting an Investment in any asset class is optional.

The National Pension Scheme (NPS) is Government sponsored Pension Scheme which is opened for all the sections of citizens of the society. The scheme helps the subscribers to earn funds during the time of the retirement and make they’re future safe and secure.

Now Refill Your LPG Gas Cylinder via Umang App

Gone are those days, when people used to make a phone call to book for a Gas Cylinder. The Indian Government has again moved one more step forward in the race of digitization. Now, through the Government’s Digital Campaign you can request for a refill of the LPG Gas Cylinder through a Government based app called Umang App.

This single mobile App offers about 162 Government services such as EPFO (employees provident fund organization), NPS (National Pension System), NDMC, Passport, Crop Insurance, Income Tax, CBSE, among others.

How to Place an Order for an LPG Cooking Gas Using Umang App

  1. First of all, install the Umang App from Google Play store or Apple IOS.
  2. Now go to the Services Section and click on the Bharat Gas Icon
  3. The Umang App acts like a search engine and a particular service such as the Bharat Gas is a website. As you enter a particular website, you can easily place an order among various things that are allowed in the respected link.
  4. While placing an order, when you click on the refill option on the Bharat Gas Icon, you must make sure that the mobile number registered with the Umang App is the same as that of enrolled with the Bharat Gas.
    Umang App Bharat Gas Booking
    Umang App Bharat Gas Booking
  5. And if you are an HP (Hindustan Petroleum) customer then you can follow the steps 2,3 and 4. For placing an order for HP you need to create an account on myhpgas.in

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