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How To Buy TRON Cryptocurrency – What You Need To Know About Buying TRON

What is TRON

TRON is a cryptocurrency, which has managed to hold the 15th rank in the popular site called Coinmarketcap i.e. coinmarketcap.com . It was first introduced to the market as an initial coin offering (ICO) on September 9, 2017, by a Singapore based non – profit organization.

The main motive behind TRON is that it is a decentralized content sharing platform, which gives the power to the creators and consumers. The target of TRON is the digital entertainment industry, which is valued at around 1 trillion dollars yearly as per the sources.

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Tron’s Development Team

TRON was the discovery of 26 year old Justin Sun. At present, the development team of TRON works under their CEO, Jackson Sun.

TRON provides alternate platform for digital media sharing

Currently, most of the digital media are hosted by an intermediary. For example in order to download an app, you will have to use App Store. These companies came out with a platform for creators in order to share their work with consumers but a fee from creator or consumer.

On the other hand, TRON do away with the need of a middleman as it provides a medium for creators to directly share their content with the consumers. Also, the data is also cryptographically protected via blockchain while allowing creators to take entire profits. Also, it provides privacy as the content will always remain with the creators.

TRON Follows Blockchain Technology

TRON records transactions in the blockchain ledger. It also supports various other blockchain networks like Ethereum, Bitcoin, EOS etc, which are also leading cryptocurrencies in the world. This also intensifies TRON’s utility – which is a unique ability which gives it an edge over other cryptocurrencies.

TRON Future Roadmap

The future plans of TRON are divided into 6 stages which start in 2017 and ends in 2027. Read below to know various stages of TRON:

  • Exodus – At present, TRON is in this phase, that will provide a peer – to – peer platform for distributing and sharing content related to the entertainment industry
  • Odyssey – This phase is designed for economic incentives that would encourage content creation and empowerment. At this stage, the users of TRON will be able to make transactions using TRON
  • Great Voyage – This phase is designed to ponder upon the issues such as income payment, dividend management, and the management of devoted supporters
  • Apollo – In this stage, which is called Apollo, TRON would be able to issue its own token by letting producer of content to create its own token. This would also increase the economic vitality of the system
  • Star Trek – In star – trek stage, the content platform would be modified into a decentralized gaming platform. It is also believed that this phase would provide commendable market capitalization to TRON
  • Eternity – This phase has been designed to allow developers to crowdfund their game development by letting people invest in the games they have interest and have a say in future of the gaming market

How to Buy TRONS

You can buy TRON from the following exchanges such as:

How to store TRON Coins by Using MyEtherWallet

Follow the below mentioned steps to store TRON coins by using MyEtherWallet:

Steps 1 – Visit MyEtherWallet i.e. https://www.myetherwallet.com/ and enter the password and click on ‘create a new wallet’

Step 2 – Click on ‘Download Keystore File’

Note: [Make sure to read the warnings carefully] after that click on ‘I Understand. Continue’.

Step 3 – You will then receive a powerful unencrypted private key to your wallet. To keep your private key secured, it is advisable to take out a print out of it, so that in case in future your computer catches virus, you will be able to save your private key.

So if you choose to print a paper wallet, click on ‘Save your address

Step 4 – Now we’re going to open your new wallet. Select the ‘Keystore File’ option and upload the keystore file you saved in step 2, and then enter your password

After that scroll down the page to see your opened wallet

Step 5 – On your screen, you will see ‘Your Address’ option (this is would be your personal wallet address and it is where we’re going to be sending your TRON coins)

Also make sure to keep this address somewhere safe, as you would need it in the future

Step 6 – Now make your purchase of one of the most popular cryptocurrency Ethereum, so that you can exchange it for TRON

Now you will have to choose the Ethereum exchange that you would like to use by clicking on the logo

Coinbase CEX.IO
Operates in 32 countries Worldwide coverage, 99% of countries
Accepts debit and credit cards and bank transfers Accepts debit / credit cards and bank transfers
Can have low buy limits at first, increases with use High initial buy limits compared to other exchanges
ID verification required ID verification required


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