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EPDS Telangana Ration Card | Status & Download epds.telangana.gov.in

EPDS Telangana Ration Card is known as the key card for all the citizens of India. The Government of India has made it available by the state. After the separation of Telangana and the Andhra Pradesh State, the Telangana Government introduced the EPDS Telangana Ration Card or Ahara Bhadratha output cards. The Ration Cards helps us to get the food grains and other products like rice, cereal, kerosene, sugar etc. at a reasonable value. This card is not only used for purchasing the groceries at low rates but it also serves as an identity proof or address proof.

The Ration cards are classified on the basis of the yearly income. The Ration Cards categorized into 3 types and have a distinctive color.

  • Above Poverty Line Ration (APL) Cards: These ration Cards are given to those whose salary is more than Rs 10,000 per year. This Ration Card comes in white color. The individuals who hold these Ration cards are not applicable for getting food grains from the Government instead they can use this card as an identity proof or address proof.
  • AY Ration Card: This Ration Card are provided to the senior citizens of India. These people are allowed 10 Kgs of grains per month from the administration side.
  • Antyodaya Families (AYY): These Ration Cards are provided to those who do not have a steady income. This Ration Card is beneficial for those people who are aged 65 years or more. The Rickshaw pullers, laborers, carpenters etc. come under this category. They can get the benefits to purchasing food grains from the Ration Shops. This Ration Card comes in Yellow color.

After you are done with the submission of the Ration Card Application Form, you need to check status of the Application Form also. Well, you can check status by using your Aadhaar card number or your Ration Card Number.

In this article, we are going to give you the information of how to check status of the EPDS Telangana Ration Card.

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EPDS Telangana Ration Card Correction Online

You can correct your EPDS Telangana ration card using online ways which is mentioned in the below steps:

  1. Visit the official website of EPDS Telangana state’s ‘MeeSeva’ website tg.meeseva.gov.in/DeptPortal/UserInterface/LoginForm.aspx
  2. Download the link which names “Corrections in Food Security Card”
  3. Download the application form and fill in the details
  4. Select the option you want to correct such as
    • Address change
    • Member details modifications
    • Member addition
  5. Fill up the form accordingly
  6. Fill in the FSC information as per existing records such as mobile number, home address, locality, social status, and religion

Address Change in EPDS Telangana Ration Card

  • If you wish to change the address on your EPDS Telangana Food Security Card, click on “For Address Change” in the form
  • Fill in details such as Gas connection status, Gas company name, Gas agency name, and also F.P shop number
  • Then the details in your Gas connection voucher will be added to your home address of your ration card
  • Once done, attach required documents such as Gas connection voucher to the application form which will be ready to be submitted

For TS Member Details Modifications

In order to modify details about members such as age, gender, and relations with head, follows the below mentioned steps:

  • Form would remain the same
  • Look for a column which says “For member details modifications” under which you will find a table with all the details you are required to rectify
  • Fill the form correctly and attach the required documents to the form which will be ready to be submitted

For Member Addition

A same step has to be taken in order to add members:

  • Look for “For Member Addition” and start filling the details
  • Fill in the details which includes Aadhaar number, member name, age, gender and his / her relation to the member head of the family
  • Once filled, attach the required documents of the new member verification purposes

How to Check the Status EPDS Telangana Ration Card via epds.telangana.gov.in

  • Visit the official website of the EPDS Telangana. The official website is epds.telangana.gov.in
  • Log in using the credentials.
  • After logging in, search on the left-hand side of the screen.
  • Click on the Search Choice.
  • FSC is an option to check the Status of the EPDS Telangana Ration Card and different insights about Food Security card issued.
    epds telangana ration card status
    epds telangana ration card status
  • Then choose your respective district, enter your FSC Reference Number or the Ration Card Number or the Aadhaar card Number.
  • Click on the search button.
  • After clicking on the search button, it will provide you with the complete details of the status of the Application Form.

The link for checking the status of the EPDS Telangana Ration Card Application Form is mentioned below:


How To Download EPDS Telangana Ration Card Online

EPDS TS Ration Card | EPDS Telangana Food Security Card

Before PAN cards and passports came into being, ration cards served as a proof of identity and address. It still works as an identification card to get official government documents. Also, most importantly it is issued to the deserving households in order to get food grains and fuel in a subsidized rate. Ration Cards are issued to people depending on their financial status in society i.e. how much they earn on yearly basis. In this Article, you will find detailed information about the EPDS TS Food Security Card Application Process.

Government provides distinctive colour ration cards to each unique classification of individual which are as follows:

  1. APL (Above Poverty Line) – Individuals fall in this category who earns more than Rs. 10,000 annually and they are provided with white ration card. Also people falls in this category are not liable to receive subsidized food grains through government.
  2. BPL (Below Poverty Line) – Individuals fall in this category who earns less than Rs. 10000 annually and they are provided with pink ration card.
  3. Antodaya or AYY families – Individuals who are extremely needy and don’t have a steady income like daily labors, falls in this category and they are provided with a yellow ration card.

After the separation of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, Telangana Government started issuing new ration cards to the citizens. As discussed above, it is an extremely important document which one should apply for.

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How to Apply for EPDS TS Food Security Card – EPDS TS Ration Card

In order to prevent fraudulence and multiple duplicate ration cards, Telangana Government have came up with a more secured application format, The Government has initiated ‘MeeSeva‘ which means ‘At your Service‘ for the convenience of people. Under the MeeSeva civil supplies department, citizens are provided the option to get a new ration card, addition or deletion of a member in the ration card and other such updates, transfer of ration cards, etc.

Follow the below mention steps to apply for an EPDS in Telangana state

  1. To apply you are required to visit http://www.tg.meeseva.gov.in/DeptPortal/UserInterface/LoginForm.aspx
  2. Download the Telangana new ration card application form or click here to download.
  3. Select the type of card (according to your category)
  4. Now you are required to fill up the details which includes head of the household, professional details, occupation and annual income
  5. Also fill up gas connection details, occupation and annual income etc and paste a recent photograph on it and send it to the officials after attaching the required documents.

We also suggest you keeping you below mentioned documents handy while applying for the EPDS TS:

  • A copy of original resident proof.
  • Duplicate copy of age certificate / school leaving certificate of the head of the family.
  • Income proof of the family that income of the family is below from the prescribed limit.
  • A copy of identity proof like voter ID card, driving license, Aadhaar card.
  • Passport size photograph of the applicant.

How to Check the EPDS TS Food Security Card Status/ EPDS TS Ration Card Status

Once applied, the Government of Telangana launched an online portal (Telangana Meseva portal) where one can check the status of their food security card as well.

Follow the below mentioned steps in order to check the Telangana Food Security Card Status online:

  1. Log on to the official website of Telangana Ration Card   http://www.tg.meeseva.gov.in/DeptPortal/UserInterface/LoginForm.aspx
  2. Click on to the “Food Security Card or TS Ration Card Status” link on the home page
  3. And insert the provided reference number to check the status.
    epds telangana ration card status
    epds telangana ration card status

Along with status check, you can also check the status Transaction Details and download a Duplicate Ration Card. In order to perform these mentioned steps on the official website of Telangana, you will have to fill in the form providing your Ration Card Number and Click on search.

EPDS TS Android App

Etela Rajender who is the Minister for Finance and Planning and Civil Supplies launched Telangana T – Ration Mobile App in order to bring transparency in the Telangana state Public Distribution System (Telangana e-PDS).  It is an android mobile application, which will work in two modules G2C (Government to Customer) and G2G (Government to Government). National Informatics Centre (NIC) played a role designing the app.

This app will cut the need of the physical visit to the ration card office. To download the app, the cardholders are required to download the app from the Google play store and they can get direct access to the features like stock position, distribution pattern etc.

How To Download Telangana T–Ration Mobile App

Follow the below mentioned steps in order to download Telangana T–Ration Mobile App:

  1. Visit Google Play Store on your android mobile.
  2. Search for Telangana T–Ration App.T–Ration App
  3. Download T–Ration App Here – play.google.com/store/apps
  4. Install the mobile app on your mobile phone
    T–Ration App

Services Offered by T–Ration Android App

Some of the services which T – Ration App offers:

G2C (Government to Customer)

  • FPS Allocation
  • RO Status by FPS
  • RO Status by RO Number
  • FPS Locations
  • FSC Search

G2G (Government to Government)

  • MeeSeva Status
  • MLS Stock Position
  • Godown Stock Position
  • MLS Stock Receipts
  • MLS Stock Issues
  • Godown Stock Receipt
  • Godown Stock Issues