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Provident Fund Withdrawal

Provident Fund Withdrawal

A Provident Fund provides a financial security to the salaried employees after the retirement. The provident fund is a small part of the employee’s...

EPFO To Weed Out Multiple PF Accounts After Aadhaar Seeding Process

On 20th January, 2018, EPFO (Employees’ Provident Fund Organization) said that it wants to put an end to multiple account numbers of an individual...
Check EPF Status Online

How to Check PF Status Online

PF (Provident Fund) is something the salaried employees are well aware of. It is basically a retirement savings plan where a minor portion of...
Transfer EPF using UAN

How to transfer EPF online using UAN

At today's time and age, private jobs are very popular which also means that job change is common. And while changing jobs, one is...