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Form 49A Pan Card Application Form | Online Available

PAN (Permanent Account Number) card is an important document in India for all the citizens in the country, especially for those who pay income tax and are identifiable under the Income Tax Act, 1961. Indian Income Tax Department issue PAN card under the supervision of Central Board for Direct Taxes (CBDT).

Popularly known as PAN card is a unique 10 – digit alphanumeric code, which is computer – generated and is unique to the holder of the card. This card contains the number and identity details of the individual who applies for the card.

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Form 49A

Form 49A is an Application for Allotment of Permanent Account Number in case of Indian Citizen/ Indian Companies / Entities incorporated in India / Unincorporated entities formed in India. In case if anyone wants to apply for a PAN card, it is compulsory to fill form 49A first as it is the application form.

Form 49A is available online from agencies like NSDL and UTIITSL websites. After downloading the form(Click to Download) from their official websites, one can submit it with required documents. And to complete the application, the applicant is required to pay some nominal fee and can get their new PAN card.

Features of Form 49A

Read below to know the features of Form 49A, which are as follows

  • Two Passport size Photos required
  • Left side photo with signature / thumb impression across this photo, in case of Thumb impression should be attested by a Notary Public or an authorized officer in respective country of residence under official seal and stamp.
  • Right side photo with a signature / thumb impression below the photograph

Structure of Form 49A

Form 49A is structured with 16 different components, makes it easier for the customers to fill their form. Let us discuss the components of Form 49A.

  • Assessing Officer Code – In Assessing Officer Code, the applicants are required to provide information such as Area code, Accounts office type, Range code, and Accounts office number.
  • Full Name – In this section, the applicants provide their marital status, their first name, their first name, last name and their Surname.
  • Abbreviation of the name – In this section of the form, The applicant has to abbreviate their name as they would like to see on their PAN card
  • Other Name – In other name section, the applicants will have to mention if they were known with some other name.
  • Gender – In this section, the applicant have to provide their orientation status.
  • Date of birth – the applicant have to provide their date of birth (DOB).
  • Father’s Name – In this section, the applicant have to provide the first name, last name and surname of their father.
  • Address – The applicant needs to enter the details of their residence address and office address in this part of the form. The applicant needs to be careful while filling in the address and should give the correct details.
  • Address of communication – The applicant has to choose the address of communication between office and residence.
  • Telephone number and email id – The applicant has to mention their Country code, State code and telephone / mobile number.
  • Status of applicant – In here, the applicant has to mention if they are an individual, a HUF (Hindu Undivided Family) member, Company, Partnership firm, etc.
  • Registration number – The registration number indicates the registration number for company, firms, LLPs, etc.
  • Aadhaar number – The Aadhaar number should be mentioned if the individual owns an Aadhaar Card
  • Source of income – The applicant are required to mention from where they draw their income.
  • Representative Assessed – In this section of the form, the applicant needs to provide the name and address of the representative assesses.
  • Documents submitted – Here, the applicant needs to mention all the documents they have submitted with the form.

How to Apply For Duplicate PAN Card | Online

A PAN Card is one of the most important Official document introduced by the Government of India. The PAN Card carries out a number of Financial Transactions, it can be for the salary purposes, purchases of goods, exceeding a certain amount of money (deposit/withdraw) and lots more. This 10-digit alpha-numeric number also serves as an Identity Card to the citizens of India. It also serves as an Identity Proof for issuing other important documents such as Passport, Aadhaar Card, and Driving License etc.

There are certain turns in our life where we tend to get a bit careless, and we do come across into many situations where we lose our PAN Cards, and so taking care of that the Indian Government has introduced some efficient measures in order to get the duplicate PAN Cards issued easily.

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In this article, we will be talking about the various procedures and applications to issue a Duplicate PAN Card.

When should you apply for a PAN Card

A duplicate PAN Card can be applied for in many cases such as:

  • When your card gets lost
  • Misplaced
  • Stolen or damaged
  • Or when your PAN Card has inaccuracies that need to be rectified such as your name, PAN details etc.

How to get a Duplicate PAN Card / Reprint PAN Card

The process for the application of a Duplicate PAN Card is very simple. Whether you are an individual or a body of individuals, associations of a person, trust, limited liability, partnership or a Hindu Undivided Family you can apply for the duplicate PAN Card by visiting the official online portal of the Tax Information Network- National Securities Depository Limited (TN-NSDL) of the Income Tax Department.

If you have lost your PAN Card, the first and the foremost thing to do is to file an FIR. After that, you need to take a re-print or get a copy of your PAN by supplying the old PAN Card number and a copy of your FIR. Usually, it has been seen that many people skip the legal process and go for direct application of a new PAN Card.

The individuals/trusts/HUFs who wants to apply for a duplicate PAN Card or want to reprint an existing card on account of damages can do so following a few simple steps. This procedure can only be done if they have been allotted a PAN Card before. In such cases, the PAN card number does not change, rather you will be provided with a new card with few modifications (if required).

Step by Step Procedure to Download the Duplicate PAN Card

The procedure to download the duplicate PAN Card from the Official Website are as follows:

  1. Log in to the Official website of TIN-NSDL and search for the section of “Re-Print of PAN Card”.
  2. Now choose the “Apply” tab and select the type of PAN you need to get replaced or get a duplicate of. This step completely depends upon the category of the applicant that the initial PAN Card was applied for. (HUF/Individual/ Trust etc.)
  3. Fill in the form providing relevant information like Permanent Account Number, Name, Address, E-mail ID, Phone Number etc. Make sure that you do not click on any boxes present on the left-hand side of the application form.
  4. Post-filling the form, in this step you need to submit the required documents that have been mentioned such as the ID Proof, Date of Birth and Photographs should be submitted. You should also submit the proof of the existing card which they wish to reprint.
  5. A payment is done for the replacement of the card. This payment depends on the communication address where they want the card to get delivered. If the card is to be delivered to India then the charges are Rs 110 including taxes and if the address is outside India then the charges are Rs 1020 including the taxes and delivery fees.
  6. The payments are done through the debit/credit cards, net-banking or demand drafts.
  7. Once the payment is done, all the supporting documents are supported and an acknowledgment is provided.
  8. The Acknowledgement Number is a 15-digit unique number which can be used for the future purpose.
  9. After the Post-Verification of the documents, the PAN Card will be dispatched and will take around 2 weeks for the delivery.

Online Application Process for a Duplicate PAN Card

  • Firstly, you will have to click on the link titled “Apply Online” and then you will be re-directed to another page.
  • Now click on the “Application Type” and select the third option that is mentioned “Changes or Correction” in the existing PAN Date/ Reprint of the PAN Card (No changes in the existing PAN Data).
    PAN Card Apply Online using nsdl.com
    PAN Card Apply Online using nsdl.com
  • Under the “Category” applicants you will have to choose the relevant option, which is either individual or company or so on.
  • The next section is regarding the information of the applicant. The first answer that will be given to then is the “Title”.
  • Next, they will have to provide their “Last Name”.
  • Now, provide the “First Name” and the “Middle Name
  • Next, you need to provide your Date of Birth details, including month, year and death.
  • Lastly, you will have to provide your e-mail address and the mobile number and should also mention that whether you are a citizen of India or not.
  • Once, all the required information is provided, now enter the Captcha Code and submit the form. You can even reset or type the correct information if by mistake you have provided a wrong information.

If in case you are a registered user, then you need to provide a Token Number (temporary), e-mail address and date of birth. Once the information has been provided, enter the Captcha Code and submit the answers.

While filling the online application form, you can either choose to provide a physical acknowledgment, Aadhaar based e-Sign or a Digital Signature Certificate. If you are choosing a Digital Signature Certificate or an Aadhaar based e-Sign Option, then you need to upload the scanned images of the signature, photograph or other supporting documents while providing the application. If you choose an Aadhaar based e-Sign option, then you need to choose Aadhaar Card as the supporting document.

If in case, the data that has been already submitted fails with respect to the format level validation, then a list of the errors will be displayed on the screen. These errors have to be rectified by the applicant and the form should be re-submitted. If there are no errors, then a confirmation message is displayed along with all the data filled by the applicant. The individual does have an option to either confirm or edit the data prior to submitting it. The applicants are supposed to fill in all the required details marked with (*).

Payments for the Duplicate PAN Card Application

The applicants can follow the steps below regarding the payment of the Duplicate PAN Card:

  • On the basis of the communication address in India, the processing fee of the application within India is Rs 110 including taxes. The payments can be done through the Credit Card/Debit Card or Net Banking or Demand Draft.
  • If in case, the address is not in India, then the payment is done through either Debit Card/ Credit Card or Net Banking or Demand Draft payable in Mumbai.
  • The processing fee for the PAN Card Application outside India is Rs 1020 including taxes.
  • If the applicants are making the payments via Credit cards or Debit Cards, an additional charge of 2% will be applicable by the bank that will provide a Gateway Facility. Also, charges are available for exchange and conversion rates.
  • Once the payment is successful, the acknowledgment is displayed. The acknowledgment will be printed and have to be sent to the NSDL e-Gov Site.
  • If the applicants have provided their Aadhaar number then, a copy of Aadhaar along with the supporting documents will have to be submitted.
  • In case, the applicant is a minor, then the Aadhaar number will have to be given in the application form. The number will then be authenticated.
  • Once the confirmation has been provided upon the successful payment, then the acknowledgment screen with a receipt will be displayed. This receipt will have to be downloaded and printed.
  • In an applicant is a non-individual PAN applicant, then the acknowledgment receipt will have to be signed by an authorized signatory i.e. Karta if it is a HUF Partner in case of a Partnership Firm, Director in case of Company, Trustee in case of Trust and Authorized signatory in all remaining categories.
  • If the thumb impression is used as signature then it has to be verified by the Magistrate or a Gazetted Officer or a Notary Public under the Official stamp and seal.

Cases where a need for a Duplicate PAN Card can Occur

There can be multiple numbers of reasons for an Individual/company/trust to want a duplicate PAN Card.

Some of the popular ones are mentioned below:

  • Loss/Theft

It has been seen that most us carry PAN Card in our wallets so it’s quite possible to lose it on account of theft of the wallet. This is one of the reasons why people apply for a Duplicate PAN Card.

  • Misplaced

We often misplace our PAN Card, in such cases, we can apply for a Duplicate PAN Card.

  • Damaged

A PAN Card can get damaged due to multiple numbers of reasons, leaving no option but to reprint it.

  • Change of Information

Your PAN Card might get a quite a number of errors hence, requiring a change in the information or re-print it.


There are a number of third-party websites that provide the facility to replace/reprint a PAN Card. While one can utilize them, but their genuineness isn’t guaranteed, which is why it is recommended to use the Official website for applying.


Category of the Applicant

Payment made by the Debit Card/ Credit Card/ Net Banking can be made by for/ for
Individual Self or Immediate family members (parents, spouse or children)
Company Any Director from the Company
Firm/ Limited Liability Partnership Any Partner of the Firm/ LLP
Associations of Person/ Body of Individuals/ Associations of Person (Trust)/ Artificial Judicial Person / Local Authority  

Authorized Signatory Covered under the Section 140 of the Income Tax Act, 1961

Damaged PAN Card Replacement

To replace a Damaged Card, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Visit the NSDL Website.
  2. Fill in the online PAN replacement form.
  3. Click on the submit option.
  4. Make sure that all the information that you have provided is correct, else you will not be able to submit the application.
  5. Fill in the corresponding box with the required changes if you need to make changes in your PAN Card.
  6. Enter the PAN Details and address.
  7. For the requests for a new PAN Card, you need to submit the Aadhaar details along with the application form.
  8. On making the entry, the acknowledgment is displayed. The acknowledgment will consist of the following details:
    1. Space for the signature
    2. A 15-digit unique acknowledgment number
    3. Category of the applicant
    4. Details of the Proof of Identity, Address and Date of Birth (applicable for Individual and HUF Applicants)
    5. Payment Details
    6. Address of the Communication
    7. Permanent Account Number (PAN)
    8. Name of the applicant
    9. Space for the Photograph (in case of an individual)
    10. Date of Birth/ Incorporation/ Agreement/Partnership or Trust Deed/ Formation of Body of Individuals/ Association of Persons
    11. Father’s Name (in case of an Individual)
    12. Aadhaar Number

Once you have received the acknowledgment number, you can check the status of the PAN verification. The verification should be done within 5 days from receiving the acknowledgment.

Steps to check the PAN Verification using PAN Number

  • Login on NSDL PAN Card Financial Service Website
  • Now enter your existing PAN Card number for the replacement or the reprint of the PAN Card
  • Enter the captcha
  • Click on the submit once done
  • The website will display the PAN verification status.

Thus, applying for a Duplicate PAN Card is not that tough though.

How To Track PAN Card Application Status | via NSDL Official Website

The full form of PAN Card is Permanent Account Number. It is an official document. A PAN Card is a 10-digit alpha-numeric permanent number that is issued by the Income Tax Department under the Indian Income Tax Act, 1961 under the Supervision of the Central Board for Direct Taxes (CBDT). It is a unique identification number which performs as an identity proof. The card comes in a laminated form. The PAN card is accepted as a Proof of Indian Citizenship. The PAN number is an important document and it is mainly important to carrying out the financial transactions and related activities. Some of them can be opening a bank account, receiving a taxable salary, sales, and purchases of the goods etc. The PAN Card holds the details of the citizen in a unique way.

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Modes to Track PAN Card Application Status

Receiving a PAN card takes an approx of 15 working days after applying for it. The Government has made it easier to track down the application status of the PAN Card. Hence to get an update on the movement of the application form of PAN Card, a 15-digit acknowledgment number is provided. Through this an individual can get the current status of the PAN.

You can check your PAN Card Application status in three different ways:

  1. SMS Facility
  2. Telephone Call
  3. Online Tracking Facility

Tracking PAN Card Status Through an SMS Facility

The applicants can track their application status by using a specialized SMS service. The individual must send an SMS in the following way “NSDLPLAN-15-digit acknowledgment number to 57575“. After sending the SMS, you will receive a current status of your application form.

Tracking PAN Card Application Status Through a Telephone Call

Here, the applicants can make a call in the call center and get the details of the current status of the PAN Card. The applicants can call on this number 020-27218080 to know about the status of the PAN card.

Online Tracking of PAN Card Application Status

  • The Applicants those who are applying for the PAN Card and want to track down the application status can choose the online facility:tin.tin.nsdl.com/pantan/StatusTrack.html
  • The Applicants must log in to the official website for PAN, TIN-NSDL. Once you visit the page, navigate the PAN section on the website. In the page, you can find an option to check your application status.
  • The applicant is required to choose the required application type -(New PAN Card or Updated Information) along with a few personal dates and a 15-digit acknowledgment number.
    PAN Card Status tin.tin.nsdl.com
    PAN Card Status tin.tin.nsdl.com
  • After providing the following details the website will redirect you to a new page showing your current status of your PAN application.

Points to Remember while tracking your PAN Card

  • The applicant can track his/her application status after 3 days of filing the PAN application form.
  • You may not find correct details if you track your PAN application status within 3 days.
  • Online tracking of PAN is possible only for 24 hours after an application is submitted online.
  • Thus, we found out that there are a lot of uses of a PAN Card. PAN Card has quite a lot of advantages. PAN Card also carry transactions which are the normal and high amount. So, you should make no delay to apply for a PAN Card.

Frequently Asked Questions About PAN Card Status Tracking

Question: How Can I know my Acknowledgement number of PAN Card?

When you apply for the PAN Card you are provided with a 15 digit Acknowledgment Number, which will help you to track the status of your PAN Card Application.
It will be sent to email when you apply online or will be on the receipt of your application when you apply offline.

Question: How much time does it take for PAN Card?

Usually. it takes 15-20 days for a newly generated PAN Card to arrive at your doorstep via Mail.
Nowadays, the authorities have started emailing PAN Card applicant with the PAN Card Number that can be used for most of the transaction within 48 hours of Online Application

SBI will “redesign” Window Envelopes to safeguard PAN & Other Details

State Bank of India will redesign its envelopes which they used for the purpose of dispatching tax refund cheques of customers in order to cover their PAN (Permanent Account Number) and contact numbers.

This decision has been taken by the SBI authorities after an activist raised this issue where the indispensable personal information was visible to anyone, which may result in mishandle, said the bank authority.

The decision has came forth after 16 months from when Commodore (retd) Lokesh Batra brought the issue to the light where the window envelopes used by the bank for dispatching tax refund cheques purpose, makes it easy for someone to glance through Permanent Account Number (PAN) and contact number of the tax payer and can misuse it.

The complainer wrote to the RBI (Reserve Bank of India) Governor Urijit Patel claiming that SBI was violating its directions on ‘protection of customer’s information’ by sending crucial information about customers in “unsecured envelopes”.

…these systematic failures by banks must be breaching the personal information of very large numbers of people. I had reported this matter at the highest level in SBI…, but as of now no one has even blinked … and breaching of people’s personal information is continuing,
he wrote to the RBI Governor on November 28.

He also said that he had been “pleading” to the higher authority of the SBI for the past 16 months to ensure to adhere with RBI directions, but nothing has changed.

Once RBI referred the matter to the bank i.e. SBI, the bank responded by saying that

the envelops (window envelops) in which income tax refunded orders are being dispatched to various assesses will be redesigned, so that the PAN number is not visible to anyone.

How To Re-Apply For A Lost PAN Card | Simple Steps

PAN also called as Permanent Account Number consists of a 10 digit alpha-numeric number. It is used as an Identity Proof and is issued under Income Tax Act 1961. The PAN Card is issued by the Income Tax Department under the supervision of Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT). PAN is one of the most important official document that every taxpayer have with them. PAN Card helps in carrying out high-valued transactions. PAN Card is also issued to the Foreign Nationals like investors as a subject to a valid Visa, unlike Aadhaar number and Driving License.

The PAN is important for major functional transactions like opening a bank account, ITR Filing, receiving Taxable Salary, Sale or Purchase of Assets etc.

Due to the heavy usage, there is quite a lot of chance to misplace or lose the card somewhere. A lost PAN Card can be very risky but the Government has contributed enough of the facilities to avail a Duplicate PAN Card.

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Steps To Apply For A Lost PAN Card

If you have lost your PAN Card then follow these simple steps to get it reprinted.

  1. Visit the official website of TIN-NSDL: www.tin-nsdl.com and go to the section “Online Application of PAN”.
  2. Now choose the option “Reprint of PAN Card”. This option is meant for the lost and stolen PAN Card.
  3. When you click on the link, you will be redirected to another page, where you need to click on the link “Online Application For Changes/ Correction in PAN data link”.
  4. Now, when you click on the link, you will be redirected to the page where the guidelines and instructions are viewed. Click Next after reading the instructions.
  5. Now you can fill in the application form. Provide the details like the Permanent Account Number Details, Name, Communication Address, Telephone Number, email ID etc. Documents such as photograph and ID Proof must be submitted along with the form. The applicant must submit it before the submission of the form.
  6. You can either submit the form online otherwise can post it to NSDL, along with the required documents.
  7. The payments are on the basis of your communication address, if you are staying within the country then you need to pay an amount of Rs 107. If you are staying outside India then you need to pay an amount of Rs 989.
  8. Accepts Net Banking, Debit cards, Credit Cards mode of payments if done online. If done offline then a demand draft is done for the payment.
  9. When your payment is successful, an acknowledgment number is provided along with the form. This acknowledgment number can be used in future to track down the application status.
  10. Then after, a duplicate PAN with the same PAN details will be sent to the registered communication address.

The Government in the last budget introduced a new law which said that it is mandatory to link PAN Card with Aadhaar. The last date to link PAN with Aadhaar is 31st December 2017.

Read here Complete procedure of How to link Aadhaar Card with PAN Card.

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