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Check Income Tax Refund Status Online in 5 minutes

An Income Tax Refund is a refund which is issued to the taxpayer by the Income Tax Authorities when his tax liability is less than the actual taxes he/she paid. The Income Tax Department offers an online facility to check the Income Tax Refund Status.

The taxpayers can see their Income Tax Refund Status after 10 days the refund has been sent. You just need your PAN Number and then select the desired Assessment Year for which you want to check.

Check Income Tax Refund Status

Income Tax Refund Status
Income Tax Refund Status
  • Login using the details: PAN, Password, Date of Birth and Captcha Code.

Income Tax Refund Status

  • Go to “My Account” and click on “View Returns/Forms”.

Income Tax Refund Status

  • Select the “Income Tax Returns” and choose the relevant assessment year for which you want to check the refund status.
  • Click on the acknowledgement number which is a hyperlink.
  • A pop-up appears on the screen which displays the timeline of the filling of return activities. This includes the date and time when your ITR was filed and verified, date of completion and processing, date of issue and refund etc.
  • It will also show the details of the assessment year, status, reason for failure, mode of payment.

Eligibility for Income Tax Refund

The different criteria’s for the eligibility of the Income Tax Refund is as follows:

  • If the taxpayer has paid more tax as the self-assessment but should have paid less for the regular assessment.
  • If the TDS deducted by the bank or the employer of the taxpayer is more than the latter’s tax liability through a regular assessment.
  • If the same income of a taxpayer has been taxed in a foreign country (with which the Government of India has an agreement to avoid double taxation) and in India as well.
  • If the taxpayers have not declared some of the investments which provided the tax benefits to him.


  1. What if you have e-Filed an Income Tax Return but have not received the refund yet?

If you haven’t received your refund to date, then there could be three possible reasons:

  • Your Income Tax has not been processed yet.
  • Your Income Tax Return has been processed but the Income Tax Department has determined no refund.
  • Your Income Tax Return has been processed and a refund has been determined but the Cheque/ECS credit could not reach you.
  1. What if you have checked the status of the IT Return and it is displayed as “Refund Returned”. How can we apply it again?

Visit the official e-filling website and go to “My Account” section. From the drop-down menu of “My Account” select “Refund Re-Issue Request”. Select the mode of re-receiving the refund. ECS or Cheque. Provide the bank account number, if in case you have changed and provide the address details.

This same process goes for all the other cases such as the following:

  • If in case your Bank Account Number has changed and you want to change the bank account number.
  • If in case you have changed your address.

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