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Pre-Paid Smart Cards Launched for CNG & Cooking Gas by IGL

Referring to the challenge of the Delhi Pollution, the Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas Shri Dharmendra Pradhan had said that, the pollution has taken its place because of the gas and fuels emitted or generated by the Power Plants, Industries and Vehicles and therefore to reduce and  challenge the Delhi Pollution, The Indraprastha Gas Limited (IGL) which is one and only supplier of CNG gas in the National Capital Region Delhi has launched pre-paid smart cards for the residents to go digital.

These smart cards are meant for making the payments. The Oil Minister Dharmendra Pradhan said that the launch of the smart cards are a part of the Digital India Campaign which is introduced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi whose main aim to make the Indian citizens go as a cashless society and adopt digitalization.

The Government is still trying to make it more time – efficient and easily customer accessible to the consumers. The Government has made a commitment to provide clean CNG and PNG for the transportation and cooking purpose for the customer’s convenience to promote the gas-based economy.

The introduction of the smart cards for CNG and cooking gas can be a fight against the emerging Delhi’s pollution. The IGL Smart Cards is a prepaid Near Field Communication (NFC) enabled card for the fleet and the retail CNG consumers.

The Fleet cards serve the fleet operators, government departments, schools, institutions as well as the corporates an option to give their drivers pre-loaded cash cards for the purchasing of CNG. The purchase of the CNG can also be tracked online. Whereas, the pre-paid retail cards are for the individual owners of the cars, autos, taxis who can get the card at any CNG station.

The IGL Smart Cards are “Tap and Go” Near Field Communication and after each and every transaction was done, there will be a receipt. The transactions are done using the POS terminals, which can operate at any dispensing area, reducing the transaction time, standing in the queue for hours and hours at the CNG Stations. The transactions done through the IGL Smart cards are Pin-Enabled and therefore it is secure. The user will receive an SMS and an e-mail after every transaction in the form of alerts.

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