SC Hearing To Be Continued On Thursday: Aadhaar Privacy Issue


The Supreme Court will continue the hearing on the Aadhaar privacy issue on Thursday. On Wednesday, the center told the court that there is a fundamental right to privacy but is not completely qualified right. The people have signed the petition regarding their privacy details that the Government is having all of their privacy details of the iris image and biometric scanned image details which may not be safe and trustworthy and can cause a privacy threat in future.

On Wednesday, the Center told the court that there is a fundamental right to privacy but not performed right. Even the Attorney General KK Venugopal hashed over the matter saying that the fundamental right to privacy has been dodged from the Article 21.

He also made a statement saying that

the privacy as a fundamental right, could have been mentioned in the Article 21, but has been omitted

The nine- judge Constitution bench, headed by the Chief Justice of India Jagdish Singh Kehhar began their hearing in the court regarding the case that the petitioners have filed, regarding the Aadhaar privacy details of the Biometric data and the Iris scan image. The Government has all the details and these are the personal unique identification and can cause a privacy threat in future. The petitioners have already concluded the argument in the Apex Court on July 20.

The petitioners who signed the petition regarding the Aadhaar Privacy issue are still waiting for the final hearing and are getting pissed off and impatient as to why the Government is not coming up with a final decision.

But the Top Court has already ruled up with a final agreement on June 10, making up a statement that from July 1st onwards each and every citizen must provide their Aadhaar Enrollment ID and numbers during the filing of Income Tax Returns as well as for the PAN card also. But since the Aadhaar comes under the “Umbrella of Privacy” slot, the decisions of the Supreme Court and petitions of the citizens are in a see-saw motion, which now completely depends on the Supreme Court hearing on Thursday.

Follow us to hear all the updates about Aadhaar Privacy case. Do you think Right to Privacy is a fundamental right and Aadhaar programme in its current form is in violation of that Right. Let us know in comments.


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