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Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY) Jobs & Courses Details

The Pradhan Mantri Vikas Yojna is a “skill India” initiative introduced by the government of India on 15 July 2015 on the eve of world’s youth skill day. The skill India initiative aims at educating 400 crore people in India by 2022. As per a report in 2016 “the Indian Leather Development Program” has trained more than 1.4 lakh people in a year. It has been observed that in spite of being one of the fastest growing economies in the world in terms of GDP, there is still a huge chunk of the Indian population who is still unemployed and who still struggles to get a two-time meal in a day.

The main goal of the skill development mission is to eradicate the shortage of skilled workers in the country. The scheme works under the ministry of skill development and entrepreneurship. The cabinet has approved a budget of approximately 120 billion rupees for this project.

Objective And Target Of The Scheme

The PMKVY aims at fulfilling the aspirations of Indian youth by providing good quality and better paid jobs. Some of the primary objectives of PMKVY are:

  • They aim at developing the process of certification by providing a series of scheduled skills
  • To provide skills to a large number of people and make them employable and increase the productivity of the existing workforce.
  • Encourage youth to take up the skill training programs to by providing monetary awards for skill certification.
  • Reward all those students who have taken up the skill training program in an authorized institute with rupees 8 thousand per candidate.

The target of the scheme will depend on the demand in Central Government Programs like “Swachh Bharat”,” make in India”,” digital India” etc.

List of Courses And Their Job Roles

At present, the PMKVY is providing training via 34 skill council. An approximate of 221 job roles are provided via 34 skill councils across the country.

Tourism and Hospitality 9
Textile and Handloom 7
Telecom 10
Sports 3
Rubber 9
Security Services 1
Power Industry 6
Retail 3
Plumbing 3
People with disability 3
Paints and coating 1
Mining 9
Logistic 8
Media and Entertainment 8
Life science 5
Logistic 8
Leather 6
IT and ITES 6
Healthcare 8
Iron and Steel 9
Handicraft 8
Green jobs 5
Gems and Jewellery 9
Furniture and Fitting 2
Food Processing 5
Electrics and Hardware 9
Earthmoving and infrastructure building 10
Domestic workers 4
Construction 7
Capital Goods 6
Banking, Financial services and Insurance 6
Beauty and wellness 7
Automotive 10
Apparel, Makeup, Home Furnishing 9
Agriculture 10


Find a training center near you by visiting the official website of PMKVY: www.pmkvyofficial.org

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