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Now Aadhaar is mandatory for customers to avail internet services.

12 digit biometric numbers is now mandatory to avail internet services as well. Internet companies are now making this unique identity card mandatory for the customers to avail the services. One of the leading e – commerce site; Amazon has asked customers to upload their Aadhaar details in order to track lost packages. It also says that it is a necessary means of authenticating customer identity.

Amazon aadhaar upload
Aadhaar mandatory for Internet Services
We ask customers to submit a government certified ID. We understand Aadhaar is the most widely held. So it is our preferred one.

However, it can be done without the Aadhaar number too

if a customer is unable to share a government-certified identification proof, Amazon, as a customer-centric organisation, will continue to process the request based on other details shared by the customer.

Another popular Bangalore – based car rental platform Zoomcar said that it won’t accept any bookings without Aadhaar as proof of identity. It has made the document a mandatory one, without which interested users in north India and Vijayawada cannot book a vehicle. It started insisting in June and will extend it to users across the country in a month.

Aadhaar has the best API integration; the latest documents are getting connected with bank accounts. If you have an Aadhaar card, you have the KYC (Know Your Customer) sorted
said a spokesperson of Zoomcar. The company was founded in 2013, operates in 15 cities.

Another electronic payment and e – commerce brand Paytm has also requested users to link their Aadhar details. Cab aggregators Uber and Ola are also looking at ways to unify Aadhaar into their platform.

At present this 12 digit unique identification number is a must for the consumers to avail government subsidies, operate a bank account, and also to get a phone connection. People are also asked to link their Adhaar number to their existing bank accounts by the end of the year.

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