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IFSC Codes

IFSC CodesThe IFS Codes are basically the alphanumeric key bit code. It consists of an 11 character code structure that is unique in its own way keeping in mind, that the banking institution and the branch where the beneficiary account is held. The first four characters denote the bank name, and the last six characters represent the branch of the bank. The fifth character is usually a zero, which is conserved up for the future use. The code of every branch is cited on the cheques of the account holder.

Let us consider an SBI branch IFSC code. The format of the SBI IFSC code is somewhat like, But, still, there must be a little confusion playing inside your head like, there are so many SBI banks itself in the same place, consider Delhi, Rajouri Garden. The Rajouri Garden itself has 2-3 branches of SBI, so how will we recognize the IFSC codes for the different branches??? Well, that’s not a big issue. There are some banks which have more than one branch in the same city, in that situation which differs from one branch to another branch by using different last seven digits of IFSC. It is also known as the Bank Branch Locator. Let us assume, the SBI branch of the Rajouri Garden, it has two branches located at same area but still, they differ, it is the cause of the different IFSC digit codes. Like one branch of the SBI has an IFSC code of  “SBIN0007911” whereas, the other branch has the IFSC code as “SBIN0007000”. We observe that there is a change in the last seven digit number to differentiate the branch.

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