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How to locate Aadhaar Enrollment Centers in Delhi

Aadhaar is a 12 digit unique identification number issued to the citizens by the Government of India. Aadhaar card works as a proof of identity in India. Also, the Government has mandated this identification card in order to avail certain services and schemes offered by the Government.

One can apply for Aadhaar both Online and Offline. To apply online, visit the official UIDAI website. To apply offline, visit nearest Aadhaar enrollment center.

How to Find Aadhaar Enrollment Center in Delhi

One can easily locate Aadhaar enrollment centers on UIDAI official website where it has listed the addresses of all the Aadhaar enrollment centers.

  1. Visit the official website of UIDAI https://uidai.gov.in/
  2. Click on ‘Locate Enrollment center’
  3. In the search criteria
  • Select your Union territory or State
  • Select City / District
  • Select Area / Locality
  1. Click on search

The search results will provide the list of centers in the area one has searched for along with their contact details.

For example – Aadhaar Center, Voter Registration And Election Center, Tibbia College, Ajmal Khan Road, Karol Bagh, Central Delhi, Delhi – 110005

Note: [The above example used of Karol Bagh, Delhi]

In case someone is unable to find their State or Union Territory, it is because some states / UT in India fall under the National Population Register (NPR).

States / Union Territories (UT) under NPR

  • Assam
  • Arunachal Pradesh
  • Dadra and Nagar Haveli
  • Manipur
  • Lakshadweep
  • Jammu & Kashmir
  • Mizoram
  • Meghalaya
  • Orissa
  • Nagaland
  • West Bengal
  • Tamil Nadu

Aadhaar enrollment requires visiting Aadhaar enrollment center, filing the enrollment form, getting demographic and biometric data captured, submitting proof of Identity and address documents, before collecting acknowledgement slip containing Enrollment ID.

Some highlights of Aadhaar enrollment are:

  • There are no charges for Aadhaar enrollment. It is absolutely free of cost.
  • One needs to enrol only once, as multiple enrollments can be the case of duplicity, unless it is advised by UIDAI.
  • The waiting time for Aadhaar may vary from 60 – 90 days after receipt of resident data packets in Central Identities Data Repository (CIDR).
  • Common proof of address and proof of identity for Aadhaar enrollment is election photo ID card, Ration Card, Passport and Driving License.
  • Also photo ID Cards like PAN card and Government ID Cards are permissible for identity proof.
  • Address proof documents also include water – electricity bills – Landline telephone bills for the last three months.

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