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How To Apply For Driving License In Andhra Pradesh

In today’s age, Driver’s License has become essential in everyone’s part of life. It not only acts as a Driving License but also acts as an Identity proof. A driving license is an official document that states that a person can operate or is eligible to drive any type of motorized vehicles such as motorcycle, car, bike, truck or a bus on a public roadway. According to the Motor Vehicles Act in 1988 in India, no person can drive a vehicle in a public place until and unless he/she holds a valid Driving License.

In India, each state has its own process, test and different criteria to apply for a Driving License. To apply for a Driving License there are different rules and regulations to follow. In Andhra Pradesh, the process of obtaining a Driving License has been simplified and the process has been made more transparent. The individuals residing in Andhra Pradesh can get a Driving License from the Motor Vehicle Inspector’s Office or at the Regional Transport Office that has the jurisdiction over the Residential area of the applicant.

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Types Of Driving License In Andhra Pradesh

In Andhra Pradesh, the motorists are eligible to avail two types of Licenses: Permanent Driving License and Learner’s License. The individual has to hold a Learner’s License first, before applying for a Permanent Driving License. The validity of a Learner’s License is 6 months. There are mainly, three types of Driving License in Andhra Pradesh

  • Driving License for the Motor Vehicles Without Gear: This type of Driving License is issued to those individuals who drive motor vehicles without gear such as the scooters and mopeds. The age of eligibility to ride this type of vehicle is 16 years.
  • Driving License For A Light Motor Vehicle: This driving license is issued to those individuals who drive lightweight vehicles like cars and bikes. To obtain a driving license for this criteria the candidate must be 18 years.
  • Driving License For Transport Vehicles: The individuals who wish to drive vehicles such as taxis, private service vehicles, trucks, lorries etc can apply for this Driving License. The eligibility to obtain this Driving License is 20 years.

How To Apply For Driving License In Andhra Pradesh

Online Method of Applying for Driving License in Andhra Pradesh

The individuals can apply for a Driving License online by using the Meeseva Facility. The Meeseva facility provides registration for Driving License by applying a registration form which can be downloaded and submitted at the nearest RTO Office. Below is the process for applying for a Driving License online in Andhra Pradesh.

  • Visit the Meeseva Web Portal and download the application form for Driving License.
  • Now enter the required information which includes the Aadhaar card number, name of the applicant, father’s name, contact number, address, survey number, and ration card number.
  • Fill in the application form completely and submit the form to the nearest Regional Transport Office with photograph copies.
  • If you are not having a Learner’s License, then you can book a slot for Learner’s License Test. You will just have to provide the district and the test center where you wish to apply.
  • Now, click on the submit button and get a copy of the application. Go to the test center on the allotted date with a printout of the application form and the other required documents.

Offline Method of Applying for Driving License in Andhra Pradesh

The Offline procedure of applying a Driving License is quite straightforward and simple. The procedure for offline is as follows.

  • Get the Form 4 here It is the application form for a license to drive a motor vehicle which is available at Andhra Pradesh Transport Website. The individuals can also visit the nearest Regional Transport Office to get the form.
  • A learner’s license must be produced by an individual.
  • If required, the individual must also submit the medical certificate duly signed by an authorized doctor along with a declaration.
  • The required documents must be submitted along with the Application Form.
  • If an individual is applying for a Transport Vehicle, then he should apply for Form 5.
  • Then the RTO Office will allow a slot for the applicant to undergo a test, where the individual must pass the test so as to obtain a Permanent Driving License.

Documents Required For The Driving License In Andhra Pradesh

To obtain a Driving License in Andhra Pradesh you need to provide the following documents

  • Valid documents of the vehicle.
  • Duly filled an application form which can be obtained from the Andhra Pradesh Transport Organization.
  • Four Passport Size Photographs
  • Medical Certificate in Form 1A and 1 that is issued by any Certified Government Doctor. (if applicable).
  • Valid Age Proof- Passport, PAN Card etc
  • Proof of Address
  • Application Fees.

You may require a couple of additional documents on the basis of your application form. Do enquire with the RTO office before submitting the application form.

How To Check Driving License Status In AP

Checking Driving License Status Offline In Andhra Pradesh

  • Visit the Andhra Pradesh Transport Online Portal and go to the “Document Delivery Services Page
    Andhra Pradesh Transport Department Website
    Andhra Pradesh Transport Department Website
  • now, enter the “License” as the modulation type. You can also provide the License Number or Application Number whichever is suitable.
    Andhra Pradesh Transport Department search
    Andhra Pradesh Transport Department search
  • Enter the Learner’s License Number (LLR), application number or the License Number and click “Get Details” to know more about the status of your Application.
  • If the details that you have entered is correct, then the portal will display the current status of the application form which includes the EMS Number, Date of Driving License Card Print etc.

Checking Driving License Status Offline In Andhra Pradesh

  • For checking the status offline, the applicants can visit the nearest Regional Transport Office in Andhra Pradesh.
  • They will give you the complete details of the Driving License including the Learner’s License Number, Application Number and License number to get updates regarding the Driving License Application Status.

How To Make Corrections In Driving License in Andhra Pradesh

For the individuals who wish to change the name, address or make relevant corrections in their Driving License copy, can follow this procedure.

  • The request for the correction in the Driving License can be done by visiting the nearest Regional Transport Office, which has issued your Driving License. Like for an example: if you have obtained your Driving License in Delhi then you cannot make changes in the Regional Transport Office of Hyderabad.
  • For changing the name in the Driving License, you must provide the Marriage Certificate and other relevant documents.
  • For the change of address, copies of proof of residence or the place of business must be produced. The original documents may be asked for verification purpose.
  • The applicant can be asked for providing a copy of Driving License.
  • An application of the change in information can also be made on a plain paper by affixing a non-judicial court fee stamp to the licensing authority.
  • The application is then submitted to the concerned RTO and get it approved by the Regional Transport Officer.
  • After the approval of the application, a receipt is offered which can be produced as a temporary driving license proof.
  • The new Updated Driving License is then sent via post to the mentioned address.

Test Process For The Driving License In Andhra Pradesh

Here the applicant has to appear a driving test in presence of a Motor Vehicle Inspector (MVI) and must pass the test to obtain the Permanent Driving License. The person appearing the test must hold a valid Learner’s License for a period of minimum 30 days. If the applicant does not pass the Driving License Test, then he may be permitted to apply for a re-test after a period of seven days. An interview is also held on the questions regarding the signs and road signals and safety.

Test Procedure For Driving License

  • Andhra Pradesh offers four different tracks for taking the Driving License Test- Nagole Driving Test Facility, Kondapur Driving Test Facility, Gannavaram Nagole Driving Test Facility, Ampapuram Nagole Heavy Vehicle Driving Test Facility. Applicants can choose their nearest test center.
  • The applicants can book a slot for Driving License Test online. They can choose the time as well as the test location.
  • The applicants will be then asked to drive a motor vehicle in presence of the Motor Vehicle Inspector who will then assess the driving skills and decides whether the candidate is eligible for the license or not.
  • After the driving test, a small interview is held where the candidate is asked about the different road signals and safety measures. The candidate must pass this section to obtain the driving license card.
  • If in case, the candidate does not pass the test, then he will have to wait for a week to re-apply for the test.

Driving License Renewal In Andhra Pradesh

Generally, the validity period for a Learner’s License is 6 months. The validity of a permanent driving license for a motor vehicle without gears is 16 years and for the Light Vehicles is 18 years. If in case, your driving License is expired then you can get it renewed in the nearest RTO. The step by step procedure for applying Driving License Renewal is :

  • Fill in Form 9 here, this application form is meant for the renewal of the Driving License.
  • Submit the form, in the nearest RTO which issued the driving license or the licensing authority having jurisdiction over the residential area of the applicant.
  • Along with the application form, also submit the fee as mentioned in Rule 32 in the CMV Rules.
  • Include three passport sized photographs along with the application form if the renewal is mentioned in Form 6.
  • The original driving license must also be submitted along with the other required documents.
  • Medical certificates as mentioned in Form 1A, and should be presented along with the declaration of Form 1.
  • The RTO officer will then validate and approve the application for the Driving License renewal and the new driving license is then sent to the residence of the applicant via post.

How To Apply For Duplicate Driving License?

To apply for a Duplicate Driving License, an individual must submit the Learner’s License to the concerned RTO. Following are the steps if you are applying for a Duplicate Driving License:

  • Completely fill the LLD Form here and submit to the nearest RTO where the Driving License was obtained or where it was last renewed.
  • Along with the LLD form, submit three copies of passport sized photographs and application fee as mentioned in APMV Rulebook.
  • If the request for the Duplicate driving license is already made in Form 7, then the applicant has to pay a nominal fee of Rs 40.
  • The applicant must also present the Original copy of the Driving License while applying for the Duplicate copy.

How To Get International Driving License (IDP) In Andhra Pradesh

The following steps are done for getting an International Driving License:

  • Completely fill in the IDP Form here, from where the Driving License as obtained or last renewed.
  • Along with the IDP Form, the applicant must submit three copies of recent passport sized photographs.
  • Original copies of the Driving License for Verification Purpose.
  • A nominal fee of Rs 200 is paid by the applicant while submitting the IDP Form.
  • The application is then verified and approved by the RTO Officer and the Internation Driving License is sent to residents of the applicant.

Hence, these are the various ways to apply for a Driving License and the process and documents to submit.

Delivery Of The Driving License In Andhra Pradesh

The Driving License of the applicant will be sent via Post on the address mentioned in the Application Form.

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