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Government Soon To Link Driving License With Aadhaar

According to reports from the Zee News, After the hearing in the Supreme Court for the right to privacy issue, the Government has declared to link the driving license with the Aadhaar Card. Since the Government’s idea of linking the Aadhaar in everyday life has emerged out to be quite beneficial and has made the Indian economy quite smooth and improved. This can be more fruitful in the upcoming future years.

The Minister of Information and Technology, Ravi Shankar Prasad on Tuesday in Delhi said that the strategy of linking the Aadhaar has been one of the smartest moves of the Government till date, and the so far the Aadhaar linkage has helped the Govt. to save up to Rs 57,000 crore. So the Government is now planning to tie knots between Aadhaar and the driving license too. The Government has already declared of making the Aadhaar compulsory for the Income Tax Return file submission and also made it mandatory to link the Aadhaar Card with the PAN card (Permanent Account Number) for which the deadline has been extended from July 31st to Aug 5th. But however, there are certain issues coming up which is making the Government quite unstable with the final decisions.

This move has echoed the walls of the Supreme Court screaming it as a challenge. But still the Government has not ended up with final decisions but there are certain changes that the Government is trying to make and change. It has been heard that the Government is planning to make Aadhaar in a not-so compulsory list. At the end, the Supreme Court later comes up with a decision that the citizens those who already have their Aadhaar issued will now link them with the PAN Cards, while those who do not have the Aadhaar numbers need not.

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Source: http://zeenews.india.com/personal-finance/aadhaar-to-be-mandatory-for-driving-licence-effective-from-october-1992308.html

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