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Form 49A Pan Card Application Form | Online Available

PAN (Permanent Account Number) card is an important document in India for all the citizens in the country, especially for those who pay income tax and are identifiable under the Income Tax Act, 1961. Indian Income Tax Department issue PAN card under the supervision of Central Board for Direct Taxes (CBDT). Popularly known as PAN card is a unique 10 – digit alphanumeric code, which is computer – generated and is unique to the holder of the card. This card contains the number and identity details of the individual who applies for the card.

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Form 49A

Form 49A is an Application for Allotment of Permanent Account Number in case of Indian Citizen/ Indian Companies / Entities incorporated in India / Unincorporated entities formed in India. In case if anyone wants to apply for a PAN card, it is compulsory to fill form 49A first as it is the application form.  Form 49A is available online from agencies like NSDL and UTIITSL websites. After downloading the form(Click to Download) from their official websites, one can submit it with required documents. And to complete the application, the applicant is required to pay some nominal fee and can get their new PAN card.

Structure of Form 49A

Form 49A is structured with 16 different components, makes it easier for the customers to fill their form. Let us discuss the components of Form 49A.

  • Assessing Officer Code – In Assessing Officer Code, the applicants are required to provide information such as Area code, Accounts office type, Range code, and Accounts office number.
  • Full Name – In this section, the applicants provide their marital status, their first name, their first name, last name, and their Surname.
  • Abbreviation of the name – In this section of the form, The applicant has to abbreviate their name as they would like to see on their PAN card
  • Other Name – In other name section, the applicants will have to mention if they were known with some other name.
  • Gender – In this section, the applicant has to provide their orientation status.
  • Date of birth – the applicant has to provide their date of birth (DOB).
  • Father’s Name – In this section, the applicant has to provide the first name, last name, and surname of their father.
  • Address – The applicant needs to enter the details of their residence address and office address in this part of the form. The applicant needs to be careful while filling in the address and should give the correct details.
  • Address of communication – The applicant has to choose the address of communication between office and residence.
  • A telephone number and email id – The applicant has to mention their Country code, State code and telephone / mobile number.
  • Status of an applicant – In here, the applicant has to mention if they are an individual, a HUF (Hindu Undivided Family) member, Company, Partnership firm, etc.
  • Registration number – The registration number indicates the registration number for the company, firms, LLPs, etc.
  • Aadhaar number – The Aadhaar number should be mentioned if the individual owns an Aadhaar Card
  • Source of income – The applicant is required to mention from where they draw their income.
  • Representative Assessed – In this section of the form, the applicant needs to provide the name and address of the representative assesses.
  • Documents submitted – Here, the applicant needs to mention all the documents they have submitted with the form.

Features of Form 49A

Read below to know the features of Form 49A, which are as follows

  • Two Passport size Photos required
  • Left side photo with signature/thumb impression across this photo, in case of Thumb impression, should be attested by a Notary Public or an authorized officer in respective country of residence under official seal and stamp.
  • Right side photo with a signature/thumb impression below the photograph

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