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Exporters advised to file Table 6A & GSTR 3B for Refunds on IGST & ITC

The Indian Government on Wednesday has seized the issues of the Exporters complaining about the delay in the granting of the refunds associated with the Integrated Goods and Service Tax (IGST) and Input Tax Credit which states the tax paid on the goods that are exported out of India.

Certain sections of the media have reported that there are miscalculations and incorrect estimations of the refund amounts made from the period of the month July to October 2017. It has also been observed that there are certain errors such as Incorrect Shipping Bill Number in GSTR1, mis-match of the Invoice number, IGST amount paid, wrong bank account number etc. which led to the delay and rejection in the grant of the refunds.

The media said that the quantum IGST Refund Claims filed through the Shipping Bills during the period July to October is Rs 6500 Crore approx. and the quantum of refund of the unutilized tax credit on the input and input tax services as per the RFD 01A applications filed on the GSTN Portal is Rs 30 Crore approx. This information has been made available to the Exporters on the ICEGATE Portal so that they could rectify the errors as early as possible.

With regard to the IGST paid on the goods that are exported outside India, a mass number of refund claims on the exports made in July 2017 which was due was also sanctioned. The IGST Refund claims for the exports during the month of August, September and October are also sanctioned wherever the returns are filed.

The statement also comprises of the required information regarding the sanction of the refund of the IGST paid, which includes the filing of the GSTR-3B and the table 6A of GSTR 1 on the GSTN Portal and the Shipping Bills on Customs EDI System by the Exporter. The facility for filing GSTR 1 for August 2017 will be ready by 4th December. If any wrong entries are made on the month of July then the Table 9 of GSTR1 August will permit the amendments to GSTR1 of July 2017.

For the refund of the unutilized Input Tax Credit or other input services linked with the exports of goods, the exporters should file an application in FORM GST RFD – 01A on the common portal. The portal provides the information regarding the amount claimed as refund which is debited from the Electronic Credit Ledger of the Exporter.

A proof of debit called Acknowledgement Receipt Number (ARN No.) is generated on the GSTN Portal which is mentioned in the FORM GST RFD 01A. This form is submitted manually to the Jurisdictional Officer. The Exporters need to make sure that they submit all the necessary documents along with the FORM RFD 01A for timely sanction of refund as the Government is taking measures pacify the difficulty and provide quick contribution of the refunds.

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