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EPF Partial Withdrawal

Employees Provident Fund Organization or popularly known as EPFO offers partial withdrawal facility where the subscribers can take advance from their Provident Fund Accumulation in some cases such as purchase, construction of house, repayment of loan, non – receipt of wage for 2 months, for marriage of self / daughter / son / brother, for medical treatment of family member etc.

However, these advances will be granted only if it meet some specific criteria and also the amount varies for the reasons.

EPFO offers online facility through its EPFO’s member’s portal for advance or partial withdrawal.

Advance for Purchase of House / Flat, construction of house including acquisition of site

In case a subscriber is purchasing land, EPFO allows the subscriber to withdraw up to 24 months of basic wages and DA (Dearness Allowance). And in case of purchasing of house, flat or construction 36 months of basic wages and DA (Dearness Allowance) will be permitted by the organization.

However, the only condition is that the subscriber is required to have completed at least five years to be benefited by this advance. And an employee is allowed only one withdrawal for this purpose in his lifetime.

Withdrawing this amount is very convenient and easy as it does not require any other documents other than a declaration form from the employee. Hence this advance request can be easily processed.

Partial Withdrawal from the fund for Repayment of loans in special cases  

In order to withdraw fund from EPF account for the purpose of repayment of loans in special cases, EPFO allows withdrawal of 36 months of basic wage and DA (Dearness Allowance).

And the minimum requirement to avail this facility is that the subscriber is required to be EPFO member for at least 10 years in order to avail this advance. And an employee is required to provide a certificate from the agency indicating outstanding principal and interest to apply for this partial withdrawal.

Advances in Special Cases

EPFO have clearly mentioned that advances will be provided in some special cases only which are lockout / closure of establishment for more than 15 days and employees are rendered unemployed without compensation or if an employee has not received wages for more than 2 months continuously (for reasons other than strike), EPFO gives advance to its members.

To get this advance, no specific membership period is required. The subscriber is required to only provide a certificate from the employer for the purpose.

EPF Advance for Treatment of Illness

For the purpose of treatment of any illness, the employee can withdraw up to 6 months of his basic and DA or his / her entire contribution, whichever is least for treatment of his / her own illness or treatment of family members. Also, in order to get this advance, no specific membership period is required.

EPF Advance for Marriage

In case of marriage taking place of self / daughter / son / brother / sister, an EPFO member is allowed to withdraw 50 per cent from the account. And to avail this advance, the subscriber is required to be a member of the EPFO at least for 7 years.

EPF Advance for Higher Education of son / daughter

EPFO permits the subscriber to get 50 per cent of their share for the purpose of post matriculation of his / her children. And to avail this advance, the subscriber is required to be a member of the EPFO at least for 7 years. Also, a certificate regarding course of study and estimated expenditure from head of institution is required to be submitted to avail this advance.

EPF Withdrawal within one year before retirement

An EPFO subscriber can withdraw 90 per cent of his / her accumulation after 54 years of age within one year of retirement as their partial withdraw before retirement.

EPF Withdrawal Rules & Regulations – https://rupeenomics.com/epf-withdrawal-rules/

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