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All About The Driving License In Delhi

In today’s age, Driver’s License has become very essential in part of everyone’s life. It not only acts as a Driving License but also acts as an Identity proof. A driving license is an official document that states that a person can operate or is eligible to drive any type of motorized vehicles such as motorcycle, car, bike, truck or a bus on a public roadway. According to the Motor Vehicles Act in 1988 in India, no person can drive a vehicle in a public place until and unless he/she holds a valid Driving License issued.

To apply for a Driving License there are different rules and regulations to follow and they vary from state to state. Today we are going to discuss the applications and procedures of Delhi, the National Capital of India.

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Types Of Driving License In Delhi

The Driving License in Delhi is categorised into two types: Permanent and Temporary.

  • Learner License: This is a test license that gives you the permission to learn and practice driving. This license is valid for six months, which is enough to gain all the driving skills and qualify the competency test. You are required to practice for a month before taking the practical.
  • Permanent License: The permanent license is applicable or is achieved if you clear the driving competency test. The driving competency test comprises of a ground test and a road test.

Delhi offers driving license for a range of vehicles types described below

  • Light Motor Transport Vehicle: This license is given to those who drive the commercial and transport vehicles such as cabs, jeeps, delivery vans, auto rickshaws etc.
  • Medium Goods Vehicles: This category includes vehicles like Trucks and Tempos for goods transportation.
  • Medium Passenger Vehicle: This includes vehicles like minivans, tempos for passengers.
  • Heavy Goods Vehicles: This includes vehicles such as trucks and large vans which are meant to transport goods.
  • Heavy Passenger Motor Vehicles: This category includes vehicles such as buses etc which are used for the commercial purpose and transportation of the passengers.
  • Non- Transport Vehicles: This license is applicable to the applicants who drive private vehicles, gear-less motorcycles like scooters and mopeds, and light motor vehicles such as cars.

Documents Required For Applying A Driving License In Delhi

The driving license must be made in Form No.4 accompanied by the following

  • A valid learner’s license which is permitted to you to learn driving on the ground/road. It will be specified for which vehicle are you applying for.
  • Fees as per the rules.
  • Proof of nationality/ citizenship (attested duplicate copies)
  • One latest passport size photo (the photo click should be less than six months )
  • A driving License in the Form No. 5 and 14 issued by the motor driving training school (Optional)
  • Your original driving license in case of Authorisation of Categories.

How To Apply For A Driving License In Delhi

If you have a Learner’s License already, then fill in the Form No. 4 and submit at your Closest Transport Zonal Office in Delhi along with the papers or the documents specified above.

A driving test is conducted by the Official of the Inspector Rank from the Transport Department. The officer will test your driving aptitudes. They will not provide the vehicles, you will have to bring it of your own or arrange it from a Motor Driving School. If the test is done successfully, then your finger impression and photos will be taken aside from the necessary documents and application forms. After all the procedure, the driving license is sent via post at your given address.

Applying For Driving License In Delhi Online

For applying for a Driving License In Delhi online, all you have to do is visit the official site of Delhi Government i.e; www.delhi.gov.in and select the required option. You can book an appointment at your nearest RTO and pay the fees online.

How To Check The Driving License Status In Delhi

You can directly enquire in a RTO or check online by entering the Zonal Name and receipt number in the specified boxes.

How To Make Corrections In The Driving License In Delhi

If the applicants having a Driving License before wish to make any change in the name, date of birth or Pin code etc, printed or issued in Delhi. Then they can send a written application with the relevant documents with correct information. Make sure that the RTO must be the same , where you issued your original driving License. Once approved, you can collect your driving license with correct information on the same day itself. You will be charged a small fee for this.

Test Procedure For Driving License In Delhi

The test procedure of the driving license for Delhi is quite straightforward. You have to clear the preliminary verbal and written test on traffic rules and regulations. You can apply for a practical driving test any time after one month is over.

You can select a slot and when you feel confident about giving test, provided that is within six months of getting your learners.

Four Wheeler Test: First you have to take a ground test, which is basically a driving along the marked “H” without touching the poles planted on the edges. This is mainly done to estimate the control to the vehicle, shift gears, focus, reverse etc. If your vehicle dash against the pole, then you are debarred from the test. You won’t be given a second chance on the same day.

Once you clear the ground test that means you have cleared the road test which is the final stage. Here the examiner will come along with you and check your driving skills, adaptation with the vehicle, how well you are in the practical implementation of the traffic rules and laws. If he is not happy with your driving, then the examiner will give you another date.

Two-Wheeler and Three-Wheeler Test: In this case also, the ground test comes first. You will have to ride a bike or an auto-rickshaw along with the previously bordered “Figure of Eight” without touching the poles planted at different corners. The examiner will test the comfortability of driving and will also check other skills like shifting gears, reversing, bending corners etc. The ride along the “figure of eight” has to be done without touching your feet to the ground. After clearing this, you will be sent for the road test where you have to ride for a certain distance  complying with all the rules and regulations.

The Inspector of the Motor Vehicles will test the capability to drive in accordance with the guidelines listed under the Rule 15 of the Central Motor Vehicle Rules 1989. If the officer is happy with the results then he will convey his approval to the RTO and soon you will get your License to drive at any place in India.

Driving License Renewal In Delhi

The Driving License can be renewed once after its expired from its validity date, which is 20 years after the issuance or when you are at the age of 50. First you have to visit the nearest RTO Zonal Office and start the procedure.

Documents That Are Required For The Renewal of the Driving License In Delhi

  • For a Private License, you have to Fill in the Form No. 9 and pay a fee of Rs 250 and applicable penalties .
  • Two latest passport size photographs and the original driving license that got expired.
  • Age proof (Birth Certificate, Voter ID, Aadhaar Card, Passport, PAN Card etc)
  • Current Residence Proof (Utility Bill, Rental/Lease Agreement, Ration Card, Passport etc)
  • Form No. 1 which self-declaration of physical fitness.

For Commercial License, all the documents are required for the Private Renewal of License is required. Apart from those, the other documents that are required are the medical certificate in the Form 1A is mandatory if you are applying in Commercial category. You also need to submit a driving training certificate.

If you have submitted incomplete information or if your data record is incomplete then your verification of the documents can be delayed. But for the commercial license, the details have to be validated from the issuing authority. The issuance of the renewal license is done on the same day for the private vehicles bu not for the commercial vehicles. The duplicate document copies submitted must be attested by the Notary Public or the Gazetted Officer.

How To Apply For Duplicate Driving License In Delhi

To get a Duplicate Driving License you will have to get in touch with the issuing authority and the details are tallied and confirmed from the records. The duplicate license will be valid for the same period of time. This has to be done from the same RTO, which has issued your license before. If your license is lost or is expired or is six months old then you have need to have an authorization from the Head Quarter of the Transport Department.

Documents Required For Duplicate Driving License

  • Application in Form LLD or NCR of your lost/stolen license
  • Challan Clearance report from Traffic Police. (if it is a commercial driving license)
  • A fee of Rs 200
  • Form No. 1 (which is a self-declaration form of Physical Fitness)
  • Residence Proof
  • All the documents must be attested by the Notary Public or the Gazetted Officer.

How To Get An International Driving License In Delhi

The International Driving License is distributed at different RTO zonal offices, which is valid for 1 months. The documents that are required for International Driving License are

  • Attested copy of your valid driving license card issued
  • Five Passport Sized photos
  • Medical Form 1A
  • Attested copy of valid residence proof
  • Attested copy of valid passport
  • Attested copy of valid Visa
  • Valid proof of Indian Nationals
  • A nominal fee of Rs 500

Note: The driving license will be given from 8:30 am in the morning to 1:00 pm afternoon.

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