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Complete Details about the Passport Police Verification Process

A Passport is a very important official document. It is a very valuable document. So to protect from going to the wrong hands, the Government has therefore introduced to opt for Police Verification Process during the issuance of the Passport.

This verification is the most important stage during the issue of the Passport. It is a mode of security measure that is included in the process of Passport Application.


Modes of Passport Police Verification

There are basically these types of Passport Police Verification Process

  1. Police Verification for Post Passport Issuance Basis.
  2. Police Verification for Pre-Passport Issuance Basis.
  3. No Police Verification Process

Pre-Police Verification Process

The Pre- Police Verification occurs after when the applicant submits all the documents and annexures etc, but before the application is approved.

The Passport Office Committee verifies the applicant’s documents, identity, address details and shares it with the relevant police station. The police verification begins now. An officer is assigned to locate the details of the applicant. The officer then verifies that the applicant stays in so residents and checks in the other details and verifies age.

If the applicant is present and all the details mentioned by the applicant is true and satisfies all the marks then the officer confirms the information and details to the police station. The information is then passed to the Passport Office and then the Passport is issued to the applicant. This is called as the pre-passport application process.

Post-Police Verification Process

This sort of issuance of the passport application is mainly applicable for the Government employees, PSU employees who submit “No Objection Certificate” or NOC after the annexure M. The applicants, in this case, have their passports already issued before the police verification case. The passport issuance of the minor children falls under this category. The passports of the minor children are issued by the parents of the children.

No Police Verification Process

This is applicable for a rare number of people. Like for an example the Government employees, such as the PSU Employees and statutory body employees who apply for passport submit the identity certificate through the Annexure M can get their passports issued without any Police Verification. The Diplomatic or the Official Passport Holders will also not undergo with the Police Verification process.

How To Check Police Verification Status For Passport

When applying for the Passport Verification process, the police issues different statuses according to the condition of the Passport Status

Clear– This status indicates that the person has found no cause for concern and the applicant has no criminal records. The Police found all the information given by the applicant is true and correct.

Adverse– This status is due to the inconsistent information and details of the applicant given to the Police. The inconsistencies in the form might be due to the incomplete information, or criminal cases that have filed against the applicant that is pending in the law court etc. This can cause to the rejection or keep the form in withheld position.

Incomplete– This status indicates that during the process of issuance of passport, the police must have found the document to be half submitted or incorrect details were given or stopping the process halfway. Here the police will the label the passport status as Incomplete and might reject the form.

Other Cases For Passport Police Verification

If the application is submitted for the reissue of an expired passport, and the applicant’s name, address, date of birth or other personal details have not changed then a Police Verification is must require.

If in case, the reissue of an expired Passport has the different name, address and other personal details, then the Passport Office will provide Pre-Police Verification.

The different cases for the Passport verification in case of the re-issue of the Passport

  • Re-issue in case of lost/misplaced or stolen passport.
  • Re-issue for a complete name change.

At the end the Passport office will decide finally what type Police Verification (pre/ post/ no verification) must be allocated to the applicant- depending on the case or submission of the documents or additional annexures submitted, whether it is an issue of a Passport or the reissue of the existing Passport.

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