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Citi Bank Credit Cards – Eligibility, Apply, Features, Types

A Credit Card is a card which is provided by a financial institution to its customers who fulfil the eligibility criteria. With a credit card, you can borrow money from your bank to make your purchase, as long as you pay back the money you borrowed within the “Grace Period” of 25–30 days and you are not required to pay anything extra. However, if you fail to pay back the money you have borrowed, you will have to pay interest.

There are many advantages of a Credit Cardas in if you make a large purchase now you get the option to pay it off in smaller chunks later. Your credit card statement will also help you to make your budgeting easier. Also with a credit card, you don’t have to carry around a wad of cash; you can just swipe and pay for your purchase and with every swipe, you can build up your credit score, which will be useful later on.

CitiBank also offers credit cards to its customers. The bank started its banking operations in1902. Citibank is a significant financial institution in the Indian financial market. It has 2,649 branches in 19 countries, including 723 branches in the United States (US) and 1,494 branches in Mexico. It offers a wide range of products and services to its customers like Citigold Private Client, Citi Priority, Citi Gold, Citi Bank Savings Account, Preferential Banking Account, Citibank Suvidha Account, Citibank Senior Citizen Account, Citibank Junior Account.

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Citibank offers special credit cards for travel, lifestyle, shopping, and corporate use. It offers great benefits and a discount to the cardholders depends on the spending they make on the card. The cards also come with a lot of benefits and it also offers rewards with every swipe. Read below to know the Citibank cards:

Card Name Fees and Charge Features Suitable For
Citi Rewards Annual Fee: Rs. 1,000 Interest rate: 39% per annum Reward points for shopping at apparel and departmental stores and with select partners. Individuals who are seeking benefits from their shopping expenses
Citi Premier Miles Annual Fee: Rs. 3,000
Interest rate: 37.2% – 42% per annum
Airmiles for all airline transactions, redeemable across over a 100 domestic and international airlines. A regular traveller who wishes to get rewarded for travelling near and far.
Indian Oil Platinum Annual Fee: Rs.1,000( for the ones who spend less than Rs. 30,000 )
Interest rate: 39% per annum
 4X turbo points for fuel purchases at Indian Oil outlets.
2X turbo points for grocery shopping.
Individuals seeking best possible benefits from day to day expenses like fuel and groceries
Citi Cash Back Annual Fee: Rs. 500
Interest rate: 37.2% – 42% per annum
5% cash back on movie ticket purchases and phone bill payments.
0.5 % cash back on other expenses.
People who want a credit card for their day to day expenses with a benefit of converting reward points into cash.
First Citizen Citi credit card Annual Fee: Rs. 500( for the ones who spend less than Rs. 30,000 )
Interest rate: 39% per annum
Accelerated Reward points for shopping at select apparel stores like Shoppers stop, and reward points for all other expenses. For shopaholics who wish to earn while they spend.


Why Choose Citibank Credit Cards

Citibank provides numerous benefits like attractive Reward Schemes, International Recognition and Wide acceptance. It also provides Insurance benefit credit cards which include travel accident coverage, lost luggage insurance and health insurance. Also with every purchase, the cardholders can earn reward points at an accelerated rate and compensate for exclusive vouchers, special deals and merchandise. Citibank credit cards are designed keeping every class in mind; hence everyone can find a card which is suitable for their lifestyle.

How To Apply for Citibank Credit Cards

Credit card offers a lot of benefits to the customers and it plays a big role in the economy as well. However, if not used wisely, an individual can be under huge debt and will have to pay a hefty amount in interest. This is because unless individuals pay their credit card bill in full, for every subsequent payment an interest will be charged.

Hence, one requires using credit card sensibly to avail the benefits of the product. With every swipe customers get reward points, AirMiles or other discounts. Besides that, other discounts can also be enjoyed, such as a waiver of fuel surcharge upon spending a certain minimum amount.

There are two ways to apply for Citibank credit card such as online and offline.

Apply Offline for Citibank Credit Card

If a customer wants to apply for a Citibank Credit Card going offline way, they can do so by just following the below-mentioned procedure:

  1. Pay a visit to your nearest bank branch ask to apply for a credit card.
  2. The bank official will hand over a form to you
  3. Fill in the application form properly with details such as your income, personal information, and so on
  4. After that the bank official will match your documents with the eligibility criteria. And if you fulfil the eligibility criteria, the application will be taken forward

For further query you can contact the Citibank Customer Care number at 1860 210 2484 at any given point of time as it is available 24 / 7.

Apply Online for Citibank Credit Card

Online method is one of the most convenient methods to function a task as one can do that anytime and anywhere they wish to. Follow the below mentioned procedure to apply for a credit card in Citi bank:

  1. Visit the official website of Citibank – www.online.citibank.co.in
  2. Go to the home page of the website and choose ‘Credit Card’ which you can find under the section ‘What are you looking for’.
  3. Select ‘Apply’ from the options ‘Know More’ or ‘Apply
  4. Fill in your personal details carefully along with the details of your income
  5. Click on ‘Submit’ button

You are also required to provide some documents such as proof of address and proof of identity. The customers will get the option to track their application online as well.

Citibank Credit Cards Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicants are required to be between 18 to 70 years of age
  • He must have a sterling CIBIL (Credit Information Bureau India Limited) score
  • The applicants must have a fixed monthly income
  • And they are also required to be the residents of India

Also note that an income requirement varies depending on the card. Also every type of credit card has their different criterion. Hence, get in touch with the bank before proceeding with the application.

Citibank Credit Card Documentation Requirement

Keep the below-mentioned documents handy as you have to submit these at the time of applying for a Citibank Credit Card:

  • One Passport size colour photograph
  • Address proof like ration card, electricity bill etc
  • Photo identity proof like Voter ID Card, driving license
  • Signature on a consent form

Citibank offers Various Reward Cards for Shoppers

You can earn attractive reward points on spends with various merchant establishments in India and abroad with

  • Citibank Rewards Card
  • Citibank Rewards Domestic Credit Card
  • First Citizen Titanium Credit Card
  • Citibank Platinum Credit Card

Can Citibank Credit Cards Use Internationally

Citibank India offers Credit cards which can be used internationally, that is it can be used in India and abroad. Credit Cards however cannot be used to make foreign currency transactions in Nepal and Bhutan.
There are also domestic only cards available with Citibank which can only be used in India and at Indian web portals like the ‘Citibank Rewards Domestic Card’

Validity Period of Credit Cards

The credit cards are valid for 3 years. This is also applicable for Citibank add-on credit card. Post 3 years both cards are dispatched in the month prior to card expiry. This is at the sole discretion of the bank whatsoever. The card would bear the same number with a different CVV number.

Fees and Charges Applicable on Citibank Credit Cards

Cash withdrawal fees 2% of the amount withdrawn subject to a minimum of Rs. 300
Over Limit Charges Current balance up to Rs. 10000 – Rs. 300 current balance from Rs. 10001 – 25000 – Rs. 600 current balance above Rs. 25000 – Rs. 700
Late Payment Charges Current balance up to Rs.10000 – Rs.300 Current balance from Rs. 10001 – 25000 – Rs. 600 Current balance above Rs.25000 – Rs.700
Cheque Bounce / ECS (Electronic Clearance Service) return Rs. 350 per return
Fuel Surcharge 2.5% of the transaction amount subject to a minimum of Rs. 10

In addition to the above, there are fees are charges levied on a range of transactions. For further details you can visit the official website of Citibank.

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