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How To Open NPS Account | National Pension Scheme | Online

National Pension Scheme (NPS) is the most economical retirement savings scheme launched by the Indian Government. This scheme has been designed to enable systematic savings during the subscriber’s working life.

In 2004, the outline of the National Pension Scheme was sketched keeping the newly employed with Central Government in mind, excluding the armed forces. However, in the year 2009, NPS made available to every Indian citizen between the ages of 18 to 60 years.

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NPS All Information
NPS Statement/Account Balance
Link NPS Account With Aadhaar Card

There are two types of accounts under NPS. Also, one Unique Permanent Retirement Account Number (PRAN) is allocated to each subscriber under the NPS at the time of their joining.

  1. Tier I Account – Under these account subscribers are not allowed to withdraw their account before attaining the retirement age, as this account is solely meant for savings after the subscriber’s retirement. Also, Government of India mandated employees to invest or direct 10% of their salary into this account.
  2. Tier II Account – Under this account, a subscriber can operate this account as per their convenience. They can make as many withdrawals as possible as it is a regular savings account. However, a subscriber must possess a Tier I account in order to open a Tier II account.

After Government has introduced e – NPS, opening an online NPS account became more seamless, time-saving and easy.

Keep the following things handy to open an individual online NPS account

  • A mobile number, email id and an active bank account with internet banking facility
  • Aadhaar number with a mobile number registered with it
  • Scanned copy of photograph, cancelled cheque and signature
  • Minimum amount of 500 in your bank account or debit card

Read below to open an NPS (National Pension Scheme) account Online

There are two ways to open an NPS account

Opening online NPS account using Aadhaar Card

  • Link your Aadhaar number to your mobile number(here)
  • The NPS KYC (Know Your Customer) will be done through your registered mobile number by sending an OTP (One Time Password) to it for authentication purposes
  • Your data along with your picture will be drawn out from you Aadhaar database and used in the NPS online form.
  • Then fill all the necessary details online
  • For registration purposes, upload your signature in a .jpg or .jpeg format between the sizes of 4 to 12 kb.
  • You can replace your Aadhaar picture by uploading a new one instead
  • You can then simply make the initial contribution to your e – NPS account through Net Banking or Credit / Debit Card.

Opening online NPS account using PAN card

  • In this process, it is important to make your savings account empanelled with NSDL (National Securities Depository Limited)
  • Your bank details should match the details on your online NPS account. In case details, not match, the bank can deny your registration application and you would then have to contact the bank personally.
  • Fill in all the mandatory fields.
  • Upload a scanned picture and signature.
  • You will have to use Internet Banking to make the initial contribution.

NPS account is beneficial to the individuals as it is open to every Indian citizen and is entirely voluntary. It offers subscribers adapted by allowing them to choose where to invest their money in as well as who should manage their investments. Also, after introducing e – NPS, the enrolment process became very simple and convenient for the individuals.

Employee Provident Fund (EPF) Transfer Via Unified Portal

The Employee Provident Fund(EPF) brings in a number of new measures to improvise online claim process. By inventing different methods for easy online streamline like for example ‘online transfer claim’ got replaced by United Portal of the EPFO. The online transfer PF claims were available since ages but now if a person wants to transfer any claims he or she will have to proceed via the ‘unified portal’. Every employee is provided with a Unique Identity Number. This acts as an umbrella for a number of PF accounts. Earlier when an employee had to change his or her job he had to go through a time-consuming process of linking his old PF account to the new one but now with UAN, all an employee has to do is provide his UAN number to his or her new employer. As a person changes his or her job, the UAN acts as the umbrella of all the past PF accounts as well as the new one.

Things to Remember Before Using the Unified Portal:-

You need to keep your UAN number with you.

  1. Make sure that your UAN is seeded with KYC(bank details and Aadhaar)
  2. Provide the approved/verified KYC to your new employer.
  3. Log in to the official unified portal
  4. After logging in click e-sewa
  5. Click on ‘online services’ and then click ‘transfer request’
  6. Fill the transfer claim form online and then download the form in PDF format
  7. Take a print out of the form and then submit it to your employer after signing it(within 10 days).
  8. After receiving the form the employer approves the transfer digitally by accessing the employer interface in the Unified Portal.

Another initiative by the EPFO to ensure the convenience of the employer is that it has reduced the time of withdrawal to 5 days.

Transfer Post 1st of May:-

In order to ensure EPS benefit of the employees, the EPFO has directed to clear all in-process claims within the month.For this, the employer is required to take out a print out of the transfer claim and get it signed by the employee.Thus an employee who has initiated a transfer post 1 March is required to resubmit the claim.The date of joining and the date of leaving should be correct and there should not be any mismatch to ensure a smooth process.After attesting it from the employee the employer sends it to EPFO office to start the process.


After leaving an organization a person might be confused with whether to withdraw or to transfer the amount to the new employer.The following things should be kept in mind while transferring:-

  • A person has the option to withdraw if he or she remains unemployed for 60 days( the withdrawal is not taxable if a person has served five years continuous service).
  • If a person has worked at a particular place and has shifted his job to another organization then it is more advisable to transfer the existing PF to the new employer.
  • It must also be kept in mind that monthly salary to EPF is necessary as 12% of monthly salary is moved to EPF.

The EPF is not only a saving scheme but also ensures a financial base for the employees after retirement.

To know more about EPF please visit the Unified Portal.

Oriental Bank of Commerce Credit Card Customer Care Number | 24 x 7

Oriental Bank of Commerce is a public sector bank in India which was established in Lahore. It offers a range of banking services to its customers in the form of savings accounts, current accounts, fixed deposit accounts, loans, credit cards, debit cards etc.

Oriental Bank of Commerce has a well – established customer service centre that can help resolve any enquiry, clarification or issue you might have.

In this article we have mentioned all the contact details of Oriental Bank of Commerce credit card customer care centre.

Oriental Bank of Commerce Credit Card Customer Care Toll – Free Number

  • Toll – Free Customer Care Number: 1800 180 1235
  • Non Toll – Free Customer Care Number: 0120 258 0001
  • For Credit Card Help

If you wish to file complaint regarding your credit card or need help in resolving a query related to a transaction made with your credit card or need to report a lost / stolen credit card to get it hot listed.

Oriental Bank of Commerce Credit Card Customer Care Toll – Free Number: 1800 180 1235

  • ATM Card / Debit Card Help

If you have any query regarding your ATM / Debit Card, or a query related to your ATM transaction, or non – disbursement of cash form ATM, or in the urgent case of a lost Debit card, you can approach the Oriental Bank of Commerce Toll – Free Customer Service Number.

  • Oriental Bank of Commerce Debit Card Customer Care Toll – Free Number: 1800 180 1235.

Oriental Bank of Commerce Customer Care Toll – Free Number for General Enquiries

If you have to make any general enquiry, you can dial on the same phone number as mentioned above i.e. 1800 180 1235.

Oriental Bank of Commerce Region – Wise Phone Numbers

Below is the list of region – wise contact numbers and e – mail Ids in case you need to get in touch with the Oriental Bank of Commerce Customer Care in your specific region. You can contact the following number from any landline / mobile number and talk to a customer care representative with regards to your query.

Region STD Code Phone Number E Mail
Agra 0562 2158816, 2154524, 2523768 edp_agr@obc.co.in ,
Ahmadabad 079 26587539, 26585830, 26587444 edp_ahm@obc.co.in ,
Amritsar 0183 2501644, 2501645, 5030001 edp_asr@obc.co.in ,
Bangalore 080 25808905, 25808913, 25808920 edp_blr@ob.co.in ,
Bareilly 0581 2302474, 2302475, 2300620 edp_bar@obc.co.in ,
Bhatinda 0164 5002473, 5002476, 5002480 edp_bth@obc.co.in ,
Bhopal 0755 2553856, 2767216, 2553518 edp_bpl@obc.co.in ,
Bhubaneshwar 0674 2544852 edp_bhu@obc.co.in ,
Chandigarh 0172 2704386, 2709998 edp_chd@obc.co.in ,
Chennai 044 28492345, 28502000 edp_che@obc.co.in ,
Dehradun 0135 2746920, 2749715, 2746097 edp_ddn@obc.co.in ,
Delhi 011 28751536 edp_del@obc.co.in ,
Durgapur 0343 2587787, 2587785, 2587786 edp_dgp@obc.co.in ,
Ghaziabad 0120 2700018, 2701302 edp_gzb@obc.co.in ,
Gurgaon 0124 2550011, 2550047 edp_gur@obc.co.in ,
Hyderabad 040 23147012, 23147026, 23147050 edp_hyd@obc.co.in ,
Jaipur 0141 4149908, 4149921 edp_jpr@obc.co.in ,
Jalandhar 0181 5009764, 5009763, 5009767 edp_jal@obc.co.in ,
Jodhpur 0291 2623582, 2623583, 2623584, 2633585, 2633586 edp_jod@obc.co.in ,
Karnal 0184 2204401, 2200620, 2204401 edp_kar@obc.co.in ,
Kolkata 033 23379559, 23379560, 23379561 edp_kol@obc.co.in ,
Lucknow 0522 2305764, 2305768 edp_lko@obc.co.in ,
Ludhiana 0161 2539840, 2539841, 2535456 edp_ldh@obc.co.in ,
Meerut 0121 4011901-14 rh_mrt@obc.co.in ,
edp_mrt@obc.co.in ,
Mumbai 022 43434619, 4343464643434619, 43434646 edp_mum@obc.co.in ,
New Delhi 011 49270932, 49270903, 49270904, 49270913, 49270922 edp_ndl@obc.co.in ,
Patiala 0175 2215255, 2201487, 2225025 edp_pat@obc.co.in ,
Patna edp_ptn@obc.co.in ,
Pune 020 25676464, 25670693, 25670694 edp_pun@obc.co.in ,
Raipur 0771 2252851, 2252850 edp_rpr@obc.co.in ,
Ranchi 0651 2283853, 2284844, 2283814 edp_ran@obc.co.in ,
Rohtak 01262 242235, 253683, 241797 edp_roh@obc.co.in ,
Sriganganagar 0154 2477956, 2425356, 2485330 edp_sgn@obc.co.in ,
Varanasi 0542 2510072-75 edp_vns@obc.co.in ,

Oriental Bank of Commerce Customer Care Service for NRI Customers

If you have any transaction query you can get in touch with the bank which has become much easier after the introduction of the NRI desk, which caters especially to the NRIs. Following are the details of the correspondent office in India.


Contact Number  0124 – 4126259

E – mail ibdpolicy@obc.co.in

Representative Office Dubai

Oriental Bank of Commerce

Representative Office

PO Box: 103946, Mohd. Sultan Belshaat Building

Kuwait Street, Near Karama Centre,

AI Karama, Dubai – UAE

Tel 9714 3975 920

Mob 971 50 2549 404

Email obcdubai@obc.co.in

How to Register Your Feedback

If you wish to give your feedback to the bank you can call the oriental Bank of Commerce 24 hours customer care numbers and to a customer care executive regarding your feedback.

For Grievance Redressal

If you have any grievance and you wish to file you can do so in below mentioned ways:

  • You can write to the Branch Manager of the bank branch where your account is mentioned and give the complete details of the nature of your complaint with your complete information.
  • If you are not satisfied with the resolution provided to you on the above mentioned ways, you can then escalate your issue to the Nodal Officer of the regional offices.
  • If the resolution provided to you through the above channel couldn’t address your issue properly, you can then contact the Regional Head at the Regional Office.
  • If you are still not satisfied with the resolution provided to you in above mentioned way, you can escalate it to the General Manager of the complaint cell, at the corporate office level. Following are the details:

Asstt. General Manager,

Complaint Cell, Corporate Office,

Tel: 0124 4126 395

Fax: 0124 4126 378

Email: complaint@obc.co.in

  • If you are not satisfied with the resolution provided to you by the Assistant General Manager, then you may escalate the issue to the General Manager, then you may escalate the issue to the General Manager. Following are the contact details:

Tel: 0124 4176 847

Fax: 0124 4126 499

Email ID: cgro@obc.co.in

  • If the resolution provided to you is not satisfactory in the above channels, or you have not received any response within a month, you may approach the Internal Ombudsman, and give your complete complaint details along with all the relevant information. Following is the contact details:

Oriental Bank of Commerce

Corporate Office, 2nd floor,

Plot No. 5, Institutional Area,

Sector 32, Gurgaon – 122001,

Tel: 0124 – 4126 590 / 4126470

Fax: 0124 – 4176834

Email: ccso@obc.co.in

  • You can also contact the customer care and log in your complaint. Alternatively, you may also log in your complaint online. It is also possible to check the status of your complaint.

How to Locate Oriental Bank of Commerce

The bank’s website has a comprehensive list of address and numbers if you wish to get in touch with Oriental Bank of Commerce. There is a list of Regional Offices with address on the website. Following is the corporate address of the bank:

Corporate Office

Plot No. 5, Institutional Area,

Sector – 32

Gurgaon – 122 001

Tel: 0124 – 4126 200 / 0124 4126 300

Oriental Bank of Commerce Zonal Office

Regional / Zonal Head Contact Information
Agra 2nd Floor, Ispat, Bhawan, 85 / 4 Sanjay Place, Agra – 282002 (Uttar Pradesh)
Ahmedabad Chankya 4th Floor, Near Dinesh Hall, Off. Ashram Road, Ahmedabad – 380009 (Gujarat)
Amritsar S.C.O. 10, District Shopping Complex, Ranjit Avenue, Amritsar – 143001 (Punjab)
Bangalore 1st and 2ndFloor, #100 Mosque Road, Frazer Town , Bangalore – 560005
Bhopal Pragati Bhawan, Indira Press Complex, M. P. Nagar Zone-1, Bhopal – 462011 (Madhya Pradesh)
Bhubaneshwar GA- 611(2), Above Reliance Fresh, Saheed Nagar, Bhubaneswar. ODISHA PIN – 751007
Chandigarh Plot No.- I – 6 Sector – 5,Panchkula Pin code -134109
Chennai 2nd Floor, Spencer Plaza, 769, Anna Salai Chennai – 600002 (Tamil Nadu)
Dehradun Radha Place, 78, Rajpur Road, Dehradun-248001 (Uttranchal)
Delhi II & III Floor, 8 / 1, Abdul Aziz Road, W.E.A. Karol Bagh, New Delhi – 110005
Ghaziabad Post Box No. 107, KJ – 13, Kavi Nagar, Ghaziabad – 201002 (Uttar Pradesh)
Kolkata DD – II, Sector – 1, Salt Lake Kolkata – 700064.
Hyderabad IInd Floor, Maharishi Building, 8 – 2 – 248 / A, Road No. : 3, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad – 500034 (Andhra Pradesh)
Lucknow First Floor, Eldeco Corporate Chamber – I, Vibhuti Khand, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh)
Jaipur 2nd Floor, Anand Bhawan, Post Box No. 343, Sansar Chandra Road Jaipur – 302001 (Rajasthan)
Varanasi 1st Floor, Varanasi Trade Centre, S – 8 / 107, Makbool Alam Road, Varanasi – 221002
Mumbai Aman Chambers, 1st Floor, Veer Savarkar Marg, Opposite New Passport Office, Prabhadevi, Mumbai – 400025
New Delhi Harsha Bhawan, E-Block, Connaught Place, New Delhi – 110001
Pune 917 – 20 / 20A, Fergusan College Marg, Pune – 411004.


American Express Credit Cards – How to Apply?

American Express is a global financial service institution which is headquartered in Buffalo, New York City. The company was founded in 1850 and is popularly known as Amex. This financial institution is also considered to be the 4th largest card issuer in the world with over 109 million cards in its network.

American Express or Amex offers a wide range of products and services to its customers such as a range of shopping, lifestyle, travel and dining privileges.

In cards, the bank offers a host of credit cards for its customers. Read below to know the type of credit cards that American Express bank offers:

American Express or Amex Credit Cards

American Express Platinum Cards

Platinum card is a type of charge card (it is a type of credit card for use with an account which must be paid in full when a statement is issued) with a yearly fee of Rs. 50,000 plus tax. The card comes with premium lifestyle benefits and entitles the cardholder to avail attractive discounts on luxurious items or services, such as hotel stays, branded merchandise, etc.

American Express Gold Card

The gold card is also a type of charge card with an annual fee of Rs.1000 plus tax in the first year and Rs.4500 from the second year onwards. The card comes with reward points which are based on two levels of Gold tiers like 18-carat rewards and 24-carat rewards. And for every spent of Rs. 50 the cardholder can earn 1 reward.

American Express Platinum Reserve SM Credit Card

This card will provide various discounts on every spend at restaurants, shopping, retail purchase etc and it also allows access to select airport lounges.

Jet Airways American Express Platinum Credit Card

Jet Airways American Express Platinum Credit Card is a travel card which offers customers with discounts on flight tickets through its Reward program when travelling on Jet Airways.

American Express Platinum Travel Credit Card

This is also a travel card which offers benefits and privileges with respect to travelling.

American Express Credit Cards designed in a way so that it can provide maximum benefits to the cardholders. It has features such as payback points, special travel and lifestyle deals and flexibility to compensate the reward points across 600 options, American Express Credit Card will be a delight to every cardholder’s wallet.

Some of The Features of The Various Credit Cards

  • Guaranteed online fraud protection
  • Complete suite of online services
  • Zero lost card liability
  • Emergency Card Replacement

Apply for American Express Credit Cards

Credit card offers a lot of benefits to the customers and it plays a big role in the economy as well. However, if not used wisely, an individual can be under huge debt and will have to pay a hefty amount in interest. This is because unless individuals pay their credit card bill in full, for every subsequent payment an interest will be charged.

Hence, one requires using credit card sensibly to avail the benefits of the product. With every swipe customers get reward points, AirMiles or other discounts. Besides that, other discounts can also be enjoyed, such as a waiver of fuel surcharge upon spending a certain minimum amount.

Credit card holders of American Express bank get to enjoy the benefits of high rewards every time they spend.  Also, with the ‘Pay–In-Parts’ privilege program, you can convert your payments to easy instalment plans.

There are two ways to apply for credit card such as online and offline.

Application through American Express Website

In order to apply for American Express Website follow the below-mentioned procedure:

  1. Visit the official website of American Express Credit Cards –www.americanexpress.com
  2. Go to “Our Cards
  3. Look for “Credit Cards” option under the “Our Cards” tab
  4. Click on “Credit Cards” that will lead you to a list of all the credit cards offered by American Express
  5. Select a card of your choice and click on it and read about their features and benefits in details [Before settling for an option applicants can make a comparison between all the cards to find what suits them the most].
  6. Click on “Apply Now” to apply directly for the selected American Express Credit Card
  7. Fill in the application form with details such as:
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email id
  • Mobile Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Annual Net Income
  • Residential Address Details
  • Employer Details
  • Education Level
  • Aadhaar Card Number
  • Nationality

Once you have filled the form by providing the above mentioned details, the bank will verify whether the candidate is eligible to avail the credit card that they have applied for. If the applicant is eligible bank will then issue or reject their application.

Else, Applicants can also apply for a credit card by sending an email to the bank.

Application For Credit Card Through Offline Method

The offline way is also available for customers who are not very comfortable with the online procedures as American Express bank offers direct application process. Follow the below mentioned procedure to apply using the same method:

  1. Visit the nearest American Express branch
  2. Fill in the required application form which you receive from the bank if you fulfil the eligibility criteria
  3. Once filled, submit the application form along with the necessary documents such as id proof, address proof, and income proof
  4. The bank official will verify all the details you have provided and attached document to decide whether or not the applicant meets the eligibility criteria for the credit card that they have applied for
  5. If the applicant is eligible bank will then issue or reject their application.

For further query, the applicants can also call on the toll free customer acre number i.e. 1800 419 1414 or 0124 280 1414 and this service is available 24*7 on all days of the week.

American Express Credit Card Eligibility

Eligibility Criteria has been set by the bank in order to avail American Express Credit Card. For an identification process, the applicants are required to provide some documents as well.

In order to apply for an American Express Credit Card, the applicant must satisfy the following eligibility criteria, which are as follows:

  • The applicant must be aged above 18 years or above that
  • The applicant must have a good credit history to avail a credit card
  • He should not have had any payment defaults
  • Self – employed applicants’ companies must have been trading for at least 18 months or 12 months if he is an existing American Express credit cardholder. Depending on the type of card, the income requirement varies. Make sure you inquire with American Express before proceeding with the application process.

Documentation Requirements For American Express Credit Card

You might be asked to submit the following documents during the application process:

  • Self-Attested Passport Sized Photographs
  • Latest Salary Slips, Income Tax Returns and Form 16
  • A Valid Residence Proof Document like Ration card or Electricity bill
  • An Identity Proof like Voter’s ID or Driving License.

Insurance Facility Provided by American Express Bank

American Express offers various types of insurance facility as well. Insurance is custom made by ICICI Lombard and the Insurance Products are as follows:

Travel Insurance

American Express offers substantial and mouldable travel insurance plans which are based on the needs and requirements of the cardholders. It also offers coverage up to 85 years of age payable instantly and only for the total number of days travelled.

Motor Insurance

Under this insurance type, vehicles will get insurance coverage which is owned by the cardholders in case of accidents. It also does not require any kind of paperwork and is a digitally signed plan. It also provides roadside assistance to its customers.

Health Insurance

As the name suggests, health insurance covers all the health-related problems of the cardholder and also of their family members. It considers all the medical related needs of the cardholder and provides them with a best made – to – order plan based on their requirements.

Personal Accidental Insurance

The card holders can also opt for a far-reaching personal accidental plan that would safeguard them on every step at the time of any personal accidents. It also provides coverage of Rs. 2 crores up to the age of 65 years and no medical check-ups are needed. It also provides an easy and instantaneous claim facility.