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Employee Provident Fund (EPF) Transfer Via Unified Portal

The Employee Provident Fund(EPF) brings in a number of new measures to improvise online claim process. By inventing different methods for easy online streamline like for example ‘online transfer claim’ got replaced by United Portal of the EPFO. The online transfer PF claims were available since ages but now if a person wants to transfer any claims he or she will have to proceed via the ‘unified portal’. Every employee is provided with a Unique Identity Number. This acts as an umbrella for a number of PF accounts. Earlier when an employee had to change his or her job he had to go through a time-consuming process of linking his old PF account to the new one but now with UAN, all an employee has to do is provide his UAN number to his or her new employer. As a person changes his or her job, the UAN acts as the umbrella of all the past PF accounts as well as the new one.

Things to Remember Before Using the Unified Portal:-

You need to keep your UAN number with you.

  1. Make sure that your UAN is seeded with KYC(bank details and Aadhaar)
  2. Provide the approved/verified KYC to your new employer.
  3. Log in to the official unified portal
  4. After logging in click e-sewa
  5. Click on ‘online services’ and then click ‘transfer request’
  6. Fill the transfer claim form online and then download the form in PDF format
  7. Take a print out of the form and then submit it to your employer after signing it(within 10 days).
  8. After receiving the form the employer approves the transfer digitally by accessing the employer interface in the Unified Portal.

Another initiative by the EPFO to ensure the convenience of the employer is that it has reduced the time of withdrawal to 5 days.

Transfer Post 1st of May:-

In order to ensure EPS benefit of the employees, the EPFO has directed to clear all in-process claims within the month.For this, the employer is required to take out a print out of the transfer claim and get it signed by the employee.Thus an employee who has initiated a transfer post 1 March is required to resubmit the claim.The date of joining and the date of leaving should be correct and there should not be any mismatch to ensure a smooth process.After attesting it from the employee the employer sends it to EPFO office to start the process.


After leaving an organization a person might be confused with whether to withdraw or to transfer the amount to the new employer.The following things should be kept in mind while transferring:-

  • A person has the option to withdraw if he or she remains unemployed for 60 days( the withdrawal is not taxable if a person has served five years continuous service).
  • If a person has worked at a particular place and has shifted his job to another organization then it is more advisable to transfer the existing PF to the new employer.
  • It must also be kept in mind that monthly salary to EPF is necessary as 12% of monthly salary is moved to EPF.

The EPF is not only a saving scheme but also ensures a financial base for the employees after retirement.

To know more about EPF please visit the Unified Portal.

ICICI Bank Credit Card Customer Care Number 24 x 7 | ICICI Bank

Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India or popularly known as ICICI Bank is an Indian multinational banking and financial institution of India. It has its headquarter in Mumbai, Maharashtra, with its registered office in Vadodara. The bank offers wide range of banking products and financial services for corporate and retail customers through a variety of delivery channels and specialized subsidiaries in the areas of investment banking, life and non – life insurance, venture capital and asset management.

ICICI Bank has a vast network of 4,850 branches, and 14,404 ATMs in India and has a presence in 19 countries including India.

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ICICI Bank Credit Card Customer Care Service

If you are a credit card holder of ICICI bank and face any issue with the product, you can register your complaint to the bank you can do so by calling on the ICICI bank credit card customer care centre at the credit card toll – free number or general enquiry number to get all your queries answered.

ICICI Bank Credit Card Customer Care Number

We have listed out banking phone numbers for retails customers by state and for major cities. From the below mentioned table you can locate the state or city you are calling from and dial the listed number:

Andhra Pradesh: 7306667777
Assam: 9864667777
Bihar: 8102667777
Chhattisgarh: 9098667777
Goa: 9021667777
Gujarat: 8000667777
Haryana: 9017667777
Himachal Pradesh: 9817667777
Jammu & Kashmir: 9018667777
Jharkhand: 8102667777
Karnataka: 8088667777
Kerala: 9020667777
Madhya Pradesh: 9098667777
Maharashtra: 9021667777
Orissa: 9692667777
Punjab: 7307667777
Rajasthan: 7877667777
Tamil Nadu: 7305667777
Telangana: 7306667777
Uttar Pradesh: 8081667777
Uttarakhand: 8081667777
West Bengal: 8101667777

ICICI Bank City Wise Phone Banking Numbers

Ahmadabad: 07933667777 / 07944455000
Bangalore: 08033667777 / 08044455000
Bhopal: 07553366777
Bhubaneswar: 06743366777
Chandigarh: 01723366777 / 01724445500
Chennai: 04433667777 / 04444455000
Dehradun: 01353366777
Delhi: 01133667777 / 01144455000
Ernakulam: 04843366777
Gurgaon: 01243366777 / 01244445500
Hyderabad: 04033667777 / 04044455000
Jaipur: 01413366777 / 01414445500
Kolkata: 03333667777 / 03344455000
Lucknow: 05223366777 / 05224445500
Mumbai: 02233667777 / 02244455000
Panaji: 08323366777
Patna: 06123366777
Raipur: 07713366777
Ranchi: 06513366777
Shimla: 01773366777

Wealth Management and Private Bank Customers

ICICI Bank has dedicated a toll – free number for the Wealth Management and Private Bank Customers. It has also dedicated lines by state and for the major cities.

ICICI Bank Credit Card Customer Care 24 * 7 toll – free number for Wealth / Private Banking Customers: 1800 – 103 – 8181

ICICI Bank State – Wise Wealth / Private Banking Numbers

Andhra Pradesh: 7306443399
Assam: 9864443399
Bihar: 8102443399
Chhattisgarh: 8103443399
Goa: 7304443399
Gujarat: 8306443399
Haryana: 9017443399
Himachal Pradesh: 9817443399
Jammu & Kashmir: 9018443399
Jharkhand: 8102443399
Karnataka: 8088443399
Kerala: 9020443399
Madhya Pradesh: 8103443399
Maharashtra: 7304443399
Orissa: 7735443399
Punjab: 7307443399
Rajasthan: 8955443399
Tamil Nadu: 9025443399
Telangana: 7306443399
Uttar Pradesh: 8303443399
Uttarakhand: 8303443399
West Bengal: 9832443399

ICICI Bank Credit Card Customer Care Numbers for Corporate / Business Banking Customers / Retail Institutional Banking Customers – City Wise

Ahmadabad: 07933446699
Bangalore: 08033446699 / 08044456000
Bhopal: 07553344669 / 07554445600
Bhubaneswar: 06743344669
Chandigarh: 01723344669 / 01724445600
Chennai: 04433446699 / 04444456000
Dehradun: 01353344669
Delhi: 01133446699 / 01144456000
Ernakulam: 04843344669
Gurgaon: 01243344669 / 01244445600
Hyderabad: 04033446699 / 04044456000
Jaipur: 01413344669 / 01414445600
Kolkata: 03333446699 / 03344456000
Lucknow: 05223344669
Mumbai: 02233446699 / 02244456000
Panaji: 08323344669
Patna: 06123344669
Raipur: 07713344669 / 07714445600
Ranchi: 06513344669
Shimla: 01773344669

Customer Care Service for NRIs (Non – Residents of India)

If you reside outside India and an ICICI bank customer, there are a variety of ways in which you can contact the bank.

  • You can call the below mentioned numbers for customer care. These phones lines are available 24 * 7
  • ICICI Bank Customer Care 24 * 7 International Toll – Free Numbers
Country Toll – Free Number
Canada 1866 ICICI 4U
USA 1866 ICICI 4Uk
UK 0 8081 314 151
Singapore 800 101 2553
Australia 0011-800-0424-2448
UAE 8000 9114 001
Bahrain 800 04 877
  • From Europe
Belgium 00 – 800 – 0424 – 2448
France 00 – 800 – 0424 – 2448
Finland 990 – 800 – 0424 – 2448
Germany 1- 800 – 0424 – 2448
Italy 1- 800 – 0424 – 2448
Ireland 1- 800 – 0424 – 2448
Netherlands 00 – 800 – 0424 – 2448
Portugal 1- 800 – 0424 – 2448
Spain 00 – 800 – 0424 – 2448
Luxembourg 00 – 800 – 0424 – 2448
  • You can also have video face to face via the Video Banking App

You can get in touch with an ICICI bank credit card customer care executive through ICICI bank Video Banking App. The app is available on Google Play Store and on the Apple App Store

  • You may also drop a mail in order t get a resolution to your problem

You can write to ICICI bank at the following email address: nri@icicibank.com

  • You can also request for a call back by sending your contact details on the form online

If you are an existing customer of the bank, you can avail the free call back facility by just filling in an online form. Just fill in your contact details on the online form and the bank shall get back to you.

ICICI Bank Contact Numbers of other Global Offices

Below is the list of some contact numbers of other global offices which are as follows:

  • Bahrain – 973 17 576 161
  • Hong Kong – 852 – 2234 2651, 852 – 2234 2655
  • Sri Lanka – 94 11 4242448
  • Russia – 7495 981 4988

How to Register Feedback

If you wish to provide your valuable feedback, you can call the ICICI Credit Card customer care number 24 hour and give your feedback to the customer care executive.

For Grievance Redressal

To file your grievance if you have any you are required to visit the official website of the bank. If you have any unresolved query or grievance you wish to file, you can do so by dialling the toll – free number 1800 102 4242 between 9 am to 6 pm from Monday to Friday. Make sure to keep your service request number handy.

How to Locate ICICI Bank

If you wish to pay a visit to your nearest ICICI bank, you will simply have to log in to the official website of ICICI bank and click on “locate us” link.

Registered Office Corporate Office
ICICI bank limited,

Landmark, Race Course Circle,

Vadodara 390 007,

Tel: 91 – 265 – 3263 701

ICICI Bank Towers,

Bandra – Kurla Complex, Mumbai 400 051,

Tel: 91 – 22 – 3366 – 7777

Fax: 91 – 22 – 2653 – 1122

National Pension Scheme | 2018 | Check Statement & Balance via Umang App

The NPS is otherwise called as the National Pension System. This pension scheme is mainly given to those people who do not have the pension facility after the retirement. The NPS gives an opportunity to accumulate a pension fund over a long period of time after retirement. In this scheme, the person’s employer can also contribute funds. The wealth accumulated under the NPS depends upon the contribution made and the income generated from the investment. To encourage the National Pension System, the Government has extended many income tax benefits for contributing.

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Link NPS Account With Aadhaar Card

The NPS consists of two types of accounts:

  1. Tier I
  2. Tier II

The Tier I account is non-withdrawable until the age of 60 years or retirement except in specific situations whereas, the Tier II account is a voluntary savings account. The Subscribers to Tier II account to withdraw money anytime they want.

The NPS provides both online and app facilities for checking out balance and transaction statement.

To check the balance and transaction statement you need to login to your NPS account through the CRA Website (www.cra-nsdl.com) and enter the User ID and Password. After Logging in, select the Transaction Statement option and then the Holding Statement. This provides you the complete details of your accumulated balance in the NPS Fund. Click on the transaction statement to see the complete details of your transactions including the contributions.

Checking NPS Balance and Statement through App

The NPS Services can be availed in the UMANG App. The UMANG App is an initiative taken by the Government to offer various E-Gov Services under a single platform. This app is developed by the Ministry of Electronics and Information and Technology (MeiTY) and National e-Governance Division. You can avail both EPFO and NPS Services from the UMANG Platform.

Umang App for NPS
Umang App for NPS

The NPS also provides other services such as checking of current holding, transaction statements and recent contributions, other than that you can also change the investment scheme and change the address as well.

Not only this, the NPS also offers you the flexibility to customize your own portfolio based on your choice and risk appetite.

There are two investment options under the NPS Scheme: “Auto Choice” and “Active Choice”.

Under the “Auto-Choice” option the fund is invested as per the Life Cycle Fund Matrix designed by the experts. It also has different options: “Aggressive Life Cycle Fund”, “Moderate Life Cycle Fund” and “Conservative Life Cycle Fund”.

Whereas, the “Active-Choice” offers the investor an option to put his money in the pension fund so as to work in the different asset classes: equity, corporate/government debt, and an alternative investment fund (A). Putting an Investment in any asset class is optional.

The National Pension Scheme (NPS) is Government sponsored Pension Scheme which is opened for all the sections of citizens of the society. The scheme helps the subscribers to earn funds during the time of the retirement and make they’re future safe and secure.

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