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Karnataka Ahara Ration Card: Apply, Check Status & Print ahara.kar.nic.in

Ahara Karnataka Ration Cards are one of the most important documents as they not only help to get subsidized food grains and fuels but it also works as identity proof in order to get various other official documents provided by the government. In this article we provide complete information about Ahara Karnataka Ration Card.

Karnataka Government had made it very easy and simple to apply for a Ahara ration card. It only requires to first register as state’s resident followed by verification by the officials and your application will be further processed under various registration departments belonging to Karnataka state service.

According to reports Karnataka’s largest city Bangalore has the highest number of applicants for ration card.

Another type of ration card in Karnataka is Antodaya Anna Yojana which is issued to the poorest families from rural areas and urban slums.

There are various types of ration cards in Karnataka. For say, Green Cards and Yellow cards are given to rural households and urban slums i.e. BPL (Below Poverty Line) families.

On the contrary, Karnataka Government also provides “Honorary Ration Cards” which are meant for privileged families living in urban areas and does not require ration in subsidized rates. However, they are still provided with this card for the identification purpose as it still works as a valid identity proof in India.

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Karnataka Government constantly works towards weeding out unidentified card holes to avoid any misuse.

How To Apply For Karnataka Ration Card Online – ahara.kar.nic.in

There are various types of commodities available that are covered under the KPDS but mostly rice, sugar, kerosene are consumed by the people in Karnataka. The reason why getting these commodities from the Government is beneficial because the price at PDS depot is very less as compared to the marketplace. Any misuse or reselling these commodities is prohibited as per the Prevention of Food Adulteration Act Rules. So to apply for new Karnataka Ration Cards online follow the simple steps:

  1. Visit the official website of the Karnataka Public Distribution System (https://ahara.kar.nic.in/) and download the application form for Ration Cards in a prescribed format and get it from the Office of Department of Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs.
  2. Fill in the application form and attach the required documents and get the passport photo attested by a Gazetted Officer.
  3. Finally, submit the application form in the nearest Karnataka Ration Card Office. Later, your application form will be enquired by the officials.
  4. After the submission of the documents, an acknowledgment slip is issued by the Officials. This slip can be used for the future use while checking the application status or while obtaining the Ration Card.
  5. If all the information provided is correct then the Ration Card will be sent to your given address.
karnataka ration card apply @ ahara.kar.nic.in
karnataka ration card apply @ ahara.kar.nic.in

Keep the below mentioned documents handy while applying for a Ahara ration card in Karnataka:

Please note that it is important to receive the acknowledgement slip as it is required while obtaining the ration card.

Ahara Ration Card Application Charges in Karnataka

To obtain a Ahara ration card it requires minimum charges for say, Rs. 5 to get a new Ahara ration card. You are required to pay Rs. 10 to acquire a BPL (Below Poverty Line) ration card and for APL (Above Poverty Line) ration card you have to pay Rs 45 to the concerned department. However, if you wish to receive a digital ration card, you will have to pay additional charges.

Check Ahara Karnataka Ration Card Application Status – ahara.kar.nic.in

It is important to track this important official document after applying. In order to keep a track of your ration card, you are required to visit the official web portal of Food, Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs Department.

Once you visit the official site, Select your respective Area and enter the acknowledgement number/receipt number along with date and registered mobile number, click on the submit option, a new page will appear along with the result stating your Ahara Ration Card application status.

karanataka official website ahara.kar.nic.in check status
Ahara karanataka official website ahara.kar.nic.in check status

Under TPDS (Targeted Public Distribution System), various types of commodities like rice, wheat, sugar, kerosene etc are covered. It is beneficial for people because by showing this card price will be comparatively less from the marketplace and deserving candidates should apply for a ration card as it is extremely beneficial to them. Any kind of reselling or misuse of the commodity is prohibited as per Prevention of Food Adulteration Act Rules.

How To Download Karnataka Ration Card

Duplicate Ahara Karnataka Ration Card

To get a Duplicate Ahara Ration Card, the cardholder has to submit loss of ration card application along with an affidavit mentioning details related to it. A usual verification will be done by the officials. Issuance fee of duplicate ration card is Rs.15/- for BPL Cards, Rs.25/- for APL cards and Rs.45/- for computerized ration cards.

UP Ration Card 2018 | How To Apply, Update & Check List | fcs.up.nic.in

In day to day life, a common man is completely dependent upon several essential commodities such as rice, pulses, wheat, sugar, kerosene oil, LPG, Fertilizers etc. The hikes in the prices of these commodities somehow affect the weaker economic sections of the society. Thus, to prevent from such circumstances the Government of India came up with an idea to introduce Ration Card which came to their rescue as an Official legal document.

The Ration Card is a document that is issued under an Authority to provide the food grains and other commodities at subsidized rates. Not only this, the Ration card also serves as an Identity Proof while applying for other documents such as Passport, Voter ID etc. It also serves as the Proof of identity for the entire family.

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Uttar Pradesh (UP) Ration Card at fcs.up.nic.in

Uttar Pradesh is known as one of the most populous states in India (approx. 200 million). The state has an approx. of 60 million of the inhabitants who are living below the poverty line. The Human Development Index Value in Uttar Pradesh is about 0.380 against 0.467 which is the National Average.

So from the above statistics, it has been clear that the Targeted Public Distribution System (TPDS) is crucial to ensure the Food Security in the state. Therefore, the implementation of the Ration Card came into action due to which the citizens can obtain the food grains and other commodities at subsidized rates.

In this article, we will be providing you the complete details regarding the Ration Card Application in Uttar Pradesh.

Benefits and Advantages of having UP Ration Card

As told earlier, the Government is committed to certain duties and responsibilities for the benefits of the citizens. It ensures that there should be a complete social security and food security of its citizens. Therefore, the Ration Card came into rescue. It will help in executing the TPDS, thereby allowing the citizens to survive from frequent hikes in the commodity prices.

We all are aware of the fluctuations in the prices of the commodities in both National and International Markets as well as in the Political Factors. In such conditions, the Government ensures that the economically weak sections of the society must have a continued access to the commodities at affordable price rates. Therefore, the Government introduced the Fair Price Shops where the people can get the day to day life commodities at low price rates. This section of the society can sustain themselves with the help of the Ration Cards.

The Second thing is the Proof of identification. Since, the Ration Card is an Official document, therefore, this card serves as the Proof of identity for the cardholder and is acceptable at many places and offices where an ID proof is asked.

The Ration Card also serves as a Residential Proof. It can be used in many cases such as: during the selling or purchasing of the property, buying a loan etc. Recently, the Government has made it mandatory to link Aadhaar with the Ration Card which makes the Ration Card function as a multi-purpose document since; the Aadhaar is linked to the cardholder’s bank account.

It should also be noted that the Ration Card also serves as an Identity Proof for the complete family. It consists of the complete details of each and every family member- their names, age, gender, photographs, and relation with the head of the family. This is one of the unique characteristics of the Ration Card.

Now, let us know about the different types of the Ration Cards that are available in Uttar Pradesh.

Types of Ration Card in Uttar Pradesh

The Indian Government has introduced different types of Ration Card for different sections of the society. The Ration card is categorized completely on the basis of the economical sections of the society.

In Uttar Pradesh, there are a total of four types of Ration Cards based on their income levels:

Below Poverty Line Ration Cards (BPL Cards)

These cards are issued to those who has a yearly income less than Rs 10, 000/-. The BPL Cardholders can obtain the foodgrains and fuel from the Ration Cards at low rates.

Above Poverty Line Ration Cards (APL Cards)

These Ration Cards are issued to those who have a yearly income more than Rs 10, 000/-. This section of people will not be able to enjoy the subsidy benefits.

Antyodaya Anna Yojana Card (AAY Cards)

These cards are issued to the poorest sections of the society helping them in their day to day sustenance.

Annapurna Yojana Card (AY Cards)

These cards are issued to the citizens who are above 65 years of age meeting with certain conditions.

Eligibility Criteria for the UP Ration Card

Before you apply for a Ration Card in Uttar Pradesh, make sure that you fit into the eligibility conditions that are listed below:

  1. The applicants must be the residents of Uttar Pradesh.
  2. The applicants must not possess any Ration Card before.
  3. The applicants must have the required documents that are mentioned in the application form/ Official Website)
  4. The candidates must contact the local CSC/Jan Seva Kendra for making new registration and online application.
  5. The couples who got recently married in the State of Uttar Pradesh.
  6. Applicants in possession of temporary ration cards or cards past expiry.


The Uttar Pradesh State Government had begun the identification of the eligible households via. an order on 7th of October 2014.

The Exclusion Criteria for the Rural Regions (excluded from getting commodities at low rates):

  • The citizens who pay income tax.
  • Households in possession of a four-wheeler, tractor, harvester, air conditioner or a generator with a capacity greater than or equal to five KVA.
  • The families who have irrigation lands with an area of five or more acres.
  • Families having an annual income of Rs 2 Lakhs or above.
  • Families with one arm license or Arms.

The Inclusion Criteria for the Rural Regions (are applicable to get the commodities at low rates):

  • Beggars, cobblers, domestic workers, street vendors, carpenter, laborers, rickshaw pullers and those who are suffering from AIDS/Leprosy and other infected diseases, orphans, coolies or daily wage earners and their families.
  • Laborers who are landless.
  • BPL Households (on the basis of the Revenue’s Department income certificate)
  • Abandoned Women
  • Families with destitute woman mentally affected or disabled or physically challenged individuals as the head of the family with no other male member, who’s an adult.
  • Families without houses and living in Kutcha houses on a self-owned over an area of up to thirty square meters.
  • Transgender individuals (if not covered under the criteria of exclusion)

The Exclusion Criteria for the Urban Regions:

  • The citizens who pay income tax.
  • Households in possession of a four-wheeler, tractor, harvester, air conditioner or a generator with a capacity greater than or equal to five KVA.
  • the families which possess, in either their individual capacity or in joint possession with other members, a residential plot for more than 100 square meters or a self-built house over the land or a residential flat with a carpet area greater than 100 square meter.
  • The families who have an annual income (total of all the members of the family) more than Rs 3 Lakhs.
  • Families in possession of more than one Arms Licenses or Arms.

The Inclusion Criteria for the Urban Region:

  • Beggars, cobblers, domestic workers, street vendors, carpenter, laborers, rickshaw pullers and those who are suffering from AIDS/Leprosy and other infected diseases, orphans, coolies or daily wage earners and their families.
  • Scheduled Caste/ Scheduled Tribes families.
  • Families living below the poverty line. (on the basis of the Revenue Department’s Verified Income Certificate)
  • Family without house
  • Those families who live in the houses without a durable roof.
  • Families with destitute woman mentally affected or disabled or physically challenged individuals as the head of the family with no other male member, who’s an adult.
  • Transgender individuals (if not covered under the criteria of exclusion)

Documents Required to Apply for a UP Ration Card at fcs.up.nic.in

When you are applying for a new UP Ration Card, you need to keep the following documents ready while submitting the application form:

  • If you a house owner, then you need to submit the house tax receipt, the electricity bill, telephone bill, utility bill, water bill, Voter ID Card, Aadhaar card, Driving License, Passport or a copy of the Passbook.
  • If you live in a rented accommodation then you need to submit the rent receipts, rent agreement/contract, Voter ID, Aadhaar card, Driving License, Passport etc.
  • Certificate of surrender of the previous residence along with the above documents.
  • If you are a Government or a Semi-Government Servant then you have to submit a stamped and a signed certificate from the head of the office in relation to your address and unit number of the family.

Acceptable Documents for Proof of Identification

  • Birth certificate
  • PAN Card
  • Passport
  • Report card from the school showing that you have cleared your 10th
  • Transfer certificate from your school where you have your date of birth printed.

Acceptable Documents for Proof of Address

  • Electricity and the telephone bills of the recent month
  • LIC Bond
  • Aadhaar card
  • Passport
  • Agreement of the House

Acceptable Documents for the Proof of Age

  • Birth Certificate
  • PAN card
  • Transfer certificate containing the birth date.
  • 10th Grade mark sheet to ensure that the applicant has completed 10th.

Documents for Current Address

If you are frequently moving from one place to another for the job purpose, in a rented accommodation then you need the following documents:

  • The lease agreement of your place along with the electricity bill.
  • The lease agreement and the bill for the LPG.

Procedure to Apply for UP Ration Card at fcs.up.nic.in

The Uttar Pradesh State Government has simplified the process for the application of new ration card in the state. You can apply both offline and online mode. They can choose any process, as per their convenience and personal preference.

Important Dates for Applying UP Ration Card

To apply for a new UP Ration Card, online the dates are as follows:

  • Starting date for Online application is 1st of April 2017
  • Last date of the Online application form is 31st of December 2017.

How to Apply for UP Ration Card (Offline)

If you do not have an access to the internet, then you can also apply for a new Ration Card offline. You can simply obtain the application form the office or can download from this given link-

Fill in the form with the required details and check all the entries again. Submit the duly filled form in the nearest Ration Card Office along with the mentioned documents.

Application Fee for the UP Ration Card

No application fee is applicable to any of the applicants.

How to Search the Ration Card List in UP at fcs.up.nic.in

Before finding the names in the Ration card you must have to know your Shop Keeper (Dukandaar) Name in the registered Ration Card. The State Government of Uttar Pradesh has created an online digitized list of the beneficiaries with all the basic information.

The Ration Card List can be searched by providing the following details:

  • By selecting the District
  • Selecting the area (Rural/ Urban)
  • Select the Town Name
  • Select the type of the Card
  • Write the Family Head Name
  • Write the Family Head’s Father Name
  • Type the Ration Card Number
  • Enter the Captcha Code and
  • Click on the search option.
    UP Ration Card search
    UP Ration Card search


Procedure to Correct the Details of UP Ration Card via fcs.up.nic.in

  • If you want to renew your Ration card, then you need to download the appropriate Ration card. The link for downloading the application form is –

Fill in the form and submit it to the nearest Ration Card Office.

  • If you want to make corrections in your existing Ration Cards then, you can download the application form here and submit to the Ration card office along with the above mentioned documents.

  • If you want to surrender your Ration Card then you need to submit the following Ration card form

Make sure that submit all the documents along with the application form.

Delhi Ration Card | How To Apply & Check Status – nfs.delhi.gov.in

The process of applying for a Ration Card has become very essential these days. In this article, we are going to discuss the Delhi Ration Card. The Department of the Food and Supplies, Government of Delhi manages the Public Distribution System. Nowadays, the Normal Ration cards are converted into Digital Ration Cards.

The Food and Supplies Department of Delhi promotes, manages and regulates the production and the supplies and the distribution of the trade and commerce in Delhi. The Delhi Public Distribution System has also introduced an online portal which helps the applicants or the users or the Delhi Residents to access and get all the information regarding the Ration Cards. Starting from the new application of the Ration Cards to the checking of the status and checking the other details like what are the documents required etc.

The online portal provides the application form, the procedure, how to modify the application form, deletion of the name in the Ration Card and much more.

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How to Apply for a Delhi Ration Card via nfs.delhi.gov.in

The procedure of applying for Delhi Ration Card are as follows

  • To obtain a new Ration Card you need to fill an application form to start the procedure. The application form that is required for applying a new Ration Card is Application Form No.1.
  • You can get the Form No.1 from any circle office on the payment of the prescribed fee. The application fee for applying a Blue Ration Card is free or can also use the copy of the form. The applicant can also download the form and take the form to the office during the working hours.
  • Fill in all the details in the required areas. Make sure that all the details are correct.
  • Along with the application form, also attach or submit the proof of residence copy of the applicant. The proof of the residence can be (electricity bill, telephone bill, house tax receipt, water bill, registration deed, allotment letter etc.)
  • Also, include a proof of identity of the applicant. The proof of the identity of the applicant can be a Voter ID, Aadhaar Card, Driving License, PAN Card etc.)
  • Three passport size photograph, attested by the Gazetted Officer.
  • Now submit the application form along with all the required documents to the concerned authorities.
  • After the completion of the submission of the form, the officer will give an acknowledgement receipt which is very important. The acknowledgement receipt helps in checking the status of the delhi ration card application form.
  • After a certain verification, the certain officer will issue the Ration card. The applicants can receive the Ration Card from the office from where you have submitted the application.

Procedure for Applying for Tatkal Delhi Ration Card

For the convenience of the Delhi residents, the Government of Delhi has introduced the Tatkal Ration Card Scheme. Under the Tatkal Ration Card Scheme, the card is issued within 2 days after the submission of the application form and the payment.

Only the Above the Poverty Line Category are issued with this Tatkal Ration Card Scheme. The procedures for applying a Tatkal Ration Card are:

  • Firstly, take the application form from the concerned office or download from nfs.delhi.gov.in.
  • The scheme of Tatkal procedure is not applicable for the Foreign Nationals.
  • Fill in all the details in the application form correctly. Also, paste a recent passport size photograph of the head of the family.
  • Affix all the required details and the following documents mentioned below
    • Three Passport size photographs attested by the Gazetted Officer/MP/MLA.
    • The signature of the applicant must also be attested by the Gazetted Officer.
    • An affidavit from the notary public in respect of correctness of detail in form and the documents that are attached must be true and correct.
  • Now submit the application form along with the documents to the concerned Zonal Assistant Commissioner within two working days and during the working hours.
  • After the form submission, the counter officer will provide you the slip of the submission which contains the date and time of receiving the Ration Card.
  • On the prescribed date and time, you can receive the Ration Card from the Zonal Assistant Commissioner.

Details Required for Applying for a Delhi Ration Card

The important information that is required while applying for a Delhi Ration Card

  • Enter the full name of the applicant. The name should be mentioned in Block Letters.
  • Enter Father Name/Husband Name.
  • Enter Complete Permanent Address (House Number/ Gali/ Mohalla/ Street/ Locality).
  • Enter the full address of the person for which the consumer’s card or the Ration Card is required.
  • Enter the name of all the family members.
  • Enter relation with the person for which the Ration Card is applied.
  • Mention your age, father/husband’s name, the Identity Card Number, the time period of you staying in Delhi.
  • Enter the Circle Number.

Guidelines by NFS Delhi for Applying for a Ration Card

While applying for a Delhi Ration card, you need to take care of following  instructions and the guidelines. The following are the necessary guidelines for applying for a New Delhi Ration card:

  • The information or the data must be filled in correctly and the details must be true. Wrong details can cause rejection of the form.
  • The documents need to be attached and submitted along with the application form and must be attested by the Gazetted Officer/ MP/ MLA.
  • During the submission of the application form, do not forget to take the acknowledgement receipt from the counter clerk. It is used while receiving the Ration Card.
  • At the time of the submission of the form, make the payment of the processing fee charges to the counter of the office.
  • In the application form, the name of the applicant is to be filed in the Block Letters.

Search Delhi Ration Card Details using nfs.delhi.gov.in

There are basically two ways of searching the information about the Delhi Ration Card User Name.

  • One is the number of RC and
  • The other is by the name.

This service is provided by the Department of the Food and the Supplies and the Consumer Affairs, Government of Delhi.

Helpline numbers are also available for any queries or information. The helpline number is available on all the working days. The online portal is available 24*7 days so that every person can access. All you need is an Internet Connection and a Computer to access the portal. The portal is available in two Languages. The users can check any one of the users according to their comfort. The users can search that whether their name is included in the Ration List or not by entering the details. You can also track the application, FPS Shop and many other. For receiving the latest updates, you need to update your mobile number. A feedback section is also present so that the users can suggest any sort of improvement suggestions or ideas, receiving the response is fast.

Search by Ration Card Number on nfs.delhi.gov.in

  • Visit the following link- nfs.delhi.gov.in/Citizen/ViewRcDetails.aspx
  • Now enter the Aadhaar Number of any Family Member.
  • Enter the N.F.S Application ID.
  • Enter the new Ration card Number and the Old Ration Card Number.
  • Now click on the search button.
  • It provides the details of the Ration Card User. So make sure that you enter the correct details.
    Delhi Ration Card Using Ration Number
    Delhi Ration Card Using Ration Number using nfs.delhi.gov.in

Search by Applicant’s Name

  • Visit the following link-nfs.delhi.gov.in/Citizen/ViewRcDetails_ByName.aspx
  • Enter the beneficiary’s name
  • Enter the father’ / Husband’s name
  • Enter the House Number
  • Enter the mobile number (Make sure that the number is valid).
  • Now click on the search button.
  • All the details of the Ration Card are available here so enter the correct details and you can also take out the printout of the details.
    Delhi Ration Card Using Applicant's Name
    Delhi Ration Card Using Applicant’s Name using nfs.delhi.gov.in

Hence, these are the ways to apply and search for the details and the status of the NFS Delhi Ration Card using the Official Website nfs.delhi.gov.in.

EPDS AP Ration Card | Apply, Status, Download & Print Card epdsap.ap.gov.in

Ration Cards are required in order to get the subsidized food grains and fuel, issued by the Government to the deserving households who can receive free ration through it. This card also serves as a proof of identity and address especially when applying for a government service such as a PAN Card, Passports etc.In this article we are provide complete information about EPDS AP (Andhar Pradesh) Ration Card.

The Government of Andhra Pradesh have launched e–Ration Service for the convenience of people. Through e–ration cards applicants can secure ration cards and check their costs and food grain availability online. This step has been taken by the Government in order to reduce complaints of disparity and other corrupt practices.

However, in case a person has lost or misplaced their ration card can apply for a duplicate EPDS AP Ration card by visiting the official website of Civil Supplies Department of Andhra Pradesh (AP) www.apcivilsupplies.gov.in/apcivil  and apply for a duplicate ration card.

Types of Ration Cards in Andhra Pradesh| EPDS AP Ration Cards

There are two types of Ration Cards issued to people by EPDS AP.

  1. White Ration Cards which are allotted to people who falls under Below Poverty Line (BPL), with an income below Rs. 11, 000. These are also known as the ‘D’ cards.
  2. Pink Ration Cards which are allotted to families who are Above Poverty Line (APL) with an income status above Rs. 11, 000. These are also known as ‘ABC’ cards.
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Documents Required for EPDS AP Ration Card

Keep the below documents handy while applying for EPDS AP Ration Card in Andhra Pradesh (AP):

  1. Proof of annual income of the family– White card or pink card will be issued to families depended on their annual income.
  2. Proof of residence – For the proof of residence, you can submit property bills such as electricity bills etc.
  3. Three Photographs – Three photographs of your family are required which should be attested by a gazetted officer.
  4. In case you are the owner of the house, you may have to submit the registry of your house, documents of house tax etc.

Once you have all the above documents ready, visit the nearest MRO office and submit the documents along with a duly filled application form.  The timings for submission are usually between 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

How to Apply for Ration Card in EPDS AP- epdsap.ap.gov.in

Earlier applicants were required just to fill up an application form and you will get a ration card. This simple and easy procedure to acquire a EPDS AP (Andhra Pradesh)  Ration Card resulted in multiple duplicate ration cards.

Hence to deal with this situation and to weed out duplicate cards, Government came up with a more secured application format, they introduced two methods of application; Online and Offline.

Online Method to Apply for Ration Card in EPDS AP –epdsap.ap.gov.in

The Government of Andhra Pradesh (AP) have introduced the online method for the people who have access to the internet. The Government has initiated ‘MeeSeva’ which means ‘At your Service’ for the convenience of people. Under the MeeSeva civil supplies department, citizens are provided the option to get a new ration card, addition or deletion of a member in the ration card and other such updates, transfer of ration cards, etc.

Follow the below mention steps to apply for EPDS AP Ration Card online

  1. Visit the ‘MeeSeva’ (EPDS AP) portal ap.meeseva.gov.in/DeptPortal/UserInterface/LoginForm.aspx
  2. In case you are not registered on the MeeSeva portal, you must create a new account to get started
  3. To create an account, you have to provide name, username and password, email ID, gender, address, city and Aadhaar number and your account will be created
  4. Once you have successfully created your account, use your credentials to log in.
  5. You need to fill up the application form to acquire a new ration card
  6. You will also be required to provide details about your family members
  7. Attach the required documents and submit the form.
  8. After the submission, the site will provide you with a transaction number. You can keep the number which you may need later in future.

Offline Method to Apply for Ration Card in EPDS AP

The Government of AP provides offline methods for the people those who are not well versed with the internet.

To apply for ration card offline in EPDS AP

  1. Visit Rationing office to get an application form which will require a nominal fee of Rs. 5
  2. Fill in the details properly and provide all the correct information such as number of family members, etc. and attach all the required documents with the form
  3. Once you have submitted the form and attached all the documents, submit it to the nearest rationing office
  4. Now get a receipt of the form from the rationing office to complete the process.

Check Status of EPDS AP Ration Card – epdsap.ap.gov.in

You can easily track the status of your ration card by simply visiting the ‘MeeSeva’ portal of Andhra Pradesh (AP) Government

  1. Visit ap.meeseva.gov.in/DeptPortal/UserInterface/LoginForm.aspx.
  2. Choose your district from the dropdown
  3. Enter your ration card number which you have received after submitting application
  4. Click submit button. Status of your ration card would be displayed

More Details About AP EPDS Ration Card – Check Status of EPDS AP Ration Card

How to add names in EPDS AP Ration Card| AP Ration Card Correction

In case you are required to add the name of a family member to your ration card you can do so using both online and offline method:

Online Method of adding names in EPDS AP Ration Card – epdsap.ap.gov.in

  1. To add name online you need to visit Jansahayak portal of the Government jansahayak.gov.in/InclusionFamilyRationCard.aspx
  2. On the home page click on ‘E – Application‘ section, a form for addition of members to the ration card will appear
  3. You need to provide details such as your district, village, father’s name, area, issuing authority etc.
  4. Once you have provided details, click on submit.

Offline Method of adding names in EPDS AP Ration Card| AP Ration Card Details Update

  • Acquire a D 1 Form from the rationing office to add name in ration card
  • Fill up the required details and deposit it to your nearest circle office. You will have to pay a nominal amount of Rs. 10 to deposit the form
  • If you want to get the card to be delivered at your doorstep you can do so. You will have to pay an extra amount of Rs. 25 for that.
  • You may also track the status of your application online at Jansahayak portal.

More Details about – How to Update or correct EPDS AP Ration Card

Required Documents for adding names in EPDS AP Ration Card| AP Ration Card

Before applying to add names in your ration card, keep the below mentioned documents hands:

  • The original Ration Card
  • Group photograph of family members (two in numbers)
  • Birth certificate of the new member
Note: In case of deletion of the card follow the above mentioned procedure. The only addition to the document is death certificate.

Also, in case of loss of the ration card, you shall report the loss of the card immediately to the FSO or e – Disha office and apply for a duplicate card by filling in the form D – 1.

The Role of MRO in AP Ration Card Application

First, the ex-office secretary of the Department of Consumer Affairs, Food and Civil Supplies, Government of Andhra Pradesh (AP) are responsible for evolving the policy for issuing ration cards to citizens.

Once Government notifies, the eligible families are issued with new ration cards, either a white card or a pink card based on the family’s income levels.

The role MRO officials are to acquire sanctions from the District Collector and also perform an official inquiry about the applicant after which she/he is issued with a ration card.

List of Civil Supplies Offices in EPDS AP

S. No. Name of Office / administrative unit Name & Designation of PIO Email ID Contact No
1 District Office, Kakinada. Sri A.Krishna Rao, District Manager, Kakinada dmkkd@ apscsc.gov.in 95884-2378809 (O) 95884-5598809 (R) 9848789023 (Cell)
2 District Office, Guntur Smt K.Manju Bhargavi AM (A), District Manager(FAC), Guntur. dmgtr@ apscsc.gov.in 95863-2230421 (O) 95863-2350213 R) Fax:95863-225362
3 District Office, Kadapa Smt Ch.Ramanujamma AM(G), District Manager (FAC), Kadapa dmkdp@ apscsc.gov.in 958562-243346 (O) 958562-221767 (R) Fax:958562-243055
4 District Office, Krishna Sri M.M.Varakumar, District Manager, Krishna dmvij@ apscsc.gov.in 95866-2570626 (O) 95866-2544574 (R) Fax:95866-2579684
5 District Office, Kurnool Sri N.Krishna Reddy AM(T), District Manager (FAC), Kurnool dmknl@ apscsc.gov.in 958518-230727 (O) 958518-230327 (R) Fax:958518-236362
6 District Office, Nellore Sri P.V.Kondaiah , District Manager, Nellore dmnlr@ apscsc.gov.in 95861-2331301 (O) 95861-2348056 (R) Fax:95861-2331262
7 District Office, Ongole Sri P.Venkata Ramana AM(T), District Manager(FAC), Ongole dmong@ apscsc.gov.in 958592-233157 (O) 958592-233361 (R) Fax:958592-284324


TN PDS Smart Ration Card | TN PDS Ration Card www.tnpds.gov.in

The Tamil Nadu Government choose to go all Digital by introducing a new invention. The Tamil Nadu Government has taken the Ration Cards to the next level. TN PDS department has introduced Smart Ration Cards called Tamil Nadu Smart Ration Cards. These card scheme has replaced around 1.89 Crore cards in the state at a cost of Rs 330 Crore. These Smart Cards can be collected from the Public Distribution Outlets after getting an SMS from the authorities. The authorities have created a new database based on the Aadhaar Card details. In this following article, we are going to know about what is a smart ration card, its benefits and features and the most important how to apply for it.

The Public Distribution System also called as the Food Security System of India. It was established by the Government of India under the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food, and Public Distribution and are managed jointly by the State Governments of India. Earlier, the Public Distribution System distributed the grocery items to the poor citizens at a very low price who had a valid ration card. This validity of the ration cards is monitored by the State Government. But still, there were concerns about the efficiency and the distribution process. Therefore, in order to make it more efficient and bring out a better-improved version of the current TN PDS, the Government started implementing Smart Ration Cards. Some states like Gujarat, Kerala and Tamil Nadu have already implemented it.

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TN PDS Smart Ration Card | TN Ration Card Details

The Smart Ration Card is the modified version of the Ration Cards which has a coded microprocessor chip inserted and integrated according to the requirements. The main objective of the Smart Ration Cards are providing food grains and other essential items to the vulnerable sections of the society at reasonable prices and to abolish the inefficiency in the targeting of beneficiaries and prevent from the subsidy leakages.

How does It work?

The Smart Ration Cards are the modified version of the Ration Cards which has a coded microprocessor chip inserted and integrated according to the requirements. These smart codes consist of a unique barcode. The data is collected from the valid ration card holders and estimate the total number of Smart Ration Cards to be created. After the extraction of the complete data, a new database is created. This contains a separate record for each family which includes the details like a number of family members, names of the members, head of the family, permanent address, present living address, valid phone number etc.

The smart cards are issued by some credit points or units that are given to each family member every month. These credit points are issued by the respective State Governments. The cards will be having two databases for two different categories i.e; one for the card holder information and another one to store details of the items or the products that are being sold or distributed. Then, the smart cards are generated and distributed to the valid card holders.

Advantages/Benefits of the TN PDS Smart Ration Card| TN Ration Card

The important benefits of the TN PDS Ration Cards are

  • Due to the introduction of the TN PDS ration cards the people who belong to the below poverty line and those who are the valid ration card holders can effectively receive the ration products.
  • The customer can get the privilege to receive the products that are meant to them. This stops the products getting diverted to the open market. It is because these cards have an inbuilt database that stores and manages the data and information regarding the correct generation of bill payments etc.
  • The ration shops do not open every day. Nor do they keep regular hours. So as to avoid this inconvenience a system generated message will be delivered to the registered mobile number informing them about the availability of the stock and the shop is opened. This will create an edge of comfort for the customer.
  • A common practice is adopted by most of the people that run the ration shops is that they charge more than the mandated rates and often under-weigh the commodities. Applying this new invention product can lead prevent such frauds happen. It is because the cards have certain codes that will determine the price and thus, no overcharge can be done.
  • The Government services are reached to the poor people effectively and also implementing this new technology can lead to the eradicate corruption and fraud actions in the TN PDS and can be avoided to a great extent.

How To Apply For a TN PDS Smart Ration Card | TN Ration Card

For applying for a Smart Ration Card of TN PDS system, you need to apply it online.

Below are the following steps to apply online for it online – tnpds.gov.in

  • Visit the official website of Tamil Nadu Public Distribution System(TN PDS) www.tnpds.gov.in
  • After you visit the website fill in the application form which is present in the website.
  • The first section of the form consists of the details of the head of the family followed by the details of the other members of the family.
  • The details that you need to fill in first followed by the rest of the family members:
    • Name of the family head
    • Father’s/ Husband’s name
    • Address
    • Choose District
    • Taluk
    • Village Name
    • Pin Code
    • Mobile Number (Mandatory)
    • Land Line – (Optional)
  • The e-mail address section is optional. You can enter if you have any.
  • After the completion of the first section of the form which consisted the details of the head of the family. The next section is filling in the details of the other members of the family.
  • The next section has the following details:
    • Family member details
    • The spelling must be correct
    • The Current Age and Gender
  • Once you are done with the top right column. You will get to access the “Add Member”. Just click on that.
  • Now enter the details of the address proof, card option and upload the documents related to the address proof as mentioned on the official website.
  • The next section comes the card section where you need to choose any one of it. The card options are:
    • No Commodity Card
    • Rice Card
    • Sugar Card
    • Others

Proof of Residence- The following is the list of documents that are mentioned on the official website of TN PDS.

  • Aadhaar Card
  • Electricity Bill
  • Front Page of the Passbook
  • Gas Consumer Card
  • Property Tax In Case You Have Your Own House
  • Passport
  • Rent Agreement for rentals
  • Slum Clearance Board Allotment Order
  • Telephone Bill
  • Voter Identity Card
  • You can choose any one of the following documents to upload.
  • Upload a scanned copy of the above documents mentioned. It can be either black n white or colored.

Details of the Gas Connection- If you have any details of the Gas connection then you can submit the details as per TN PDS.

  • Name of the person under which the Gas Connection is registered.
  • Oil Company
  • Name of the Gas Agency Company
  • Total number of cylinders
  • Submit all the required details of the applicant and once you are done with the filling of the application, make sure that you upload the photo of the head of the person.
  • The photo uploaded should not exceed 10Kb.
  • Now click on the submit application form. Once you are done with the online application form, you can now track the status of the application form.

Get New TN PDS Ration Card Over Old TN Ration Card

You can even replace your old ration card with the new smart ration card. With the old enrollment number, you can get the new ration card online.

All you have to do it to mention the old enrollment number while filling up the application form. For this action, you have a section denoting the “Ration Card Details”.

The TN Ration Card details include the following details

  • Upload the ration card proof document.
  • Enter the FPS Code (Fair Price Shop)
  • Submit the application that’s it.

Fair Price Shop- The Fair Price Shop means a shop which has been licensed to distribute essential commodities by an order issued under the Section 3 of the Essential Commodities Act, 1955 to the ration card holders under the Targeted PDS.

Checking TN PDS Ration Card|TN Raion Card Application Status -tnpds.gov.in

Follow the below steps for tracking the TN Ration Card Application status.

  1. Visit the official website and go to the following link www.tnpds.gov.in/pages/registered/register-a-card-a-status.xhtml
  2. After visiting the link, enter the reference number given after the completion of the form.
  3. Just enter the reference number and track down the status of your application form.
  4. The other mode is to contact the TN PDS Help Desk Support Team.

Tamil Nadu has always been a pioneer in Social Service Schemes be it the Mid-Day Meal Programmer or Smart Ration Card System of TN PDS department. The design and the development of the Smart Ration Cards can improve the poverty structure of the society leading it to a corruption free country. Implementing this innovative formula can help in increasing the country’s economy and reach heights. So, implementing this can be really effective and helpful for the people below the poverty line.

How to link your Aadhaar Card with the TN PDS Smart Ration Card using TNePDS App.