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BHIM App – How to Download, Uses and Features

BHIM stands for Bharat Interface for Money. This app has been launched by the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi on December 30th, 2016 at Digi Dhan Mela Event in Tatikonda Stadium in New Delhi. The App is named after a man who worked for the Dalits. The BHIM App is a re-branded version of UPI (Unified Payment Interface) and USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data).

This application is used to transfer or send money without even going to the bank. The application provides a fast and secure medium to make the digital payments through the mobile phone. Through the UPI Payments solutions, the money is sent digitally through Biometric Scanners without card swiping in POS Machines.

The app is simple and your fingerprint is enough to transact money. You do not need an Internet or a Smart Phone to access this application. More than 100 Crore of people has issued Aadhaar. The BHIM App will empower small traders, tribal, farmers.

How to Download the BHIM App from Google Play Store

Currently, the BHIM App can be downloaded by the Android Users only. For the IOS Users, the app can be downloaded from iTunes Store.

Below mentioned are the step by step procedure to download the BHIM App from the Google Play Store

  1. Go to the Google Play Store.
  2. Search for the BHIM App.
  3. Click on the install button and wait till the download is completed.
  4. The app gets automatically installed on your mobile phone.
  5. After the installation set a preferred language either in English or Hindi.
  6. Click on Next.
  7. Click again on the Next button.
  8. Now click on the “Let’s Get Started Tab”.
  9. Now verify the mobile number which is linked to the Bank Account. Make sure that the Mobile Number is linked to the Bank account.
  10. An SMS is sent to your registered mobile number to verify whether the number is linked to your bank account.
  11. Now your mobile number is verified automatically.
  12. A 4-digit Passcode is sent. Enter the Passcode and re-enter for the Confirmation.BHIM AppBHIM AppBHIM App
  13. Select the Bank from the list.
  14. Choose the bank you want to select.
  15. Select the bank account where you want to perform the transactions.
  16. After the selection of the Bank, enter the last six digits of the Debit Card/ATM Card Number and enter the valid year and month.
  17. After the successful registration of the App, you will get the Confirmation details so that you can send or receive money. You can simply send the money by scanning the QR Code.


 Sending Money to Different Bank Accounts

If you are sending money to a different bank account number then it can be done in two ways:

  1. The first method is the phone number or the payment address of the recipient. Make sure that the recipient is registered with UPI.
  2. The second method is by entering the recipient name, account number, and bank IFSC Code.

Request Money from Other Friends Bank Account

You can request for money from anyone using two methods:

  1. By entering the mobile number or payment address.
  2. By generating the QR Code for a particular amount.

Other Features Provided by the BHIM App

  • Send and Receive Money
  • Can check your bank balance and transaction details in one go.
  • You can create custom payment address in addition to your mobile number.
  • You can also scan a QR Code for a faster entry of payment address. Merchants can easily print their QR Code for the display.
  • The transaction limits are maximum of Rs 10, 000 per transaction and Rs 20, 000 per 24 hours. The limit for the USSD has currently been set at Rs 5000 per day.
  • The transaction charges are Nil for transaction up to Rs 1000.
  • For Transactions above Rs 1000- NEFT Charges + Service Tax
  • For transactions up to Rs 10, 000- Rs 2. 50 + Service Tax.

Benefits of the BHIM App

  • It is a digital payment app for all the bank accounts.
  • Money remains in your bank account, so you earn interest
  • There are no charges for accessing BHIM Infra, Minimal UPI Charges from banks for making transactions.
  • The app is simple, secure and light.
  • It can also be accessed without internet by dialing *99# from any mobile number.

Thus, BHIM is an initiative that is taken by the Government to provide a fast, simple and secure payments. The Government is still trying to add a lot more features to make it more efficient and quick.

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