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Aahar Jharkhand Ration Card | Check Status & Print – Jharkhand PDS

Aahar Jharkahnd Ration Card is a very important document for every citizen of India. The ration cards are used for buying subsidized food and fuel like (LPG, Kerosene, Wheat, Rice, Sugar etc.) at a low cost. The Aahar Ration card Jharkhand are very useful for that citizen who are under the poverty line. The low-income group of people can get the food and fuel products from the Ration Shops which are located in many areas of the state. The Aahar Ration Card Jharkhand are used to make other important documents like Passport, Driving License, Aadhaar Card etc. The Ration card also acts as an Identity Proof for all the citizens of the country. Today, we are going to discuss the Aahar Jharkhand Ration Card, its categories, process of application, knowing the status of the application, benefits and much more.

Recently, the Government has introduced the Smart Cards, which are nothing but the digitalised Ration Cards. These ration cards are chip-embedded Smart Ration Cards. It has a photograph of the head of the Family. The Aahar Jharkhand Ration Card is issued to one person per family by the State Government. Jharkhand is one of the states who has started online portal to provide Ration Cards to its residential.

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Types of Aahar Jharkhand Ration Cards

The following are the types of the Aahar Jharkhand Ration Cards that are provided to the citizens by the Jharkhand Government:

  1. General Priority (Priority and Non – Priority Cards): These are the priority and Non-priority Ration Cards that has replaced the Below Poverty Line and Above Poverty Line cards respectively. These Ration Cards are mandated under the National Food Security Act 2013, which has rolled out in the states in November. According, the new Ration card rule, the eldest woman above 18 years of age in the family will be the owner of the Ration Card. The families with the Priority Ration cards will get rice at a price of Rs 3/kg and wheat at Rs 2/Kg whereas, the Non-Priority cards will get the rice and wheat at APL rates.
  2. State Priority Ration cards (SPHH): These Ration cards are issued to those people who need a serious treatment due to the serious illness. This Aahar Jharkhand Ration Card type comes under the Non- Priority Category. These card holders are not eligible for the purchasing the products from the Ration Shops. Issuance of this type of Aahar Ration Card is the responsibility of concerned state and purely depends ruling State Govt. and its policy.
  3. Annapurna Yojana Card (AY Card): These are the types of Aahar Ration Cards that are issued only to the elderly poor people whose age is 65 years or above.
  4. Antyodaya Anna Yojana (AAY) Ration Card: This scheme is used to serve the poorest of the poor in the rural areas and urban areas. These are the very poor people who do not have a stable income. Daily Labors, Coolies, Rickshaw walas, Potters, Slum dwellers fall under this category.

Commodities Covered By the Aahar Jharkhand Ration Card

  • Various commodities such as sugar, kerosene, oil, rice are covered under the Smart Ration Cards.
  • Sugar will be provided only to the BPL and AAY families under the Targeted PDS. Sugar is not provided to the APL families
  • The ration card holders would be provided the essentials of the system of PDS as determined by the State Government, the scales and the rates are also fixed by the Government.

Eligibility Criteria for Aahar Jharkhand Ration Card

The eligibility conditions for the AaharJharkhand ration card are-

  • The applicants who have no ration cards must submit a certificate from Nigam Parishad, Halka Karamchari (the Revenue Karamchari), Panchayat Sewak, Panchayat Pradhan or the Tax Collector giving a written statement that “the applicant possess no Ration Card”. The certificate will be issued to the applicant if he/she submits an affidavit to this effect to the respective authority. This document is required along with the application form.
  • For the applicants who have the Ration Cards who the previous region, transfer to a new place then, a Surrender Certificate should be obtained from the District and the Block Level Supply Officer of the previous residence. Attach this document along with the application form.
  • If you are planning to make a Ration Card for your child, you should submit the Birth Certificate along with an application which will be addressed to the District or the Block Level Supplier.

Documents Required for Issuing Aahar Jharkhand Ration Card

The Documents that are required for issuing a Aahar Jharkhand Ration Card

  • Copy of Address Proof: (Provide any one them)- Electricity Bill, Telephone Bill, Bank Passbook, Passport.
  • Copy of Age Proof: Birth Certificate, School Leaving Certificate
  • Copy of ID Proof: Voter ID card, Panchayat Certificate for the head of the family, NOC Certificate or Surrender Certificate in case of renewal, Passport size photographs of the head of the family.

How to Apply for Ration Card in Jharkhand – New Aahar Jharkhand Card – aahar.jharkhand.gov.in

If you are applying for the Aahar Jharkhand Ration Card for the first time then follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Obtain the application form 2 which is meant for a new Aahar Jharkhand Ration Card application. You can obtain it from the following website- india.gov.in/allimpfrms/allforms/9225.pdf
  • Fill out all the sections of the form completely and correctly. Submit the application form along with the required documents to the Block Level Supply Officers, depending upon where you reside – whether in the rural region or the District Level Supply Officer if you reside in an urban area.
  • After the successful submission, you are provided a receipt which can be used in future to status tracking.
  • Now you can show the receipt and collect the Aahara Ration Card Jharkhand. The information and all the details are verified by the inquiry officer.
  • No application fee is submitted.

How to Check the Application Status of the Aahar Ration Card Jharkhand – aahar.jharkhand.gov.in

You can check the status of the Aahar Jharkhand Application form only if you have applied for it.

Following mentioned are the steps to check the status of the Aahar Ration Card Jharkhand

  • Visit the official website of the Jharkhand Governmentaahar.jharkhand.gov.in
  • Click on the link showing “Application Status“.
    PDS Jharkhand Official Website
    PDS Jharkhand Official Website aahar.jharkhand.gov.in
  • Now fill in the details like the Ration Card ID or Number, which is the acknowledgement number which you get after the submission of the Ration Card Application.
  • Click on submit now
    PDS Jharkhand Ration Card Status
    PDS Jharkhand Ration Card Status aahar.jharkhand.gov.in
  • Once you click on the submit button, you will get all the details regarding the Aahar Jharkhand Ration Card and its Status will be displayed on the screen.

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