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όὸ 10 Things You Cannot Do Without Aadhaar Card | Read Here

We cannot deny that Aadhaar isn’t useful, If you recall all scenarios or your routine from a day to day life, be it booking a hotel, or traveling to a place or shopping any product, Aadhaar Card has become a mandatory document. It’s just like we the human beings crave for food, air, and water. The Aadhaar number is the lifeline for each and every citizen of India. Currently, the Aadhaar has occupied its spot in the business and official transactions also.

Seeing the heavy usage of Aadhaar on the daily basis, the Government is planning to link Aadhaar with the financial market transactions and in place of buying shares and mutual funds also. Performing these actions can lead to flush out the black money conversion practices and lot more actions leading to Corruption.

Below are some of the most important things, where the Aadhaar has stood as the necessary component.

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Opening Bank Account

If you are opening a bank account, keep in mind that your Aadhaar is the mandatory document for the proof purpose. It is also mandatory for the financial transactions exceeding Rs 50,000 and above.

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Filling Income Tax Return

Aadhaar has become a compulsory document for income tax file return that is for ITR filing.

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Applying for a New PAN Card

If you are Applying for a PAN Card then, you need to have Aadhaar number linked with it.

Withdraw/Transfer EPF Account

The Employment Provident Fund Organization has made Aadhaar a compulsory document. The EPFO subscribers must link their Aadhaar with their EPFO account.

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Get a Phone Number

If you are planning to get a new number then you need your Aadhaar number. Even the existing number must link with the Aadhaar number.

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Apply for Central Scholarship

The students who are applying for scholarships must provide their Aadhaar number to universities on the institutions. If you are participating in other financial schemes then also you need to give your Aadhaar number.

Applying for Passport

The Ministry of External Affairs has declared that submitting the Aadhaar information is mandatory if an individual is applying for a Passport.

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To Get Concessional Rail Tickets

To avail the concessions on the Railway Tickets offered by the Indian Railways, you need to project your Aadhaar number.

Avail Benefits of Midday Meal Scheme

The students studying in the Government funded schools will not get food without the Aadhaar Card.

Get PDS Benefits

The PDS (Public Distribution Benefits) have also linked Aadhaar with their organization. The Individuals have to link their Ration Cards with the Aadhaar card to avail different subsidiary offers and benefits. Even the various welfare schemes have also made the presence of Aadhaar compulsory.

This shows how the 12-digit Aadhaar number has taken over a lot of spaces of Government as well as different financial sectors and organizations.

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