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Civil Registration System in India or CRS India is the unified process of continuous, permanent, and compulsory recording of vital events of birth, death, and stillbirths. CRS official website is It also creates a database to organize and manage vital statistics. You can apply for the Birth & Death certificate online using CRS official website crsorgi gov in. The Birth and the Death registrations services are provided by the office of the Register General and the Census Commissioner, India. One may apply online for Birth & Death Certificate at

Civil Registration System

The Civil Registration in India dates back to the middle of the 19th Century. The Registration of the Deaths and Births Act was enacted in the year 1969 to promote uniformity and comparability in the Deaths and Births across the country. This article is about how to apply for a Death or a Birth Certificate Online through the official Civil Registration System. The Official Website of the Civil Registration System is

Function of CRSORGI

Birth, Foetal Death, Marriage, Divorce, Name, and Change of the name, Annulment of marriage, Judicial Separation of Marriage, Adoption, Legitimization, and Recognition are a major function of crsorgi. The documents that the Civil Registration Office provides are Birth Certificates, Death Certificates, and Marriage Certificates.

How to Apply for a Birth Certificate @

About 34 births take place in India every minute. Every child born must have a Birth Certificate as soon as it is possible. Registration of Births and Deaths Act in 1969, makes it mandatory to record and register every event within 21 days of its occurrence. To apply for a Birth Certificate, you can visit Let’s see how can you apply for the Birth Certificate for your new-born child.

  • Visit the official website of the Civil Registration System –
  • First-time users provide the following details to signup:
    • Username
    • User E-mail ID
    • Mobile Number
    • Date of Birth
    • Place of Occurrence of Birth.
  • Select the State, District, Sub-Division / Taluka, Village/Town, Registration Unit.
  • Verify details and click on register.
  • Cancel and correct mistakes if any, before clicking register.
  • Print your receipt after successful registration and submission.Registration Process

How to Apply for a Death Certificate

In case of demise of your relative, the hospital provides you with a Provisional Death Certificate. This happens in case the death took place in the Government Hospital, Private Hospital or the Nursing Home. Under the circumstances, that death occurred at home the Death Certificate is provided by CRS India only. Also, in the cases of Accidental Death or Road kills, the Police provides you with a Provisional Death Certificate. In any case, you are required to get a final Death Certificate from the Civil Registration System of India.

Let’s see how can you apply for the Death Certificate online at

  • Visit the official website of the Civil Registration System –
  • First-time users provide the following details to signup:
    • Username
    • User E-mail ID
    • Mobile Number
    • Date of Death
    • Place of Occurrence of Death
  • Select the State, District, Sub-Division / Taluka, Village/Town, Registration Unit.
  • Verify details and click on register.
  • Cancel and correct mistakes if any, before clicking register.
  • Print your receipt after successful registration and submission.

Note: Only Domiciliary (Home / House) Birth/Death can be reported through this portal within 21 days of the occurrence of the event and to the registration unit where portal is being used for Registration of Birth & Death.

Delayed Registration

Reporting of birth/death for registration after 21 days of occurrence comes under the category of late registration. Birth and death reported after 21 days but within 30 days of its occurrence can be registered on payment of Rs 2/- as late fee. Birth and death reported after one month but within one year of its occurrence can be registered only with the written permission of the Registrar on payment of Rs. 5/- Birth & death reported after one year of its occurrence can be registered on an order made by the area Magistrate i.e. SDM or the first class Magistrate or a Presidency Magistrate and on payment of Rs 10/- as late fee.

Benefits of Death and Birth Certificate

Having these Vital Events reconded is mandatory by the Birth & Death Act 1969. This method provides a well-kept record of Person’s Identity, coming into existence, and leaving the world. Though both the certificates have their own personal advantages.

Main Benefit of Birth Certificates

  1. Admission to schools
  2. Right to vote
  3. Obtaining a Driving License, Passport, etc.
  4. For Employment
  5. For Obtaining Visa for Foreign visits
  6. Claiming the right to marry after attaining marriageable age

Advantage of Death Certificate

  1. In proving the time and date of death
  2. Establish the fact of death for relieving the individual from social, legal and official obligations.
  3. To establish the claim on the property
  4. Enable settlement of property inheritance, and
  5. To authorize the family to collect insurance, apply for Pension and other benefits.

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Birth & Death Certificate PDF Download

If you have any queries regarding the issuance of the certificate then the online portal has Helpline numbers that are available 24*7 for an easy service for the people. You can also check the status and print and download the application form from the Online Portal as it saves most of the time. There are also frequently asked questions so that the applicant can go through (crsorgi gov in) it and get the solutions in quick. The questions are also available in the PDF Form so that the user can download it anytime.

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Aahar Jharkhand Ration Card | Check Status & Print – Jharkhand PDS

Like every state of India, Jharkhand also acknowledges the need of Ahara Jharkhand Ration Card. This Jharkhand Ration Card is only available for the residents of the Jharkhand. With this card, beneficiaries can buy food grains, fuel, and other groceries at subsidized rates. You can buy LPG, Kerosene, Wheat, Rice, Sugar, etc. Families below the poverty line avail maximum benefits of the Ahara Ration Card. It is also used to prove one’s identity and prove address. The Aahar Ration Card Jharkhand are used to make other important documents like Passport, Driving License, Aadhaar Card, etc.

In this article, we are discussing the Aahar Jharkhand Ration Card, its categories, the process of application, knowing the status of the application, benefits and much more.

Ahar Jharkhand Ration Card

Recently, the Government has introduced the Smart Cards, which are nothing but the digitalized Ration Cards. Smart Ration Cards are embedded with chips. It has a photograph of the head of the Family. State Government issues the Aahar Jharkhand Ration Card to one person per family.

Types of Aahar Jharkhand Ration Cards

One single ration card cannot justify the needs of the residents in Jharkhand. Aahar Jharkhand Ration Card is of 3 different types.  Based on the financial stature the citizens get the Jharkhand Government. Check the types below:

  1. Priority House Hold Ration Card (PHH Card): Families with poor financial conditions are categorized in Below Poverty Line. This categorization is done separately by the Central and State Government. Families who are under the below poverty line by either government, plus other priority households can avail this ration card. PH Ration Card provides Ration at Rs. 2/kg for 5 kg or 5 ltr amount.
  2. Antyodaya Anna Yojana (AAY): Serves the poorest of the poor in the rural areas and urban areas. These are the very poor people who do not have a stable income. Daily Labors, Coolies, Rickshaw walas, Potters, Slum dwellers fall under this category.

Commodities Covered By the Jharkhand Ration Card

  • Various commodities such as sugar, kerosene, oil, rice are covered under the Smart Ration Cards.
  • Sugar will be provided only to the BPL and AAY families under the Targeted PDS.
  • The ration card holders would be provided the essentials of the system of PDS as determined by the State Government, the scales and the rates are also fixed by the Government.

Eligibility Criteria for Aahar Jharkhand Ration Card

The eligibility conditions for the Aahar Jharkhand Ration Card are-

  • Submit a certificate from Nigam Parishad, Halka Karamchari (the Revenue Karamchari), Panchayat Sewak, Panchayat Pradhan or the Tax Collector giving a written statement that “the applicant possess no Ration Card”.
  • If you have a ration card from another region, get a Surrender Certificate.
  • Submit the Birth Certificate along with the application, addressed to the District or the Block Level Supplier.

Documents Required for Jharkhand Ration Card Issue

  • Address Proof.
  • Age Proof: Birth Certificate, School Leaving Certificate
  • ID Proof: Voter ID card,
  • Panchayat Certificate for the head of the family,
  • NOC Certificate or Surrender Certificate in case of renewal,
  • Passport size photographs of the head of the family.

How to Apply for Aahar Jharkhand Card

If you are applying for the Aahar Jharkhand Ration Card for the first time then follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Obtain the application form 2. 
  • You can obtain it from the following website-
  • Fill out all the sections of the form completely and correctly. Submit the application form along with the required documents to the Block Level Supply Officers, depending upon where you reside – whether in the rural region or the District Level Supply Officer if you reside in an urban area.
  • Collect the Receipt of Application. Use the Number to track your status.
  • Now you can show the receipt and collect the Aahar Ration Card Jharkhand. The information and all the details are verified by the inquiry officer.

Check Aahar Ration Card Jharkhand Application Status

Successful applicants must check the Aahar Jharkhand Ration Card Application Status. Following these steps & check Aahar Ration Card Jharkhand Status.

  • Visit the official website of the Jharkhand
  • Click on the link showing “Application Status“.
    PDS Jharkhand Official Website
    PDS Jharkhand Official Website
  • Now fill in the details like the Ration Card ID or Number, which is the acknowledgment number you get after the submission of the Ration Card Application.
  • Click on submit now.
    PDS Jharkhand Ration Card Status
    PDS Jharkhand Ration Card Status
  • Once you click on the submit button, you will get all the details regarding the Aahar Jharkhand Ration Card and its Status will be displayed on the screen.

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Download Aadhaar Card by Aadhaar Number (UID): Get e-Aadhaar Online – Check Here!

Download Aadhaar Card by Aadhaar Number: 10 years ago, UIDAI launched a Unique Identification System to validate the citizenship of an Indian citizen. Aadhaar Card came into being in early 2009. It is a 12-digit unique identity number card that is digitally signed by the UIDAI. Unique Identification Authority of India was entrusted with the responsibility by the Government of India. Working under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Electronics and Information technology, UIDAI followed the provision of Aadhaar Act 2016. Not only physically, but e-Aadhaar is also legit for the same purpose. You can Download Aadhaar Card by Aadhaar Number from the online portal and use it for the very same purpose.

As the name suggests, Aadhaar gave authenticity to the people of India being the citizen of the country. It is described as the most sophisticated ID program in the world.  Aadhaar is the world’s largest biometric ID system.

What is an e-Aadhaar Card?

E- Aadhaar is a Password protected electronic copy of the Aadhaar card. This is a 12-digit unique identity number which is digitally signed by the competent authority of Unique Identification Authority Of India (UIDAI). The Official website of UIDAI is The E-Adhar is equally valid like the Physical copy of Aadhaar card. The individuals can easily download the E-Aadhaar by visiting the Official Website.

Steps to Download Aadhaar Card by Aadhaar Number (UID)

Aadhaar Card was processed and distributed among everyone earlier. In case, you want to download the same in an electronic format, you can do so through Aadhaar Number. The step by step procedure to download Aadhaar Card by Aadhaar Number is as follows-

  1. Visit the UIDAI Official Website-
  2. Select the Aadhaar option instead of Enrollment ID
  3. Enter your Aadhaar Number, Full Name, Pincode, and Security Code in the required boxes.
  4. Click on “Request OTP” option.
  5. An OTP will be received on the registered mobile number.
  6. Enter the OTP and click on “Download Aadhaar” option.
  7. Your Aadhaar will be downloaded on your computer.

Update your Aadhar Online

You must have applied, downloaded, and used your Aadhar Card before. In case of any discrepancy or change in information, you can update your Aadhar Card Online. Along with the online process, there is certain detail that cannot be updated online and you are required to visit your nearest Aadhar Office for the update. It is mandatory to keep it updated and linked with all your required legal documents. Like Aadhar is linked to your Bank Account, Phone Number, PAN Card, etc. To update biometrics and photographs, the applicant is required to visit the Aadhar Office. Know the stepwise process of Aadhar Update online.

WBPDS Ration Card 2019: West Bengal PDS Apply & Status

WBPDS Ration Card | West Bengal Public Distribution System allocates the WBPDS Ration Card to the needy. Only West Bengal resident can avail the services of this ration card. Primarily, West Bengal PDS Ration card is issued to the households, against which the deserving families can avail basic necessities. These basic necessities include food grains, sugar, kerosene, wheat, and fuel at a subsidized rate. However, WBPDS ration card also works as a proof of identity and address before documents like Aadhaar card and PAN Card came into being.

Purpose of Ration Card

The Ration Cards acts as an Official Document which is issued by the Government of India. The Food and Civil Supplies Department of West Bengal Government provides various online and offline procedures by which one can apply for a WBPDS Ration Card in West Bengal. Also, through that website one can check their ration card status, How to apply for a duplicate ration card; make the correction in ration card, etc.

Types of WBPDS Ration Card 

Keeping all strata of the society in mind, ration card had been categorized so that deserving candidates can make the best use of the card provided by the government. West Bengal ration card has been divided into three types; let’s take a look at different categories of ration card:

  1. Antodaya Ration Card – This card provides highly subsidized food to millions of the poorest families. And it is issued to those people who do not have a stable income especially the old age people or the unemployed people.
  2. Above Poverty Line Ration Cards (APL) – This ration card is issued to people with higher annual income. This category people are not liable to get food grains at a subsidized rate however, they can use this card as an identity proof.
  3. Below Poverty Line Ration Card (BPL) – Below poverty line ration cards are issued to people whose income is less than 10,000 per annum and are liable to get food grains and other basic necessities at a lowest subsidized rate.

Eligibility Criterion to Avail WBPDS Ration Card

In West Bengal or be it any other state, ration cards are provided by verifying eligibility criteria of recipient.  This process makes sure the deserving candidates get a fair chance to benefit from the government policies. Below is the list of eligibility criteria to avail a WBPDS ration card in West Bengal.

  • The first criterion in order to possess a ration card is to be a citizen of India as Non – resident of India (NRIs) are not eligible to apply for a ration card in any Indian State.
  • Also, the candidate must possess West Bengal domicile. That means only West Bengal resident can avail the benefits of the WBPDS Ration Card.
  • Along with that, the applicant is required to be the head of the family to apply for a ration card
  • In case an applicant is shifting their place of residence, they are required to submit a surrender certificate in order to get a ration card.
  • The applicant has to submit a certificate mentioning that the individual does not have any extra Ration Card applied.
  • In case of marriage or birth of a child, the individual has to submit the marriage certificate or Birth Certificate

Documents Required to apply for a WBPDS Ration Card

Proof of identity and proof of address is an important document to apply for a ration card. Below is the list of important official documents which are suggested to keep handy before applying for a ration card for a smoother application

  • Photograph of the family head.
  • Photo identity card such as Passport, Aadhaar card, Voter ID card, etc.
  • Address Proof (utility bill, telephone bill, etc.).
  • Neighbour Witness (At least 2).
  • Age and Income – Certificate.

How to Apply for a WBPDS Ration Card –

Beneficiaries may apply for the WBPDS Ration Card in Offline or Online method. This is for the convenience of the citizen. Availability of Offline and Online application may decide which mode the beneficiary chooses. Below we are explaining both the methods. The Offline way by which you can apply for a West Bengal WBPDS Ration Card is:

Offline Method

Offline method is still a suitable method for people those who are not well – versed with the internet and also does not have a secured internet connection. Hence, if you want to apply for a ration card offline, follow the given procedure:

  • You are required to visit the PDS (Public Distribution System) office and ask for an application form to apply for a West Bengal Ration card.
  • Fill the form properly.
  • Attach the required documents such as Residential proof and Photo identity proof.
  • Attach the Income Proof and Age Proof of the head of the family along with the application form.
  • Verify the details that you provide in the WBPDS Application Form.
  • Submit it in the office itself.

Online Method

If accessible, you may apply online for the WBPDS Ration Card. Follow these simple steps and fill in your online form.

  • Visit the official website of West Bengal Public Distribution System –
  • On the menu banner, move your cursor toward “Features”. 

WBPDS Ration Card

  • In the fourth column, select the option of View Forms”.
  • Select the Ration Card form and download to fill. Or –
  • Simply click on the Application Download link provided here.

  • Download the form above, fill in details, print the filled Application Form.
  • Submit the Application Form with required documents in the nearby Ration Card Office.

WB Ration Card Status –

Once applied, it is important to keep track of your ration card. You can read below to know how to check the status of your ration card in West Bengal:

  • To check the ration card status in West Bengal, you are required to visit the official site of WBPDS.
  • Click on the “check status online” option on the home page and enter the required information such as your District, Block / Municipality,
  • Enter the last 8 digits of application number, and also 16 Digit of the application number.
  • Click on the “search option” and the status of your ration card will be displayed on your screen.

WBPDS Ration Card Application status

WBPDS Ration Card Department Details & Information

For further queries you can refer to the given information which is as follows:

Some Important Link
Apply For West Bengal Voter ID Card
Appy Here For West Bengal Driving License
West Bengal IFSC Code
West Bengal Pin Code
Link Aadhaar Card With Bank Account

Name of the Department: The Food and the Civil Supplies Department


The Food and the Civil Supplies Department,

APC Road, Syam Bazar,

Kolkata, Pin Code-740004.

Contact Number: 033 55337639

Official Website:

Ration Cards in India[/su_button

How To Update AP EPDS Ration Card Online –

When Andhra Pradesh Government introduced the AP EPDS Ration Cards, many people started applying for it. In case of mistakes and errors, you can update and correct the mistakes in the Ration Cards. You may make Ration Card Address change in online mode. AP EPDS official website is the place to do so. The process of AP EPDS Ration Card Correction is very straightforward. In this article, we are going to discuss the procedure of how to correct/update your Andhra Pradesh EPDS Ration Card and what are the documents required for it.

Purpose of AP EPDS Correction

While applying for a Ration Card, they have come across many errors and mistakes in the card like spelling mistakes in name, address, date of birth, gender, AP Ration card surname, family member name missing in the Ration Card, Photo missing, etc. which is not accepted. This can create a problem in the near future. Therefore, the Government of Andhra Pradesh and the Food and Civil Supplies Department have introduced the option to get their Ration Card updated.

What is an AP EPDS Ration Card?

Andhra Pradesh releases a Ration Card for all the families in need of it. Through these ration card, they can take benefits of cheaper or nil rates of Grains, Kerosene, and other food products. Based on the economic background and financial stature of the family in the society they can avail the Ration card. If you have already applied for it, good. If not, Apply for AP EPDS Ration Card Now. In case of any mistakes in the same. You can visit the online portal and make the necessary changes. Check how to update the Ration card.

How to Update AP Ration Card Online –

The following are the steps to apply for an AP EPDS Ration Card Correction:

  1. visit the official site of the AP EPDS Official website
  2. Now download the Andhra Pradesh Ration Card Application Form.
  3. Now fill in the required data and information of the applicant.
  4. Mention the correction data that is required to be changed in the Ration Card. This can be (Head of the Household Name, Date of Birth, House/Door Number, Colony name, Husband/Wife Name, Occupation, Village/Ward, and District/Mandal, etc.
  5. Enter the corrections requires in the Family Member details. (if any)
  6. Enter the document number.
  7. Give the applicant signature
  8. Finally, click on the submit option after you have done with the form filling.

Documents That Are Required for AP Ration Card Card Correction

The documents that are requires for the AP Ration Card Correction are as follows:

  • Bank Passbook
  • Certificate issued by the Educational Department.
  • Driving License
  • Employee ID Card.
  • Other Government Benefit proof documents.
  • Telephone Bill
  • Copy of the Ration Card.
  • Copy of the Electricity Bill
  • LPG Gas Connection Receipt
  • Date of Birth Certificate copy of Arogyasri Card
  • Municipal Tax Receipt
  • Passport
  • Transfer Orders
  • Copy of a Voter ID Card
  • Copy of a PAN Card
  • Rs 10/- Bond Affidavit which must be duly signed.

After you are done with the above-given process, you can check the status of your update/ correction request online. To know How to check the status of AP EPDS Ration Card Correction

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